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Konnichiwa from San Francisco!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been spending some time in Tokyo, Japan! I’m not sure how vocal I’ve been about this on my blog but Tokyo is my FAVOURITE PLACE IN THE WORLD.

Seriously, I’d move there tomorrow if I could.

Ever since I went for the first time in 2015, it was one of the only places in the world where I felt at home. However, if we are being fair to San Francisco, I had the same feeling here when I went here for the first time in 2013… and then I moved 3 weeks later. Basically, if I could split my time in both places, I’d be a VERY happy girl.

I have PLENTY of Tokyo content coming your way but first things first, I wanted to talk…


Lifestyle blogger, Shannon Silver of Champagne at Shannon's, talks her secret weapon for in flight skin care.... sleeping masks!

I fly quite often and as much as I love it, it’s insanely dehydrating… not to mention the glass or two {…or three} of champagne I have in the air doesn’t help in the hydration department. Another fun fact, but I love to drink on airplanes, idk i just love it.

BUT this post is not about me drinking on airplanes, but moreso what my skin is drinking in flight.

I used to be one of those people who’d put a sheetmask on for all my flights BUT a few months ago before we went to New York last year, I went into Sephora to stock up on my sheet masks and found something that totally changed my in flight skin game… ready for it?

Sephora Sleeping Masks for the plane!

Lifestyle blogger, Shannon Silver of Champagne at Shannon's, talks her secret weapon for in flight skin care.... sleeping masks!

Basically, they are a one time use face mask in a creme-gel form for $4 a pop. You slather it on and go to sleep. By the time you wake up, it will have absorbed in your skin or you can do a light rinse later.

Not to sound super psycho, but if I do a rinse off on the plane, I don’t use plane water bc I don’t fully trust it. I bring on a small bottle I filled with micellar water & a few cotton pads {these from Japan are the BEST TRUST ME} in my carry on bag. This is the one I’m using currently but I think you can only get it in London. Here is a similar one & they come in travel sides too.

ok so back to the sleeping masks inflight…

I love love love taking these on planes because not only is it soooo hydrating for your skin {you can literally just feel your skin take in all the goodness}, but they are much more subtle than the sheet masks. It just looks like a SUPER thick moisturizer.

I like to put myself in my destination’s time zone as soon as I get on the plane – remember?! – so I put them on when I need to go to sleep. More times than not, it’s generally after the first meal service. If I don’t need to sleep on the plane, I do it as soon as we get stable in the air.

Here is {a V CASUAL DON’T JUDGE SNAP of} me wearing the pomegranate sephora sleeping mask! Lighting is not great as I took it from the plane and it was pretty dark, but you can see just a subtle sheen from the mask. The pomegranate one was a red jelly-creme so there is a sliiiight red tint to the mask.

Lifestyle blogger, Shannon Silver of Champagne at Shannon's, talks her secret weapon for in flight skin care.... sleeping masks!

The ones I love from Sephora come in many different styles:

-Green Tea {mattifying  & blemish control – personally I don’t take this on the plane since it’s not as moisturizing but I like it at home}
– Pomegranate {anti-aging & revitalizing}
– Rose {ultra moisturizing & softening}
– Pearl {brightening & perfecting}
– Algae {purifying & detoxing – i like this one if I am breaking out since it’s detoxifying but still moisturizing}
– Avocado {nourishing & repairing – my ultimate favourite for the plane}
– Lotus {moisturizing & soothing}

Basically, this is what I do. When I go to my destination: New York or international, I do something extremely nourishing. I like avocado, blue algae, or Lotus. These are super moisturizing, repairing, and brightening.

When I get back, I like to ease back into my at home skin care routine. Anti aging is a HUGE focus of mine at home so I like to use anything that is antiaging & replenishing. Favourites from the Sephora line are: Pomegranate, Rose {more on rose for skin here}, or Pearl.

A lot of my products in my routine have those ingredients so it’s a nice way to ease back into things.

These days, there are more and more sleeping masks on the market so here are a few others that caught my eye… especially for planes

< o n e >

Glossier Moisturizing Moon Mask

$22 for 3 oz

buy here

I actually have this one at home & it’s one of my favourites. It’s brightening & hydrating with ingredients like sweet almond oil, plant-based squalane, hyaluronic acid, licorice root and lemon fruit extract. If I don’t have time to run to sephora, I’ll put it in a container like this to bring on the plane.

< t w o>

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

$48 for 2.5 oz

buy here

I feel like this mask broke the internet & it’s impossible to stay on the shelves. I just ordered it and stoked for it to come in! It’s the brainchild of Marianna Hewitt & Lauren Gores {love supporting a women ran company} made specifcally to soothe stressed out &/or over travelled skin. It works as fast as 10 minutes so this one is perfect for short flights. Even better, you can use it as a primer, so if you have to go straight from the plane to a meeting, it’s the perfect base to put on your makeup to look dewy & fresh faced!

< t h r e e >

Laneige Sleeping Lip Mask

$20 for .7 oz

buy here {or here on amazon – on sale!}

This product seriously deserves a post of it’s own so expect that soon. THIS MASK is a must buy. It’s like a very concentrated lip balm & extremely moisturizing. I put this on whenever I have ANY mask on. It really plumps up all thin lines in your lips. By the time you wake up, lips are petal soft, hella smooth, & I swear they look bigger. I swear by this stuff. It also smells SO good, like candied berries but it also comes in vanilla here. I can’t get enough of it. A little goes a long way, the full size will last well over a year.

< f o u r >

Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleeping Mask

$45 for 2.7 oz -or- $22 for 1 oz

buy here

This mask is HUGE in the blogosphere & for good reason! It should be no surprise that watermelon in skin care is extremely hydrating & awesome for anti-aging. This mask is oil free and has hyaluronic acid & AHA’s. As you sleep, the AHA’s get to work and smoothes & tones skin and gets rid of dead skin cells. You wake up with radiant, soft, glowing skin! This is another product that smells HEAVENLY

< f i v e >

Yes to SuperBlueberries Recharging Greek Yogurt & Probiotics Sleeping Mask

 $15.99 for 2oz

buy here

This is a drugstore brand I just love. In fact, out of them all, the blueberry line is my absolute favourite since it’s anti-aging. Their sleeping mask sounds good enough to eat: blueberries & greek yogurt. The greek yogurt not only is super nourishing but the probiotics will make sure you wake up with radiant skin.

When on the plane, you are looking to MOISTURIZE.

Think of it kind of as an in flight facial. You are not looking to do an intense deep clean say with a clay or charcoal mask. Everything you put on your face on the plane, you want to be able to take it off in a second {i.e. sheet mask – this one is my go to} or have it melt in your skin. You don’t want to be in the tiny cramped bathroom for 20 minutes washing off a clay mask and neither does your flightmates.

As a friendly reminder, you can only carry-on 3.4 ounces on a plane. Anything larger, you have to check or it will get confiscated by the TSA. For anything larger or when I don’t want to take the entire product, I like to use these containers. They are slightly bigger than the single use Sephora masks {fill up half way for 1 use, all the way for 2 uses} but I love the different colours – that way if you take different kinds, you can differentiate. It also comes with a spatula to easily transfer product.

Also, if it’s a short flight – say SF to LA, then I’ll stick with a sheet mask {soon to be Summer Fridays as soon as it gets in!}. They take about 20 minutes but I’ll put it on as soon as we are in the air and off when we land. As far as people staring, I don’t even worry about it. People stare all the time when I take blog photos in public that I’m just used to it at this point {also, i don’t get it but whatever} and I’m not about to let that get between a lil anti aging action.

ALL RIGHT! That’s all I got.

I know I talk about this all the time in my stories but it’s about time I share it here. I never get on any plane without some sort of sleeping mask!

How about you, any in flight skin care hacks?! Would love to hear!

That’s all I got for today. Can you guys believe it’s already April? This year sure is flying by.

See you tomorrow – I have a look that I’m stoked to share 😉

xx Shannon


  • Megan Haney

    Omg love all the masks! One of my favorite travel products as well.

    Megan http://www.styledbymegan.com

  • Oh I need to get my hands on those Sephora sleeping masks to use next time I’m on a plane! I normally don’t mask during a flight, but I sometimes get so antsy especially on extra long rides so maybe it’s worth a shot to help relax me

    Reine | The Blush Luxe

    • They are seriously amazing & for the price point? Soooo reasonable! Might be fun to mix it with a lil lavender or something for some extra calm zen on the plane 🙂 xx S

  • Teresa Brock

    Ok I need some sleeping masks!! I am always so dehydrated after plane rides! The drinking doesn’t help, but it’s not like I am going to stop that. Ha. Great post girl! xo http://www.everydaycountess.com

    • HA- I know the feeling. Like, if it means I can step off the plane looking fleeky and have my champagne too?! SIGN ME UP! Thanks for reading, Teresa 🙂 xx

  • Chérie Renee

    I just tried the watermelon sleeping mask last night! So far I love it! I want to try the Summer Fridays for when I go to London next month. Let me know what you think once you get it!

    • Great minds!! You’re going to London?! Love it! I got it with LA flights in mind 🙂 Will do babe! xx S

  • Brianna

    Love these suggestions!

  • Kimberly Samantha

    I’ve been wanting to try all of these! Especially the Summer Friday mask! I actually use sheet masks during flights,despite the looks i get lol

    -Kimberly Samantha

    • It’s worth bringing two so when you get the stares you can offer them one too! ha! I’ll let you know my thoughts but it sounds phenomenal! x S

  • Esther Collins

    I gotta try this mask!


  • I have the yes to superblueberries recharging greek yogurt & probiotics sleeping mask. I love its light yogurt smell, which some reviewers on Ulta don’t fancy, but it’s really not overpowering like some masks can be. My favorite thing about the product is its applicator brush head. I usually put the mask on with the applicator, but then rub it around with my (clean) fingers. I have noticed after four uses that some of my scars (from when I can’t stop picking at my face) have lightened up because of this mask. I usually do a mask about once a week, but pair that routine with a nightly exfoliating scrub with my vanity brush and rosehip oil. Of course H20, exercise and a good diet helps, too. But I won’t hold back from a sugar loaded candy bar because of one little blemish. I don’t have that kind of self control, anyway 😉 and the yes mask is my contingency when I can’t hold back from life’s chocolatey temptations. Glad you enjoyed your trip to Tokyo! Welcome back!

    Jess || https://www.learningfromstrangers.com

    • Thank you so much for sharing this, Jess! This is all so interesting. I def don’t mind the yogurt smell at all (& kinda like it!). That’s what makes these masks so great because it gives a little leeway to give into a sugar craving 😉 I don’t have the self control at all but I am trying to be a psycho ab getting that H2O! Love that you use it with a little rosehip oil too. Would love to know what vanity brush you use – in the market for a new one. Thanks so much for reading babe!!! Happy Monday 🙂 xx Shannon

  • This looks really fun! I gotta try the mask, thanks for your suggestions dear.

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

    • Thanks Jessica! Let me know if you give it a go! 🙂 xx Shannon


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