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{ #JAM }: Moi je - Commence {Club Edit} - Champagne at Shannon's

{ #JAM }: Moi je – Commence {Club Edit}

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Happy Friday, y’all!

TL;DR – song HERE

One thing that is really, really, really important to me is MUSIC.

If you know me personally, you know I am always posting songs to my Facebook and am extremely active on both Spotify & Soundcloud. You can ask my boyfriend, if we are out somewhere and he is talking and a rad song comes on, I tell him to hush hush so I can Shazam it – he really just loves it, I promise…. and if I cannot capture it right away, I will leave the table and get close to the speaker until I track down the song. I’ve excused myself from the table countless times for this.

….That said, I am going to start following suit here, and share the aural love.

Last Friday, I posted a song I still cannot get enough of { here if you missed it } & had a lightbulb moment to post them regularly here. It’s a perfect way to share some sick tunes, introduce you to some really phenomenal artists and spread the good word. I will also create “AS SEEN ON” playlists for you to follow ↠ spotify // soundcloud

That said, I am ALWAYS, always, always looking for rad new music so if you are digging something, PLEASE shoot me an e-mail, comment, tweet me, facebook me, instagram me, send me a carrier pigeon {ideal way, says my cat Lucy} or SOMETHING, but let me know for sure. I am very passionate about music.

My taste is extremely versatile, but for the most part, very electronic. However, not so much trance electronic, but think more like, 8-bit chiptune… or as Gwen Stefani put it… “Disco Tetris” …Speaking of Disco, if I had to choose a favourite genre, it is 100% Nu-Disco. And, if I had to choose my favourite artist(s), Daft Punk, Crystal Fighters & The Magician (tie!). I also love rap, hip-hop, reggae, jazz, alternative, ambiance, deep house… pretty much everything but country, metal, screamo, etc {totally subjective, but those are just genres you will not find here}.

Real talk – If I could do life differently, I would of absolutely of learned how to DJ & make / create music… something with galactic vibes. Yes.

? Featuring :: Moi je – Commence {Club Edit}

{ Shannon Silver // Champagne at Shannon's }

When I first heard this impressive club edit of Moi je’s groovy track Commence, I was obsessed. I am the type that will literally put a song on repeat over, and over, and over and never get sick of it. This was no exception. In fact, I’ve had it playing in the background on some of my Snapchat videos and got snaps asking for the ID. It’s that good, y’all.

{ moi je // champagne at shannon's }

The melody is rad – I love the robotic twist of the vocals {kind of Daft Punk-esque – love that}, and the dramatic pianos. Not to mention, the title “Commence” is the perfect way to kick off this series. Plus who hasn’t been in the situation where a crazy night & too many drinks at the bar was only just the beginning…. or maybe that’s just me?

Listen for yourself & let me know what you think… Enjoy!

x Shannon  ?


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