{ JAM }: Little Games [St. Lucia Remix] – The Colourist

{ Little Games [St. Lucia Remix] - The Colourist // Champagne at Shannon's }

Was I hit & run? Left  for dead and now you’re gone…

Featuring :: Little Games [St. Lucia Remix] – The Colourist

{ Shannon Silver // Champagne at Shannon's }

So, every Monday at work, I have a ritual where I get on Spotify & play my Discover New curated playlist. Whatever system Spotify uses is a rad one, because week after week, I am really able to find some crazy good songs that are rocking my face off.

That said, sometimes I can be psychotically busy playing catch up on Mondays so whenever something sounds interesting, that really catches my attention, and I am working on something, I will just save it & get back to work & revisit the songs later.

That’s what happened with this song.

Well, fast forward on my flight to Amsterdam… 10 hours with no wifi on a plane. My MO for this is to either drink as much champagne as I can until I fall asleep, work offline on the blog, & have whatever songs on until we touch ground.

… That said, another great thing about Spotify is the ability to stream offline. Also, I promise this isn’t sponsored by Spotify {that’d be sick af tho}. It’s just an app I use on the daily. I also need to get to the point.

Ok so…

{ Little Games [St. Lucia Remix] - The Colourist // Champagne at Shannon's }

Anyways, so my songs I saved were available offline. I was working on editting some photos and then “Little Games [St. Lucia Remix] – The Colourist” came on & I literally stopped everything I was doing.

It totally caught my attention. I went back on my list to figure out WHAT is this phenomenal song I saved?! Turns out it was one that caught my eye when I was in the abyss of work.

This song is the epitome of summer.

It has a bit of a Tropical House twist to it, with some nu-disco synth, and nice percussion. Very smooth. Kind of reminds me of RAC’s remixes on songs. I love the style.

In fact, if I had to give this song a genre, it would easily be: SUMMER SYNTH. Beach vibes to the max though, right?

The song itself is a bit hazy, and dreamy. I love how St. Lucia faded out the vocals.

I also love songs that where the motto is kind of telling someone to fuck off after they played you wrong. #boybye

Anyways, this was a song that totally stopped me in my tracks and I’ve had it on repeat ever since. It is insanely good, and you need it in your song repertoire.

x Shannon


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