{ #JAM }: La Plage – Rendez Vous [Saint Pepsi Remix]

{ Saint Pepsi // Champagne at Shannon's }

Featuring :: La Plage – Rendez Vous [Saint Pepsi Remix]

{ Shannon Silver // Champagne at Shannon's }

When I was living in Dallas, I coined a genre called FG, or Feel Good tunes.

I’d make FG playlists which just really did wonders on my mood.

They kept me motivated to push through work-outs. If boys were pissing me off (aka story of my life in Texas from 2009-2013 because boys were so annoying) they made it better. They kept me calm when work would get stressful, and kept long road trips short.. all in all, they kept my mood UP in general.

What constitutes a feel good song in my book?

Think an upbeat tempo, positive vibes, and immediately upon hearing, just makes you feel feel good (hence the name) & HAPPY.

They are songs you find yourself nodding, tapping your feat, dancing in your head to. I think everyone can agree that the simple “Call Me Maybe” is the epitome of a Feel Good. In fact, I’ll make and share an entire playlist this month.

At the end of the day, it’s just the perfect, & easiest remedy for when you are feeling low.

This Saint Pepsi remix of La Plage’s Rendez Vous is no exception and has been on repeat all week for me.

{ La Plage - Rendez Vous [Saint Pepsi Remix] // Champagne at Shannon's }

{ La Plage - Rendez Vous [Saint Pepsi Remix] // Champagne at Shannon's }

It’s a funky lil jam, that just is so incredibly upbeat. It reminds me of the likes of RAC.

La Plage is a Belgian trio with a pop focus on “summer nostalgia”. Here is a great link to get acquainted with them and more on said summer nostalgia. What nails it in that link is this quote:

 [Their music]  possesses a charming je ne sais quoi, both upbeat and downbeat in the same breath, and is inspired by “the poetry of Tellier, Timberlake, and long walks on the beach,” the band explains.

{ source }

Saint Pepsi – now known as Skylar Spence – is the electronic brainchild of Ryan DeRobertis who describes his own sounds as  “‘future pop,’ ‘R&B,’ ‘liquid disco,’ ‘slowjam,’ and my favorite, ‘gibber boogie.'” { source – quoted directly } Check out that interview for more… & it is a fantastic interview btw.

Speaking of “Call Me Maybe”, I first heard of Ryan on THIS insane rework back in the summer of 2014. Obsessed.

Back to Rendez Vous…

The tempo is positive, there is a fun whistle vibe, and the vocals are strategically placed throughout. Saint Pepsi’s remix gives it more of the tropical house / nu-disco feel. Which I’ve mentioned how much I LOVE.

Like Little Games, this remix just screams SUMMER VIBES.

Like, you need this while sipping skinny spiked orange juliuses by the pool or driving to the beach with the top down.

Hope you enjoy this sweet jam as much as I do! Sending all my love.

x Shannon


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