Haute in Houston with Cheers, Jenna!

{ Haute in Houston // Champagne at Shannon's }


{ Haute in Houston // Champagne at Shannon's }
#TBT to the max here on the blog.

You guys remember Jenna of the blog Cheers J?!

Well I’m LIVE on Cheers J on a fun feature called Haute in Houston with two fun recipes: “Green Dip” & a margarita I whipped up just for her! It’s pink, full of watermelon & topped with sparkling rosé. YES PLZ. Get the recipes here

As a Texas transplant in California, one thing I miss something fierce is good ole TexMex.

… and it is IMPOSSIBLE to find here in California.

Sorry, but guacamole will never be queso & don’t even get me started on the queso fundido nonsense. Delicious, yes, but NOT the same as queso!

One of my absolute favourite meals in the world are the steak fajitas from Ninfas on Navigation topped with some queso and their famous green dip in a homemade warm flour tortilla.

WHAT is “Green Dip” you may be wondering?!

{ Haute in Houston // Champagne at Shannon's }

Seriously, it’s heaven. It’s cool, it’s creamy, & chock full of avocados, peppers, and cilantro. It’s a Texas must.

Whenever I get a hankering for some Texmex, I whip some of this up and that craving is nice & satiated.

….I WOULD do queso but to be completely real, I lost 15 pounds almost instantly by moving here and nixing my daily queso habit (NOT BY CHOICE THOUGH).

My variation on the green dip is a bit more figure friendly and full of added nutrition and a secret ingredient.

….& you cannot forget the margaritas!

Sparkling Watermelon Rosé Margaritas to be exact.

{ Haute in Houston // Champagne at Shannon's }


This margarita I made for her is pink, NATURALLY sweetened (aka no additional sugar or syrup), and is topped with rosé. After such a busy week hitting the ground running after getting back from New York, this has been my daily nightcap.

Both recipes are seriously EASY and I hope become staples in your kitchen. They are also VERY boyfriend-friendly and just a fun twist on some texmex classics. Texas with a California twist…very much like me.

Check out my feature HERE!

Any recipes you’d like to see? Though my mind is telling me no, my body is begging for some queso, so I’ll make a special queso recipe (will work on lightening it up a bit), and I have some tacos and enchiladas up my sleeve.

Also if you are in Houston and Dallas and need some reccs, holla at your girl.

Read my feature on Cheers, J  H E R E

+++ for those looking to try some LEGIT TexMex at home, I can NOT recommend this book enough. I used it as a base when I made some bacon fat tortillas (I always keep bacon fat on hand instead of lard – also mentioned here)

Talk to you tomorrow with a hot ass song that I cannot get enough of! xx

Shannon 😉


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