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Function of Beauty - 100% customized hair care {+ GIVEAWAY ALERT!!! ♡} - Champagne at Shannon's

Function of Beauty – 100% customized hair care {+ GIVEAWAY ALERT!!! ♡}

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Well, hello!

So… one… I owe y’all an apology since I just took the day off on Friday. To be honest, I was beat. Last week was holiday party after holiday party and it really just took all the energy out of me. As far as my music Fridays, I have something very special coming for you next Friday. That said, since this week was extremely social, I spent the weekend recharging for the most part. Fellow introverts get it.

To be real, I’m excited to get back into the normal swing of things. The parties & socializing were great fun, but I didn’t work out at all last week – sorry, Courtney!! – & I craved getting back into my routine.

And speaking of my routine… I have a recent addition which is one of the coolest things in my beauty arsenal. To make it even better, I am going to give away a set to a Champagne at Shannon’s reader!  { TLDR – Giveaway HERE }

Okay, so let me set the scene.

I was bored, mindlessly scrolling on my Facebook newsfeed. Normally, I ignore the annoying ass ads, but for whatever reason, this one caught my eye (& their social media director is doing it right).

Pretty much, I saw an ad for a customized shampoo & conditioner and was instantly intrigued. In fact, the very first thing I did was text McKenzie and ask her about it, and it was news to her. She did say she was VERY interested to hear my thoughts on it though… so it intrigued her, as well.

Speaking of McKenzie – she completely fixed my hair, remember? Well, afterwards, I got lazy and got some terrible shampoo / conditioner that made my hair go from dark & cool to brassy af really fast. Not to mention, I had TONS of split ends, and it was a mess all around. I was in dire need for a new hair care regimen.

Okay, so I got on the function of beauty website and was completely intrigued. You take a quiz about what your hair is like (thickness, texture, oil levels), then you answer what you want your hair goals to accomplish. Then from there, you choose a scent (as well as scent strength), colour, & size… and it will be named after you!

Seriously cool.

I’ll walk you through my experience, as well as what I chose, why I chose it, and more!

Also, none of this is sponsored, I’m truly just obsessed. Seriously.

Let’s start with the first part – determining your hair profile.

Here is the function of shannon.

I have very long hair. It is straight with a kink & has a wave to it (I actually want to accentuate that wave, but more on that in a bit). My hair is thick & I have a lot of it (totally fine on volume however, when I lived in Texas, I was all about HUGE hair). Finally, I’d say oil levels are regular. This may sound crazy, but I have “trained” my hair since I wash it 1-2x a week which really helped slow down oil production.

In fact, one thing I found that was neat was that the lines on thickness is a visual representation of your hair. If you are unsure, take a strand and align it with the white lines.

Here is a visual of my answers:


Okay, now the interesting part – hair goals!

There are a variety to choose from and you have to pick five. This was shockingly harder than I expected.

I chose the following:

ONE }: Replenish Hair:  I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned this before, but my hair was platinum blonde at some point and has been under a lot… a lot a lot a lot… of stress.

TWO }: Fix Split Ends: One of the costs of growing out hair are split ends. Now, to be real, I actually don’t mind them. I find they add extra texture (& I don’t like the clean cut look). However, I had some that needed to get under control. Too many can look sloppy.

THREE }: Anti-Aging: shocker alert 😉 y’all know I am Patrick Bateman psycho about aging. Seriously, the easiest way to take money from me is to slap on the anti-aging note. All jokes aside, this helps replenish (double whammy) & revitalize, while protecting the hair from aging.

FOUR }: Curl Definition: I mentioned my hair has a slight wave so I really wanted to enhance that vs the straightness.

FIVE }: Soothe Scalp: TMI but I was starting to get annoying ass dandruff out of no where so I wanted to nip that in the bud right away. I haven’t had any since using this.

One cool thing as you select them, it will show what ingredients are used for each section. I spent quite a while on it seeing what was in every single part. I’m fascinated by things like that.

I should also mention they don’t use parabens or sulfates. They are cruelty free (!!!!) are 98% natural.

Here is the visual representation of my hair goals:

All right, now the third step and the most fun one… customizations!!

This is where you can choose the colour, scents, & NAME for it!

As far as name, I just did SHANNON. Easy enough. Would be super cute to name after your blog though.

For the colour, I did light blue. I was torn between the blue & light green. Again, shocker, right?

If colours aren’t your jam, go for the yellow dye free. That is the base & most natural before they add to the colours. My bathroom is white, silver, and light blue so this helped me keep the aesthetic strong.

For scent, I chose the Essential Oils. I didn’t do it since it was recommended, I did it since they are all scents I am naturally drawn to – especially mint. In fact, one of my other favourite shampoos is the Tea Tree-Lavender from Paul Mitchell. This scent reminds me a lot of that.

Now let’s get real real… for fragrance strength, I chose STRONG. I chose this since I do not wash my hair often so to keep it smelling fresh. I also love strong scents. The strong IS very strong, but I love it. Especially in a hot shower, it steams nicely.

UPDATE 5/22/18: They just released a new fragrance for summer called for(shore) & it smells amazing! Think sea salt, coconut, orange blossom, jasmine & your fave beach memory 😉 

Check it out here:

All right, last step – sizing!

Now this is neat because you can really customize to use.

I went all big all around. Again, I have long hair and can go through product quickly.

If your hair needs extra conditioning, you can get a large conditioner with the standard size shampoo.

You can also get the shampoo or conditioner a la carte. Also, your package will come with pump nozzle tips!

As you can see, the prices are VERY reasonable. ESPECIALLY for a hand mixed, hand poured, customized 100% for you, all made by a chemist… PS – get $5 off your order here.

Anyways, is your mind blown like mine was?

Seriously, how cool is that? To make it better, there’s free shipping & returns. Speaking of returns, if you aren’t happy with your combination, they will reformulate it for free.

At the end of the day, they really care about hair. It goes without saying that everyone has different hair & goals… and those can change over time!

I’m 100% sticking with this forever & might even get a set for Erik.

The packaging is super cute, as well. It comes in a personalized box,a s well as customized directions for your blend and how to use it to it’s peak for optimal results.

So, so cool.

okay okay okay now let’s talk GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Since this product is rocking my world, I’ll be giving away an 8 oz set of shampoo & conditioner!

Entering is easy af. Seriously. Two steps.

One, follow me on Instagram: @shannonsilver 

Two, leave a comment on this post below with hair tips or your hair goals.

+++ EXTRA CREDIT: Tweet / follow me @shnnnslvr & tweet me a secret hair tip!

Giveaway ends on Friday, January 6th at 12:00p PT – Winner announced on Saturday, January 7th. Please note, it might take up to 2 weeks to receive product since it is hand made to order.

I’ll will choose a winner by random through a generator. Then, I will announce / contact the winner and we will customize the perfect blend. Whatever you want, you name it. It’s on me.

As I enter my second year, I am so extremely grateful to have a platform to share such rad finds with even more rad readers. I love the community of blogging and so I’m stoked to give back.

Again, this post (as well as the giveaway) is NOT sponsored. Truly just a token of my appreciation.

Good luck, loves!!! On that note, I’m gonna go wash my hair as soon as I finish my superfood coffee 😉 x

PS – can we please bring that back when we don’t feel like doing something? “sorry, I can’t, I have to wash my hair”.


+++ order Function of Beauty H E R E for $5 off!


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