My Secret Weapon for Sexy Beachy Hair… Summer & Beach NOT Required!

One of my biggest hair secrets is texture, texture, TEXTURE!

It really adds a whole different dimension to your style.

I have very long hair – it’s basically down my entire back – & one of my favourite ways to style it is to make sure it’s full of that sexy texture.

For the most part, it’s straight, with a slight wave. The added texture helps amplify that wave. It also helps make a basic style look not so basic.

My personal favourite way to wear it, especially as  we get into fall? In a ponytail! I find the added texture adds extra oomph to it. It’s an easy way to sex up your normal ponytail.

Tis the season for cozy sweaters, riding boots & a textured pony! It really is the perfect way to complete the look.

TIP :: with your pony tail, finish off with a bow or wrap a small strand of hair or braid around the elastic and secure with a bobby pin.

Hask recently invited me to try their new Hawaiian Sea Salt beach texture line & I WAS SO IN.

Basically, it’s three products that guarentee that perfect beach hair – you know what I’m talking about, right? When you go to the beach and the salty air gives your hair the most perfect wave & texture? Very effortless, carefree, instagrammable? Well this is it in a bottle.

The Beach Texture line consists of shampoo, conditioner, & salt spray infused with Hawaiian sea salt, pearl extract, coconut oil, & blue sea-kale!

For starters, the packaging is amazing. The blue bottles go perfectly with my shower aesthetic – think all white, silver, & blue. I know that doesn’t matter but HEY first impressions!

It also smells amazing – it basically transports me back to Fiji, it smells exactly like a beach… which next to leather, is one of my all time favourite scents.

The product is even better.

Upon first use, you will absolutely see & feel a difference.

Let’s break down the ingredients a bit. The Hawaiian sea salt is the OG for enhancing hair’s waviness. The coconut oil hydrates, nourish, & moisturizes your hair. Pearl extract is KEY for nourishing & repairing hair. In fact, pearl is a major anti-aging key, I add it in my coffee every morning with my collagen! Lastly, blue seakale protects the hair & keeps it strong and healthy.

PS – it’s cruelty free & has no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, gluten and artificial colors.

In fact, I find the salt spray is one of the most powerful beach salt sprays on the market. A little goes a LONG way. You will feel the difference in texture immediately after spraying.

It legit makes your hair feel like it was at the beach. I spray it on damp hair while I let it air-dry. If I heat curl it, I spray it before & after since it sets a bit like hairspray {& will keep that curl}. I also run a wide tooth comb through the curls to give it that “effortless” look.

[dahz_framework_image_content title=”Hawaiian Sea Salt Texture Salt Spray” id=”8118″ btn=”♡ BUY ME! ♡” btn_url=”” /]


Since salt is drying, you will want the extra moisture. Right after I shower with both the Hask Beach Texture Shamps & Conditioner, I do a mix of coconut and dilo oil on my hair. THEN, I spray the salt spray, let it air dry & style as it.

Also, I have a very regimented Patrick Bateman-esque routine before any blog photoshoots, even if it’s just Erik taking them in our neighborhood. I’ll do a full blown post on this as there are things I do both the day before and the morning of. Well, one of them is to use a texture enhancing shampoo / conditioner, in fact, I call this my photoshoot shampoo / conditioner for that reason. So thanks, Hask, for keeping it fleeky.

I find it photographs well, even for just impromptu instagrams – check it here, here, here & here. In fact, this last one was actually a shoot (vs random instagrams) for this post but we had sim card problems and lost the shoot – i wish the camera photos turned out but thank goodness for the iphone! PRO-TIP for bloggers, be sure to take a good amount of iphone photos during an actual shoot for back up!!!

Anyways, I’m getting off topic but are you sold yet?! If so, run over to Ulta and pick it up for yourself for $7.99 a piece! If you get it, let me know – I wanna see you style it! Tag me @shannonsilver instagram if you use it & share some hair tips!

Okay I wanna know YOUR hair tips! Spill spill – any other fun ways to get that sex kitten beachy texture?! SHARE! xx Shannon


+++ thank you sponsoring this post, Hask. ♡


  • Ooooo I gotta try these products out! Thanks for sharing.

  • Okay so beachy waves is not a thing for me unless I am wearing extensions 😀
    That said, when I am, I love using mousse-like products that enhance waves or curls without much effort. My hair is very curly ATM, so I am a big fan of Miss Jessie’s Pillow soft curls. You make me want to give sea salt spray a shot!

    • Oooooh I’ll def give that a go – I love the name already!! In fact, I love doing a mousse right before bed and wrapping my hair in a twisted bun – all sorts of texture goals come the morning with literally ZERO effort. Totally woke up like this 😉 thanks so much for reading! x

  • I need to try these products! Your hair looks beautiful.


  • Your hair look stunning! 🙂

    Visit me at: Shoot for the stars

  • Kristen

    I’ve always wanted to try a product like this, but I feared it would make my hair look dirty….I’m def going to try now!

    xoxo, Kristen

    • I totally feel you – in fact, I don’t use dry shampoos for that very reason. I’d def ease in with the shampoo & conditioner first! x

  • Rizelle McLean

    thanks for sharing babe! I want to try this product! I need me a good beach hair

  • Thanks for the review. My wife would love this!

    • I appreciate it so much, John!! Thanks so much for reading!

  • Your hair is gorgeous! Thanks for the review and recommendation! I will have to give it a try! xo Jana |

    • Thanks so much, Jana!! LMK if you give it a go for sure 🙂 xx

  • These products sound amazing! Your hair is gorgeous!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

    • You’re so sweet, Belle – I seriously LOVE this line. It gives that whole “i woke up like this” look! x Shannon

  • Ooooooh, I’ve got to go get all of this like TOMORROW. I have been big into textured styles lately and have super fine hair, so this would be perfect for me. I have had such awesome experiences with HASK’s products, they are really awesome for the price point.

    • Kasie, you will seriously love, this will add awesome texture and volume – it’s literally exactly like spending time at a beach! I totally agree, their products are AWESOME – I’ve been wanting to try their Greek Yogurt Hair Mask for some while now! xx Shannon

  • This sounds amazing. I want to try this myself. Thanks for sharing this lovely review dear.

    Jessica |


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