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DILO OIL: The Anti-Aging Secret you haven't heard of yet.

DILO OIL: The Anti-Aging Secret You Haven’t Heard of… Until now.

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Well, unless you are in Fiji….

TL;DR :: Dilo Oil = MAJOR key to phenomenal, young-looking skin. ??? Best brand ever HERE

{ shannon silver talks dilo oil - the secret to anti-aging! // champagne at shannon's }

So, as we all know, I started my 2016 in Fiji and  totally fell in love with everything there.

Fiji is a magical place – and I highly recommend getting out there if you are looking for a really special vacation (full recap coming soon – promise). Everything about it is incredible, and I truly spent the majority of my time in awe.

For a little romance, my boyfriend and I did a couple’s massage & facial at the Tatadra Spa (my first time to do a joint one!) and it was hands down the best I ever had (a close second is Osmosis Day Spa’s Zen Facial right outside of the Sonoma Coast).

I was really stoked for my facial – not only are they my favourite spa treatment – but one thing I noticed majorly was how stunning the Fijians’ skin was. Practially everyone we encountered at our resort (and many lived on the island where we stayed) had glowing, smooth, flawless, toned skin. I obviously wanted in on their secrets.

After my treatments, I asked my esthetician everything – I wanted to know exactly what products she used and when.

She did the following:

started with a cleanser with dilo, exfoliate with a dilo scrub, tone, masque (not linked because it’s not for purchase, but it was one of the most powerful masques I’ve ever used), tone, dilo oil, serum with dilo, dilo oil, day creme, eye creme, lip creme with dilo, exotic oil in my hair & décolletage which also has the good ole dilo, and finished with another layer of dilo oil.

The things that caught my eye from the above are the following:
– Multiple toning between cleansing
– exotic oil in my hair (never had that done in a facial ever!)
– DILO (??????)

Up until then, I’ve never heard of it, ever, and I like to think I am well-versed with natural beauty techniques and products. Well, TL;DR it is the secret to stunning skin. If you know me, then you KNOW I purchased myself a bottle instantly. In fact, I am wishing I brought home three of them. At least.

And I can truly vouch for dilo oil… My skin has truly never looked better and it’s only been two weeks.

Now let’s talk about Dilo..

{ shannon silver talks dilo oil - the secret to anti-aging! // champagne at shannon's }

First things first, dilo oil is the cold pressed, pure oil from the Dilo tree, which can only be found along the coasts of the pacific (mainly Fiji). Dilo trees can be found around the ocean, since it can resist the salt sprays and harsh winds. You may also see it under the name Tamanu Oil or “Beauty Leaf Oil”.

The Dilo Tree grows white flowers with yellow centers, as well as the fruit about the size of golf balls containing a large seed. Those seeds are pressed to make the highly medicinal oil that will be dark green in colour. Because of this, the Dilo Tree is considered Sacred in Fiji and is also known as the “Tree of a Thousand Virtues” since it is extremely well revered for its healing powers for centuries. In fact, there is a unique fatty acid (Calophyllic Acid) that can ONLY be found in Dilo Oil which is an anti-inflammatory & antibacterial fatty acid that enhances the skin’s own repair mechanism.

^^^^^ !!!!! THAT right there, is the secret to the Fijian’s stunning complexion! ^^^^^

….so the skin’s repair mechanism:

What exactly needs to be repaired? Injuries, burns, discolouring, scars, dryness, sun exposure (NO JOKE, DILO OIL CURED MY EXTREMELY BAD SUNBURNED, CRACKED, PEELING FACE #sohot, I know), elasticity (collagen!)… pretty much, the point of your skin’s repair mechanism is to keep your skin restored and preserved to it’s original condition and promote healthy new skin cells.

At the end of the day, this stuff is essential for aging prevention.

{ shannon silver talks dilo oil - the secret to anti-aging! // champagne at shannon's }

Okay, so what exactly does Dilo Oil do?

⚜ Wrinkle Prevention

Since dilo oil promotes cell generation, that means it enhances collagen production – which you know I am a MAJOR fan of. Collagen production means fine lines are smoothed, wrinkles are plumped in, age spots are reduced, & voila younger looking skin.  As Khaled would say… Collagen = MAJOR KEY. ???

⚜ Regenerates Tissue

Dilo oil has been proven to supercharge skin growth. This means it accelerates skin healing & promotes healthy skin growth.

⚜ Curative for the skin

Thanks to the calophyllic acid & its antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties, it soothes anything from burns, acne, psoriasis, stretch marks, bruises, scars… YOU NAME IT.

⚜ Keeps skin soft

Since it’s full of fatty acids, it will keep skin hydrated & soft  – bonus, it absorbs quickly so it leaves your face feeling smooth to the touch, not oily! Seriously, my skin has NEVER felt more smooth.

⚜ Sun Protection

Dilo oil is known to help protect from the suns UV rays – which is anti-aging on its own. That being said, it is not a replacement for sunscreen. However, worn in conjunction with some good sunscreen, you have major protection against the sun’s damaging & aging UV rays. Sun protection = anti-aging

{ source | source | source | source }

….convinced yet?

Needless to say, my addictive personality kicked in at the spa and I literally purchased almost everything Pure Fiji carries. Not even joking. I even replaced my beloved lavender tonique (which I still very highly recommend – I just ran out while I was in Australia) with the Balancing Toner… though, let’s be real, you know I will be repurchasing another tonique to keep it fresh & add to the anti-aging properties.

I even kicked myself for not buying their Firming Creme so I got it from Amazon this week, and it is seriously the most phenomenal moisturizer I have ever used. Want the claim that sold me? INSTANT CONTOUR – and my cheekbones do look more defined instantly… or is the term cheekbones on fleek? either way.

Anyways, how do I wear the Dilo oil?

First, I wash my face (I use Suki’s Exfoliate foaming cleanser), then I tone (I only tone once at home). After toning, I mix 2 pumps of the Pure Fiji serum with one pump of the Pure Fiji Dilo Oil Anti-Aging Booster and tap it into my skin. Then after it absorbs which takes like ten seconds, I finish with Pure Fiji’s Day Firming Creme. I do this both for day & night. However, at night, instead of using the day creme, I use Skinny & Co’s Facial Oil (also recommend Egyptian Magic).

{{ I still put a few drops of the exotic oil in my hair after showering, as well as on my body. Not only does it smell incredible, but it makes your skin & hair just look incredible. I have a ton of split ends – which I actually like because it gives my hair a ton of boho-texture – and I swear this oil has sealed them #nevercuttingmyhairever }}

The only thing to note is that the smell is VERY unique. It’s kind of nutty & oat-like. This might be a con for some. However, it really grows on you & now I actually love the way it smells.

{ shannon silver talks dilo oil - the secret to anti-aging! // champagne at shannon's }

Also, everything I just mentioned, Kate Somerville dealt with when she went to Fiji so she made her own dilo oil blend, as well. Seriously y’all, this stuff is life changing and a permanent addition to my beauty cabinet.

I am a huge fan of Pure Fiji – do yourself a favour, check their products out. At our resort, all of our toiletries were this brand and I was completely unaware of them, but after I took a shower – my hair never looked better! Even my boyfriend commented on how great my hair looked (aw, shucks) so for him to notice… these products are worth their weight in gold. This brand is truly the best I have ever come across (which rarely happens in hotels, as is!) – I swear by it 100000% and I have no affiliation with the company.

They also do not test on animals, which is a major plus for me. #FUCKanimaltesting

Now, how about you? Have you heard of dilo oil? If you haven’t, are you buying it right this second? You should. Any other anti-aging tips I must know?Any big plans this weekend? I have a ton of wine I need to pick up in Sonoma, so hopefully I get carded because my skin looks so young 😉

Happy Friday,

 Purchase my favourite Dilo Oil HERE {if you want to spend $109 for free shipping, feel free to ask me what products I recommend in the comments! Again, no affiliation.}
>>> Exact other products I use: Cleanser // Toner // Serum // Firming Day Cream // Night Facial Oil // Exotic Oil in Coconut <<<

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