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{ #JAM }: From The Basement to the Roof {Oliver Remix} - Club cheval - Champagne at Shannon's

{ #JAM }: From The Basement to the Roof {Oliver Remix} – Club cheval

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? Featuring :: From The Basement to the Roof {Oliver Remix} – Club cheval

{ Shannon Silver // Champagne at Shannon's }

If you do not already know who Club cheval is, you need to.

Club cheval, based in Paris, consists of four major players in the electro industry: Sam Tiba, Canblaster, Myd, & Panteros666. Influenced by Timbaland, they joined forces to create a new type of sound.

Their music is hard electro house laced with R&B and hip-hop. AKA all things I love.

A snippet which I think nails their music style was in this Billboard interview – especially the part I underlined. Dead on:

[Billboard]: Do you remember the first Timbaland thing you heard?

Sam [Tiba; Club cheval]: I think we all got really shocked when heard the first Missy Elliott things. And I think the one when I told myself ‘that’s crazy,’ the Justin Timberlake track “My Love.”

[Billboard]: Some of those beats [by Timbaland] still sound wild today.

Sam [Tiba; Cc]: True. And that’s the goal for us. We want to be able to be listened to in 10 years. It’s a good challenge to make music that people can’t tell when it was made.


“From The Basement To The Roof”, a single from their Discipline LP, is no exception. The original is seductive with vocals from Phlo Finister and reminds me of some r&b songs I still love back in the early 2000s – think 2000-2004. Great single.

{ Club Cheval }

…Now, enter the Remix, by Oliver.

Nothing short of phenomenal… It is hard, yet soft. It is intense, yet smooth. Mechanical yet melodic. Aggressive as hell, yet oh so inviting & smooth as silk…. Get ready because you are in for a major aural adventure.

I personally love the half second robotic-voice placed strategically. The intro starts slow and builds up all while keeping the drums pulsing. At the 2:06 mark, it all drops and you are dealing with a major house banger… but then that rager turns into a sexy afterhours party at {my favourite part} the 3:24 mark where Phlo hums and it sweeps into the dreamy synth, as it gears up to transition into the outro.

If I had to describe this track in one word: hypnotic…. and just like that, the song fades away into a magical lullaby and you are left awestruck.


This remix is one of the best songs out there.

Take a listen yourself & get lost in it…

x Shannon  ?


Club cheval :: Soundcloud // Spotify // Facebook // Twitter // Youtube
Oliver :: Soundcloud // Spotify // Facebook // Twitter // Youtube

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