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Let's Talk Microdosing Cannabis - Champagne at Shannon's

Let’s Talk Microdosing Cannabis

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San Francisco based lifestyle blogger, Shannon Silver of Champagne at Shannon's, talks microdosing cannabis.

It’s no secret I talk about this on the blog. Again, a goal with my blog & stories is to do my part with my hammer to shatter the stigma on cannabis use.

In fact, in just 2 months, it will be fully legalized on the west coast.

As cannabis is becoming more treated as a way of life vs a hardcore drug that will RUIN YOUR LIFE like it did with Becky, more people want to learn about the uses of it… or moreso HOW to use it.

I can do a full blown post on that if you guys want but today I want to talk MICRODOSING.

I’ve gotten a lot of personal texts and DM’s from people in my direct circle & social media circle asking me advice on mary jane. I appreciate this because they are different types of questions on use- think very specific & generally along the lines of “what should I do to feel ____”.

I really love conversations like this.

A LOT have been along the lines of “hey, I have to do/go to  ________ & I want to feel _______ but I don’t want the full on high – what do you recommend & how should I do it?”

All in all, the strains can be subbed out for the effect (sounds like another post I need to do), but almost at the end of the day, the answer is to MICRODOSE.

San Francisco based lifestyle blogger, Shannon Silver of Champagne at Shannon's, talks microdosing cannabis.

What exactly is Microdosing & why should I do it?

It’s exactly what it sounds like. A microdose!

To put it simply- you get the endless healing effects without overdoing it. It allows you to get the benefits without the buzz.

Microdosing is key to medicate as it can help with anxiety, inflammation, focus & clarity, energy levels, depression, stress, sleep, you name it – basically, it helps you get the medicinal benefits for whatever symptoms ail you.

It’s a wonderful place to start if you are looking to use cannabis to heal, rather than recreationally.

You can get the benefits of an indica without being glued to your couch. You can get the benefits of a sativa without the anxiousness / paranoia. You can get the benefits of any strain without feeling out of your mind.

Don’t get me wrong, I use cannabis recreationally as well as medicine – I will FULLY admit that & I won’t shy from it – but there is a place and time for it, as there is with drinking. If I have the entire day ahead, a big event, or just a lot of work on my plate, microdosing is the way to go. If I’m looking to just get l.i.t. or out of my head and mind – literally – well, then that’s another story, another post, another day.

Microdosing is a great way to dip your toes in the water without diving in.

If you’re curious about a certain strain, I always recommend microdosing first. That said, if you’re curious about cannabis as a whole- whether recreationally or as medicine, microdosing is the best way to get started with it & really learn your tolerance.

When people generally use the phrase “experienced smokers only” whether it’s on a STRONG edible, an intense way to get your green {such as dabbing}, or a heavy THC strain, it generally means you are VERY familiar with your tolerance & know what you can / cannot do, and what limits you can push.

This takes a while to get comfortable with so starting small is key. I cannot reiterate that enough.

To put it in perspective, think of it as a glass of wine {a low thc example} or whisky {high thc example}. Microdosing would be one sip – maybe two. If you’re looking to get lifted-shifted, finish the glass, & if you’re looking to get higher than the ceiling, pour up another one. Go from wine to whisky if you want a stronger effect.

In this post, I’m talking the one sip, & maaaaybe two, MAX. And if it’s a strong THC strain, then that one is ALL you need.

Less is more is the mantra when it comes to the microdose.

When should I Microdose?

It really depends on what you have going on! Basically, depending on the need, depends on the when.

I’ll be completely honest – for my full time job, I do NOT microdose. That said, I know plenty of people in various industries & companies that do: from hospitality to sales to tech to finance & i-banking.

Now, for the blog? That’s a whole different story. A big reason being that I like to get a bit outside of myself when I write or keep creativity levels up in a way that I don’t need for my ftj.

I also like to do it before I scroll through instagram. I treat my instagram a lot like my pinterest and I am constantly saving things that speak to me or inspire me. For this, I like to microdose with sativa as it really flexes my creative muscle.

If I ever wake up in the middle of the night and it’s an hour like 3:00a or 4:00a, I like to microdose with indica. It helps me get back to sleep without feeling too groggy or sleepy when I wake up for good in the morning.

If I’m ever not hungry but I’ve hardly eaten anything throughout the day, a hybrid strain that stimulates the appetite helps me.

I’ll FULLY admit, I absolutely hate to work out. I know it’s not trendy to say that, but I’m just being honest. I hate it. There are a million other things I’d rather do and I’ve tried so many different workouts, gyms, classes, etc. I find it extremely boring, annoying, & repetitive. That said & all complaints aside, I have to do it for my health. If I microdose with sativa, it really helps me get through endless reps & miles upon miles on the treadmill.

When I tore my calf, I microdosed with an indica to help alleviate the pain. It’s still healing, but when it was at it’s worst {I literally could not walk for about 5 full days or go up my stairs, Erik had to carry me}, it really helped. I also used a cannabis topical balm but that’s a story for another day.

I have really bad & crippling social anxiety, so before a big event, I like to microdose with Sativa. It helps take off the edge, but keeps me alert enough & helps me socialize.

Microdosing has done WONDERS for my anxiety.

One moment I’ll never forget was within the past year: I was in the middle of a panic attack as I was haunted by my own demons, both past and present, waltzing together in my head. If you’ve never had a panic attack, they feel like a night terror that you are fully awake for & conscious of yet you have absolutely no control of it. I didn’t know what to do so in the midst of it, I grabbed for my pen {loaded with Bubba Kush if we are being specific}, took a puff, and within minutes, it put everything to bay. I was stunned – for the first time in my life, I was able to console the inconsolable. I was able to slay my heretofore undefeated demons and I knew they will eventually have their last dance on my terms. This was a feeling I’ve never known before. I didn’t even need another hit.

That was one of those moments of clarity when I really & completely grasped the healing properties of cannabis. It made me want to go public with my use of it. It’s a stigma that MUST be shattered as it can help WILL save lives, heal the body, & free the mind.

How do I Microdose?

My favourite way is to use an electronic pen or a vape. My two favourites are Bloom Farms Highlighter & the Pax.

This is the Bloom Farms highlighter I have & I have the PAX 2 in blue! I love them both.

The PAX 3 is unique because you can microdose both flower & cartridges when for the most part, you generally see the oil cartridges for the vape pens however any pen / cartridge will suffice.

Basically, take a quick puff from your pen. Start with one puff. Give it about 30-60 seconds, and depending on how you feel, do one more. As the day goes on, take another puff as needed. Just be sure to space it out as necessary.

In this race, slow & steady wins.

Now one thing I should clarify is that microdosing is a technique. SO- that’s why I emphasize starting small. Basically taking one puff of your pen, and you control that puff vs the pen doing it for you. THAT SAID- there is a rad company I LOVE called hmbldt. They have a dose pen which has 500 mg & offers 200 precise doses. Basically, it’s the only pen on the market that microdoses for you with EACH HIT being 2.25 mg. Each pen has a specific formula: they have one for pain relief, sleep, anxiety, passion, arousal, & happiness. Pretty cool, huh?

Vaping vs smoking as a whole is much cleaner & easier on your lungs so I personally prefer it. It’s also much easier to keep in my handbag.

Another way to microdose? With edibles!

Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard horror stories with edibles. In fact, I’ve had my own awful experience in a VERY public place. You go a little too far on something with a little too much THC and all of the sudden it hits you like a ton of bricks and there’s no turning back for HOURS.

These days, more & more edibles on the market are upfront with dosage – aka telling EXACTLY how much THC is in a certain amount. AND- more & more edibles are becoming easier to microdose.

Think of it as a snack – one bite or two should tide you over for a few hours {vs smoking which can hit instantly}, & if you are still hungry for healing later, then have another. Just be sure to give it ample time to work it’s magic ~1 hr or so.

It’s no secret I love medicated mints. Kiva Confections {one of my favourite edible companies}, recently came out with their Petra mints. Each mint has only 2.5 mg of THC. These are PERFECT for microdosing. Check them out here.

As a rule of thumb, when it comes to microdosing, you want between 1 – 5 mg MAX. The mints above are pretty large, so if you want to cut the dosage, break them in half for ~1.25 mg.

Other edibles I love for Microdosing:

  • Cloud Confections Chocolate covered Espresso Beans :: they partnered with one of my favourite coffee houses in SF, Four Barrel Coffee. A tin comes with 40, each piece being 2mg. They also come in Blueberry!
  • Mellows Marshmallows :: for starters, these are adorable and come in so many flavours! I like the dozen. Each marshmallow is 5mg of THC. These are super easy to split or quarter.
  • Valhalla Confections :: these are sour gummies {the watermelon is my favourite flavour}. Each package comes with 6 gummies, 10 mg each. Again, these are very easy to split and dose.

More microdosing tips?

Until you know your limits, how you’re supposed to feel, when you’ve had too much, etc., avoid doing it with alcohol or any thing that can alter your experience. Very simply, it will interfere with your senses and makes it easy to indulge in too much of both.

Be safe. Treat it like alcohol as you get acclimated and know your dosing. Don’t experiment on an empty stomach, stay hydrated, don’t operate heavy machinery, the basics. Be informed about what you are buying, as well.

Start a diary! Writing it out is a GREAT way to journal everything you are doing. It will really help you become familiar with what works for you in strain & quantity, and what doesn’t. You can write the date / time, when you dosed, what strain you used & why (even as basic as sativa / indica / hybrid / cbd) when you felt the effects, when it faded off, how you felt before / during / after, & notes.

CBD is a GREAT place to start with microdosing! More times than not, it’s not psychoactive, & if there is a THC content, it’s generally on the lower side. For that reason, I love CBD heavy edibles.

Be wary of potency! Start small and work your way up. There are some VERY high THC strains out there that can make you feel buzzed from one hit if it’s your first time. Start slowly and work yourself up in quantity & potency. Again, the point is to get the benefits without the full blown high. To go back to my earlier metaphor, start with wine before you try whisky.

Think you did too much? It happens, especially as you are really learning your tolerance. CBD helps counteract THC. Whenever I feel too anxious from a strain, I immediately microdose with a CBD cartridge.

Know the basics with strains! To put it bluntly: CBD is extremely therapeutic all around & nonpsychoactive – much more in depth here. Sativa is great for energy levels / alertness / creativity / social events, & indica is great for sleep / relaxation / stress / anxiety.

San Francisco based lifestyle blogger, Shannon Silver of Champagne at Shannon's, talks microdosing cannabis.

Well- that’s all I got with microdosing! Would love to know your thoughts. Again, it’s a great way to use cannabis to heal or if you want to get better acquainted with it and the healthy benefits of the plant. As always, if you have ANY questions, please let me know.

x Shannon

PS – I buy all my medicine from EAZE – I LOVE them! Order HERE for $20 off your first order if you’re in California. If you need a medical marijuana recommendation, Eaze.MD is amazing, inexpensive, & you can do it from home. In San Francisco, The Apothecarium is my favourite dispensary

PPS – as a friendly reminder, none of these products or services were sponsored, they’re all just personal ones I love. This topic is a very important one for me to give a disclaimer to – sponsored or not. 🙂

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