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I've been drinkin'.... - Champagne at Shannon's

I’ve been drinkin’….

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Watermelon is, hands down, my favourite fruit.

There really is no better fruit in my opinion.

Not only is it so sweet, but the ways to serve it are truly endless, whether it be in salads, on it’s own, frozen for an icy treat, topped with salt (trust me on this, it amplifies the flavour) or cayenne, muddled in a cocktail… the list truly goes on

In fact, when we were in New York, we had it mixed with Campari at Employees Only and man oh man, that was a phenomenal pairing.

If you’ve been following me on Insta-stories & snapchat (ps – I prefer Snapchat, but I see Instastories as snap’s lil sister), you know one of my favourite snacks as of late are sliced apples topped with fresh lemon juice & cinnamon… which is JUST as bomb with lemon.

In fact, I need to go off on another tangent here but I put lemon on seriously EVERYTHING. I love the extra level of brightness & zing it provides. This includes anything from as typical as raw seafood to as unexpected as pizzas. I really can’t get enough.

Anyways, back to the lecture at hand (I promise the lemon is related… getting there!)


One of my all time favourite ways to have watermelon is quite simple…. juiced.

And I’m talking real deal watermelon juice… as far as having the rind in and everything.

I find it extremely refreshing, really just the perfect post-workout drink. Not only does it quench major thirst, but it’s known for lowering the recovery heart-rate, as well as alleviating muscle soreness. {source}

That said, juicing a watermelon is no joke. The fruit is massive for starters, and I’ve almost broke my juicer a few times getting that rind, so I’m a major fan of WTRMLN WTR.

Have you guys tried it yet? It’s seriously so good & Beyonce is an investor!

blogger Shannon Silver talking her love for watermelon & some of her favourite watermelon recipes!

Well, speaking of Beyonce, WTRMLN WTR recently sent me their WTRMLN LMN (aka watermelon lemonade they release in the summer) and just when I thought plain ole watermelon juice was the way to go, this is def giving it a run for it’s money.

Literally the only ingredients are: organic watermelon, watermelon rind, & organic lemon. That’s it.

Since summer is over, it’s not available anymore, BUT you can easily add lemon juice to their original and get the same flavours.

Since watermelon is so sweet on it’s own, no sugar is necessary, and since the fruit is over 90% water (aka so filling on it’s own!), no water is necessary either


When we went to Jenner, I brought our WTRMLN LMN because I knew we’d be both hiking & drinking heavily (not to mention I wanted to spike it with anything & everything). #sosueme

In fact, I started every morning with a WTRMLN LMN mimosa! TRUST when I say watermelon mimosas (+ lemon for citrus!) are better than any other type of mimosas.

We spent labor day verrrry leisurely… to say the least… & no joke, I never woke up hungover once. In fact, if I can discipline myself & drink watermelon juice (with or without lemon) before bed after a night of overindulgence, I am good to go for the next morning.

In fact… I have the ultimate hangover cure for you: watermelon juice, lemon juice, & a pinch of activated charcoal. If you’re feeling extra spicy, add in some cayenne for an extra kick.


Anyways, let’s talk benefits of watermelon::

⚜ Improved muscle recovery: Watermelon is insane for after workouts thanks to it being a natural source of electrolytes including potassium. Potassium helps prevent against muscle cramps & helps maintain water balance in every cell. It also is a key source of the amino acid, L-Citrilline, which helps muscles recover with minimal soreness.

⚜ Improved mood: Potassium can help control feelings of stress& anxiety. Talk about a feel good food!

⚜ Vitamin C powerhouse: Thanks to this, watermelon is great for your immune system & can even be a source to help prevent aging (YES TO ALL OF THIS) .

⚜ Improved circulation: as mentioned, with the high amount of the amino acid, L-Citrilline, watermelon is fantastic for you your cardiovascular health!

⚜ Keeps you HYDRATED!: Watermelon helps fight dehydration because the fruit itself is 92% water. This also is why it is such a great hangover cure… 😉

⚜ Anti-inflammatory: Thanks to the sexy antioxidants, Lypocene & Cucurbitacin E, watermelon can help with blood health, protect against free radicals, act as an anti-inflammatory, and increase bone health

⚜ Speakin’ of sexy…. watermelon can amp up the sex life for both men and women (not to mention, it’s great for males in particular). Thanks to the antioxidants, they help relax smooth muscle cells, dilate bloog vessels, & improve endurance, fertility, and other feelings of… pleasure. You’re welcome! 😉

yes, please to all of it. { source || source || source || source } – PS y’all know this but I ain’t Dr. Silver over here.

And here are some of my favourite recipes with watermelon or watermelon juice!

ONE }: Watermelon Mimosas: if using juice, top champagne with as much or as little wtrmln lmn juice as you want. If using fruit, place watermelon & a squeeze of lemon in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake HARD to puree the watermelon!

TWO }: Shannon’s Anti-Hangover cure: WTRMLN WTR, lemon juice, with activated charcoal (like, a capsule sized amount), COLD water, and a sprinkle of cayenne.

THREE }: Inspired by my favourite drink at Starbucks (I need a better name lol): In a large tumbler, add ice, and fill with half green tea, half watermelon juice with lemon. Mix up!
+++ my go to starbucks drink is a TRENTA (pro tip – this cup fits an entire bottle of wine) iced half passion half green tea with no sweetener. SO GOOD.

FOUR }: Watermelon Popsicles: Juice watermelon, kale, spinach, and mint. Add a squeeze of lemon & put in popsicle molds. Freeze & enjoy!
NOTE: Make this boozy by stabilizing gin, vodka, or champagne.

FIVE }: A light & EASY salad: Cube watermelon & toss with spinach, onions, kale, lemon juice, feta cheese, olive oil, salt & pepper. You can even take the work out & buy pre-cubed watermelon.

SIX }: Watermelonjitos: TRUST ME, these are better than the original mojito and much skinnier since the watermelon takes the place of the simple syrup! Take mint in your hands, clap it (this releases extra flavour), and place in a sturdy glass. Add lime wedges & watermelon and muddle together to release all the flavours + pulvurize the watermelon. Do not strain. Fill glass with ice, add rum (I like Flor de Caña) & top with sparkling water. Add a straw and cheers, babe!

SEVEN }: THE ULTIMATE WORKOUT RECOVERY DRINK: mix watermelon juice with coconut water (Harmless Harvest is my favourite, like that it’s based in SF) & a shot of aloe vera juice. Add either one of the following: E3Live, Stabilized oxygen (I like this one with colloidial silver & aloe),  or chlorphyll.

EIGHT }: A sexy little night cap (see the last benefit – wink wink): don’t judge until you try it! Watermelon juice, cinnamon, whisky & a kiss of royal jelly xx

NINE }: Watermelon Rosé Margaritas: read my recipe here!


Anyways, just thought I’d do a lil ode to my all time favourite fruit to make this Monday off to a great start. In fact, it’s time to put in my weekly Instacart order so def adding in my usu HUGE bottle of WTRMLN WTR 😉

What are your favourite ways to incorporate watermelon?

Hope you all had a great weekend! xx Shannon

+++ this post was in collaboration with WTRMLN WTR. All opinions & recipes are my own. 

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