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Out of this world golden hemp milk {ps it's even better medicated} - Champagne at Shannon's

Out of this world golden hemp milk {ps it’s even better medicated}

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Whenever Erik travels for work, I like to give myself mini “challenges”. Generally, he’s gone from 2 days up to a whole week. Depending on the duration, I present myself a challenge.

They may range from going to the gym before work, going vegan, nixing alcohol, stretching for 20 minutes nightly – you name it but they are all lifestyle or wellness related.

I find it’s a fun way to plant the seed of good habits. Some I enjoy more than I think & become a regular way of life.

As you know, recently we were in New York for the week. Well, I returned on Sunday and Erik stayed until his birthday last week.

SO it was time to put together a challenge and I went vegan until he came back. Two of my standout dishes were a chickpea curry over cauliflower rice & roasted truffled potatoes with a spicy kale guacamole {avocado + white onion + serrano + lemon juice + garlic + salt + shredded kale}.

As you can see, I like my foods spicy and full of bold flavours. For that reason, I always need something sweet at night.

It’s been cold here and I was craving a warm, healing beverage so I put together a concoction.

Basically, I went through the spices I was craving {turmeric, CINNAMON!!!!, ginger, nutmeg, etc} & heated them with some hemp milk on my stove.

It basically took less than 10 minutes from start to finish so it was a major win to sip on as I finished binged on Gossip Girl for the 3892428034829th time.

I also  slept like a baby through the night & woke up feeling just great.

Now let’s talk golden hemp milk ingredients and I’ll talk why I chose what

This could easily be made with just vanilla hemp milk, turmeric, & cinnamon so those will be the main ones I break down.


I’ve mentioned in a few posts that my go to non-dairy milk is always hemp & why. It’s my favourite flavour and the health benefits are off the charts. It’s also SO EASY to make if you don’t have it on hand – just add a tsp of vanilla if you do it. My favourite brand is Tempt & I LOVE their Vanilla Unsweetened.


Turmeric is seriously a wonder spice. The benefits are honestly endless but it’s anti-inflammatory, great for your joints, a blood purifier, aids digestion, detoxes your liver & sprinkle sprinkle it in whatever you make for your man because it’s great for him down there. I put this on everything from my coffee to my eggs to my pasta.{ source }


It’s no secret that this is one of my OG favourite spices. I love the scent, the taste, & the way it just makes you feel. I even mix it in my baths when I really want to feel sexy. Cinnamon is great for your metabolism & blood pressure, fights viruses, & helps heart health. { source }

I wanted some extra flavour & LOTSSSS of cinnamon so I threw in a cinnamon stick, & added some pumpkin spice from Whole Foods {same one as here}. It added a fun holiday touch but also I really wanted ginger & I didn’t have any on hand other than my pumpkin spice!

Now you can also modify this however you’d like. You can add some maca to sex up the libido, coconut oil for absorption, black pepper to enhance the turmeric effects, ashwagandha for anxiety, collagen for anti-aging, ginger to detox… basically any superfood, you can add it. The options are truly endless.

As far as sweetness, it’s a total personal preference. Personally, I don’t like things too sweet so I generally forego sweetener as a whole. If you want to add some sweetness, stir in some coconut sugar, stevia, or honey/royal jelly. Be sure to do the honey at the end so you don’t cook off the nutrients! More on royal jelly here.

Speaking of honey, this is where things get really fun.

I’m talking that sticky icky… literally.

One of my favourite ways to consume cannabis is through drinking it. No surprise here, remember Mount Joy & my cannabis cocktails? An edible I always have on hand is indica infused honey. I have it for the sole purpose of helping me sleep – kind of like a magic dessert, if you will. Sometimes, I’ll just do a spoonful of this before bed. Dose it according to the package & the effect you’d like to get. Easy.

Here is a great recipe from one of my favourite blogs to make your own. I ordered mine from Eaze {use my link for $20 off your first on-demand marijuana delivery}. Speaking of, 2018 is THE year & the entire west coast will be legalized. Read some more cannabis content here. Anything you ever want to see on the topic, let me know. I have a ton of rad canna-content coming your way.

This drink is as delicious as it is healing – also, there are two ways to make it! So I’ll include both. As far as quantities, use as much or as little as you want! I put what I used but do note, I do like things on the stronger side.

Let me know what you think!! Any other superfoods I should add to it? Let me know – also if there are


serves 1


vanilla hemp milk, 1 cup {or use 1/

turmeric, 1 tbsp

cinnamon, 1 tbsp

pumpkin spice, 1 tsp

cinnamon stick

optional ingredients

honey {with or without cannabis}, as sweet or as lifted as you want to get

collagen, 1 scoop



pearl powder

mucuna pruriens

black pepper

maca, 1 tsp

ginger {fresh & blended or ground}

other milk options

almond milk

coconut milk

cashew milk

whole dairy milk


with a blender

in a blender {i like this one}, put all ingredients in but the cinnamon stick in and blend. Add blended mixture + cinnamon stick to a small saucepan & simmer for 5 – 10 minutes. The colour gets deeper the longer it simmers. If adding sweetner, stir in a kiss of honey. Enjoy while hot & drink up!

without a blender

place hemp milk in a sauce pan with cinnamon stick and simmer over medium low heat. Mix in the spices using and whisk until no clumps remain {if using coconut oil, add after the spices have been fully incorporated}. Reduce heat to low and simmer for 5 – 10 minutes. Stir in honey. Pour it up & grip & sip.

NOTE :: Turmeric can stain so be sure to wipe away any spills ASAP!


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