{ #JAM }: George Kwali – Dance With You

Oh Friday, hello lover.

Any fun plans?? We are headed to Lazy Bear this weekend and I am beyond stoked! It is my first time and it is supposed to be quite the experience. Anyone ever been? Let me know what you thought!

I’m not bringing my camera {I know, I know worst blogger ever} but I’m sure my iPhone camera will be rolling. I’ll keep you updated on the snap or who knows maybe the insta-stories. I’m still a snap queen though, I think it’s more fun personally & I like having more than one platform.

Speaking of snap, did anyone catch my ridiculous conspiracy theory? Long story short, I think Bitmoji’s are going to take over the world & turn life into the Sims. Okay okay so before I go into a huge tangent, let’s get into the song & I’ll spare you my ramblin’s.

By the way, this song is so good, it’s filthy. You need it.

By now, we are all familiar with my love for The Magician {honestly at this point, just search The Magician in the bar in my menu but here, here, here, here, here are some refreshers}

In his recent Magic Tape – released on Valentine’s 2017 – this song made a debut & I was hooked. In fact, that’s where I found last week’s song too.

George Kwali, based in England, is one to keep on your radar this year. In fact, his recent release, “Crank It” was signed on by Ministry of Sound. Following “Crank It”, he released “Dance With You” TODAY & it is electric & oh so catchy. In fact, I can’t put my finger on it, but there’s something strangely familiar about this jam.

Anyways, this song is just all around a banger. Trust me, you will love.  A rad house track with sick bass, spicy lyrics {which you can’t help but sing along too}, fast paced & makes you wanna dance, dance, dance dance. Just when you think it couldn’t get even more sick, it just gets better.

In fact, it’s a must for the gym. This song makes me wanna go all {next link semi nsfw ps} Bella Hadid in Love Magazine… anyone else? **crickets**

Anyways, it released today!! So get it on your weekend playlist, it is a MUST! xx

PS – I’m working on a new logo for C@S – I’ve been thinking a LOT about branding so I’m really excited for it! Catch it on Monday 😉

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  • Amanda Nicole Hughes

    Sounds like fun! I’ll be heading to a trunk show!

  • Leah

    Loving this music inspo especially for some Fri-yay jams! Thanks for sharing!

    • RIGHT? Perfect way to get the weekend started!! Let me know some jams you are loving! x

  • Sounds like you have an amazing weekend planned! I hope you have a great weekend

  • Hey Shannon, thanks for sharing this cool song with us. The beat is really catchy. Hope you have fun on your trip!!! xo, Emily (SCsister)


    • Emily – you are so welcome!! I am so glad you loved it!! Cheers doll!! xx

  • new logo!!!

    How exciting love! Cannot wait to see!


    • lmk what you think!! Gettin’ retro over here inspired by my favourite emoji! Cheers doll!! x