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The Easiest Way Ever to Add Greens to Everything - Champagne at Shannon's

The Easiest Way Ever to Add Greens to Everything

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Seriously... the easiest way to incorporate greens in anything // champagne at shannon's

This is seriously so simple, that I almost feel silly for making an entire post on it but I do it on the reg when I am cooking at home.

Kale is really having a moment right now, whether it is in the grocery store, a featured special in a restaurant, or on Beyoncé’s sweatshirt.

easy greens // by champagne at shannon's


It is no secret that this emerald-coloured leafy green has been hailed as one of the healthiest vegetables out there. However, it can be a bit… high-maintenance, if you will.. and the flavour and texture of kale really seems to shine after you give it a nice massage. No joke, massaging the kale between your hands will really make a difference on the texture transforming it from tough to tender. In essence, you are breaking down the cellular structure, or in more simple terms, wilting the leaves. You can take it one step further and massage it with some olive oil to tenderize it even more. { more info on massaging kale here }

Now, I don’t know about you, but after a long day in the office, sorry, but I’d rather be the one getting the massage rather than my kale. On a subjective note, kale can be a bit bitter for my taste, especially as a main salad. That being said, I love spinach! Not only is it another super-food, but I love the tender texture (no massages necessary). I can easily eat a spinach salad every single day, mix it in a smoothie, or wilt it as a side dish. I find the flavour on the more neutral side of things so it pairs beautifully with almost any dish.  One of my biggest dining rules, be it at home, carryout or in a restaurant, is to always incorporate greens to everything. You can ask my boyfriend, no matter what we get in a restaurant or carryout, I will always order a side spinach salad with no dressing so I can mix the greens into whatever it is I am eating .  However, coming home to cook dinner after a long work day, I need it to be effortless with limited thought/time behind it, (and I want to be the one getting a nice, oiled-up massage hehheh)… and lo and behold, the easiest way to incorporate greens to everything……

Pulse it in a food processor.

Yup, easy as that. Zero knife skills required. Grab a handful of kale, de-ribbed, and a handful of spinach, throw it in the food processor
and pulse it until it is roughly chopped (just a few presses of the pulse button).

Simple. As. That.

It will look like freshly chopped herbs. I like to add a garlic clove, or a shallot, or both if I am feeling really wild, to the mix for extra flavour, but that is completely optional. Sure, you can chop it really fine, but this takes less than 60 seconds, and so easy, my cat could do it. Feel free to sub-out the greens for anything else! Kale + spinach are my go-tos, but you could easily use arugula, chard, romaine, tatsoi… the list truly goes on.

Seriously... the easiest way to incorporate greens in anything // champagne at shannon's
Seriously... the easiest way to incorporate greens in anything // champagne at shannon's

Now the possibilities are endless, but here are my ten favourite ways to add them. I love to add them to indulgent meals to give a lighter touch. Really, you can add them wherever you want.

My 10 favourite ways to easily incorporate them clean greenz to a meal:

  1. Mixed in with macaroni and cheese. (if you are using a box mix, I like Annie’s)
  2. On top of enchiladas: I like to add a dollop of Greek Yogurt (best sour cream sub – you won’t miss the SC, promise) and a heavy sprinkle on top.
  3. Mixed with mashed potatoes or mashed cauliflower.
  4. Guacamole!: Add it into your favourite guacamole recipe, or even store-bought/restaurant-bought guac.
  5. Sprinkled on top of pizza with some oregano
  6. Compounded in butter with some herbs, then top your proteins with a slice. {side note: LOVE SERIOUS EATS}
  7. Mixed with whole wheat pasta (I like Einkorn pasta), olive oil, garlic (the more garlic the better for me), salt, pepper, parmesean chili flakes, and a squeeze of lemon.
  8. Inside quesadillas: Mix the cheese with the greens, and sprinkle into a tortilla. Top the cheese/green mix with whatever you like in your quesadilla and cook.
  9. Mixed with rice: Great with fried rice, or just regular steamed rice
  10. Sprinkled on top of eggs: top fried eggs with it,  mix it with scrambled eggs to make “green eggs”, or fill an omelet with it.

Give it a go! It sure makes adding greens to your diet so easy and effortless.

What are your favourite ways to incorporate greens? Any greens combo I should try? Let me know in the comments!


{ Beyoncé photo : Beyonce // Youtube video: Blue House Organic Farm }

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