Blogger Recognition Award! + My Nominees, My Blogging Story, & My Advice to New Bloggers

{ pictured w Skylar Allen mentioned below ! }

Happy Wednesday!!

& do I have a special post for you today.

Well, a few weeks ago, I was nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by cutie Erin Ross of the blog Dave & Erin & completely humbled!

I’ve said it once & I’ll say it again, the best part about blogging is connecting and sharing stories from all over the globe. Sometimes it’s behind a computer, sometimes it’s behind a screen in the palm of my hand. That is seriously so cool.

Technology & the internet are very rad things and connects us all as human beings all over the globe to share our stories & experiences.

A huge thank you to Erin, again, for nominating me – surprises like that is really what keeps me motivated!

Now, before I accept the award & nominate some other blogger babes, let’s check out the rules, shall we?

The rules that I do have to mention prior to accepting the award.

– I have to thank the blogger who nominated me and provide a link to their blog. {check!}

– I have to write a post to show the award. {checkity check!}

– I have to write the story of how my blog started.

– I have to give at least two pieces of advice to new bloggers.

– I have to select 15 other bloggers that I want to pass this award onto.

– I also have to comment on each of the 15 blogs to let them know that I have nominated them and provide them the link to this post.

:: How Champagne at Shannon’s Got Started ::

So, this is always a weird question for me to answer. I touched on it here briefly but let’s get personal.

Throughout the years, I was asked on things I was eating, drinking, beauty products I was using, workouts I was doing, etc, etc but I never once considered blogging. However, I’d use social media, mostly Facebook & Twitter, to document what I was making & where I was going… kind of like a mini blog without even realizing it?

Around late 2012, I got really, really, really into Pinterest. It was so much fun and I could find posts on topics I sought out in one space. Around then was also when I started Instagram where I found the first blogger I’ve ever followed {who would later inspire me in a major way}, Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential. More about her here.

I was also unemployed & completely uninspired. I got my first job out of the hospitality industry in 2012 and it was a major flop to say the least, ha – soooo I had a lot of time on my hands. While I was trying to figure out what was next, I’d kill time going down a Pinterest rabbit hole & trying recipes / tricks.

I eventually moved to California the following year and I started keeping a folder {both physical & virtual} of articles I loved, things that inspired me, & even wrote blog-like posts, kind of like a diary of some sort?

Well, in 2014, my boyfriend was in London for work & I went to visit him. Literally right before I boarded my flight, I had the revelation that I needed to start a blog. I haven’t seen Erik for weeks at this point, and we met for dinner & I told him everything, talking 3894293 words a minute, about the blog. He was super supportive but I think he was just so excited to finally see me so excited.

I bought a notebook in London and continued to write in it like a diary {some of the posts you have seen here}! I also created a, then private, Pinterest “mood board” of all things that inspired me as I honed in my aesthetic. You can check it out here.

I didn’t know exactly what it was that I wanted from a blog… but I knew I wanted to reconnect with my love for food & wine but more importantly, connect with people around the globe… & here we are!

I launched in 2015 & now at almost 2 years old, I learn something new about the blogosphere every day! I’m obsessed with blogging and absolutely am in it for the long run. I love having a place to talk all things food, beverage, mary jane, music, style, wellness… you name it. But even more, I love the people & especially fellow bloggers I met along the way. I’ve met some of my close friends through this blog. I also am more inspired than ever.

It’s something I wish I did earlier, specifically when I first moved in 2013, but it is something I look forward to continue doing in the future in the years to come!

More about my journey here, here, here, here, & of course, here.

Pieces of Advice for New Bloggers:

{ ONE }: Your blog is exactly that: YOUR blog.

Before it is a blog, it is YOURS. It’s a place that you have and manage on the internet. You are the creative director of your blog so stay so fiercely true to yourself. Do not change who / what you are for brands & don’t blog for the sole purpose of working with brands. It’s YOUR blog so provide value and do NOT work for free for someone else or a brand. Brand relations are to intertwine your style/aesthetic with what they offer, not the other way around {or else, they’d hire a model & do a shoot on their terms}. Your blog is absolutely not a place for you of all people to be taken advantage of.. it’s yours. Oh & don’t you worry, I’m about to do a full blown, juicy, feather-ruffling post on this because it’s something that needs to continue to be said.


If you have a post idea, DO IT. If you want to start a blog, DO IT. The most important thing you can do with your blog is to just show up & do it. The #1 question I get asked is how to start a blog & out of all those people, only about 3 have followed through so by starting one & showing up, you are already so ahead. If you don’t do it, it’s something you will regret for the rest of your life. I know that sounds extreme, but if you want to do something and you don’t, you get forever plagued by the “what if’s”. Once you do it, do it with blinders on and never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle!

{ THREE }: Consistency is Key

I need to take my own advice lately – ha! But be consistent. Be consistent on when you post – even if it’s only once a week {QUALITY over quantity, always – don’t post just to post}! It allows your readers to know when to expect new content. Be consistent with your voice, your aesthetic, and your branding. By being consistent, you are setting yourself up for success!

{ FOUR }: Be yourself & BE IT FIERCELY

This ties back to point one. It’s your blog so be so fiercely you! I always say joke to write drunk and edit sober. Let your voice shine. Let your readers feel like they are actually conversing with you through the screen. Talk how you talk in real deal everyday life. Don’t try to copy the way someone writes as it isn’t you therefore it is inauthentic. Be yourself because everyone else is taken & you are so fabulous! 😉

:: Now the fun part! My Nominees – listed in no particular order ::

{ 1 }: Chelsea Miller of Buffalo By Bay

{ 2 }: Sherita McAdams of Vodka & Cupcakes

{ 3 }: Caitlin Pickett of Caitlin Pickett

{ 4 }: Antonia Strakosh of The Dressed Fork

{ 5 }: Skylar Allen of Styled by Skylar – pictured above!

{ 6 }: Kate Bitner of Nomad in Nihon

{ 7 }: Chuky Reyna of Mi Camisa Blanca

{ 8 }: Franceska McCaughan Ostermann of Franzie’s

{ 9 }: Nic Mora of Give Me Mora

{ 10 }: Cherie Renee of Cherie Renee

{ 11 }: Annie Spano of Annie Spano & The Style Collective

{ 12 }: Courtney Bentley of Courtney Bentley

{ 13 }: Krista Williams of Hundred Blog LA

{ 14 }: Shruthi Parker of The Honest Shruth

{ 15 }: Morgan Casey Jorgenson of  Prosecco & Projects

Now this was a real fun post to write. Erin, thank you again for thinking of me and this blog of mine. If you like Champagne at Shannon’s, I’d be honored if you followed on Instagram & BlogLovin!

If there is ever anything you want me to talk about on here, let me know & your wish is my command!

So sorry for missing Monday too! I will be back on track next week, I promise – I have some fun stuff coming for you guys and really excited to get some more recipes up in here up in here.

See ya on Friday for the edit 😉 xx Shannon



  • Caitlin

    Always interesting to read about how and why others started their blogs xx

    Beauty & Colour | Vegan Lifestyle Blog

    • I totally agree!! Everyone ahs a story and as bloggers, it’s one we can all relate to! 🙂 Thanks for reading, Caitlin! x Shannon

  • Congratulations on your nomination! So glad you started your blog! And love the advice for new bloggers!


    • Thank you so much, Linda! You are so sweet. I am so glad oyu started yours too – the best part is connecting with people like YOU! Do you have any advice for new bloggers?? I’d love to hear it! Thank you so much for your kind words & support, it truly means the world. x Shannon

  • Omg The Skinny Confidential is what got me into blogging too!!! I love hearing how you started your blog and will def be checking out all those links. Congrats!

    xx Pia

    • Isn’t TSC the best?! It’s so rad she created such an inspiring platform for us to chase our dreams too. I can’t wait to stalk your blog now! Thank you so much for the love, Pia. It means so much! x Shannon

  • Azanique

    This is so fun! I also love The Skinny Confidential. I love your tips, especially being consistent, which is what I struggle with the most

    – xo, Azanique |

    • Thank you so much, Azanique! Consistency is no joke and takes a lot of discipline – I still struggle with it! But eventually, you find something that you can jive with. Thank you so much for the kind words and I love your blog! It is so fun 🙂 x Shannon

  • congrats on your nomination!

    • Thank you so much, Delaney!! I appreciate your support – it means so much 🙂 x Shannon

  • Congrats on the nomination! I’m going to have to check out everyone you nominated as well!

    XO, Cara

  • I think these are all great tips, congrats on the nomination

    • Thank you so much, Laura! I really appreciate your support & kindness! x Shannon

  • die for you – always keeping it so kind, real, raw and honest. I LOVE YOU AND THIS POST!

    • Krista – the feeling is totally mutual. It’s been so rad to see you grow & evolve but more importantly, you keep it the realest. I know big things are waiting for you & you will take it by storm!

      Thank you so much for your support – it truly means the world. x Shannon

  • Chelsea

    okay, i love this-and you. Thank you for nominating me! and for being so real. I love your words, your journey and all the advice you give me. KEEP KILLING IT! Will be checking out the rest, of course xx

    • Chelsea, you are seriously the raddest chick I’ve ever met. I’m so thankful that Instagram connected us so the pleasure is all mine. Now let’s go grab a fucking drink already and CATCH UP! It’s about damn time, right?! 😉

      In all seriousness, thank you so much for the kind words & support – it means the world. x Shannon

  • My dear Shannon! First of all Congratulations for being nominated, you totally derserve it! I’m so honored to be nominated by someone as authentic and talented as you are. I loved this post and your story because this is exactly what blogging is. Thank you my darling once again for nominating me! It certainly motivates me to do more and keep up! Love you!

  • I LOVEEEEE <3333 ok thank you so much for my nomination like WOAHHH thank you!! I love your story! I swear the best ideas come to us when we are open and ready for them and boarding that plane after your drudge of a job seemed to be your moment of YES get on the blog train! I have been a fan for so long <3 love you chicka xo

    Courtney B ||

    • I mean for starers: DUH. I couldn’t NOT nominate you. You are someone who I feel like I’ve grown with in this blogging journey. Oh trust me, there’s much more than just a dumb job – my personal life was in shambles – but in hindsight, the stem of it was lack of inspiration and motivation which brought out all sorts of insecurities. It’s amazing how starting a blog was such a transformational process!! NOW time to step on a plane and go to Vegas for a girl’s night with you! Seriously, let’s make it happen babe!

      Thank you so much, Courtney, for all your support and encouragement, especially when I was a baby blogger. It means the world & I am so blessed to have connected with you! Big things are coming your way. x Shannon

  • Shruthi R. Parker

    How sweet are you?! Actually the sweetest! I love your tips to people thinking about starting a blog too. Haha I can totally relate to you telling your boyfriend how you *had* to start a blog and were talking a million miles a minute! That’s the excitement that comes with your own platform – so liberating too! I hope you keep writing, and sharing your lovely thoughts with the world Shannon <3


    • Thank you so much, Shruthi! HA- I’m sure our guys have plenty of stories to tell each other. I am very blessed to have E be so supportive of everything… & taking pictures constantly! But you’re right with the excitement of your own platform – it’s liberating & YOURS. You have a vessel to channel your passion and connect with others. I’ll make a deal with you: I’ll keep writing & sharing only if you do it too. 🙂 Thanks so much for the love & sweet comment, Shruthi! Your support means the world. x Shannon

  • Chérie Renee

    This is incredible Shannon! First off, duh, you’d be nominated. You are such an inspiration! I love reading your posts and trying things out because of them. Second, THANK YOU for the shout out. Really I have you to thank for finally starting. I’d say consistency is definitely the hardest (for me) but love the JUST DO IT already mentality. Third, KEEP IT UP!! Love you! <3

    • Cherie, you are the best, and i am so proud of YOU for following through & on a topic that the world needs more light on. I know you are changing lives with every post you make. I am so, so, so beyond glad you started your blog. Consistency IS hard {& something I still struggle with} but you’ll find something that works for you, I promise! Happy to strategize with you whenever you want. PS – WHY haven’t we gotten you on the blog as a #WCW?! Let’s make it happen! x Shannon

      Thank you, sincerely, for all your support from day one. It means the world to me, Cherie! x

      • Chérie Renee

        Thank you Shannon. I would LOVE to be a part of #WCW. I love the idea and the message behind it! <3

        • Yes girl yes! I’ll shoot you an e-mail as I love everything YOU are doing. x Shannon

  • Chandler Hennelly

    Congratulations on the nomination! That is amazing. You are truly amazing and an inspiration for beginner bloggers like myself. Keep doing you!

    • Thank you so much, Chandler – your message is seriously so sweet. I’m flattered! I can’t wait to stalk your blog – the beginning stages are a lot of fun because the world is your oyster with it! If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact me! x Shannon

    • Thank you so much, Chandler – your message is seriously so sweet. I’m flattered! Let me know what your blog is so I can stalk it 🙂 the beginning stages are a lot of fun because the world is your oyster with it! If you ever have any questions, feel free to contact me! x Shannon

      • Chandler Hennelly

        Hi Shannon! My blog is I am loving everything. I am trying to learn more to improve my blog overall. If you have any top tips I would love to hear them!


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