CHAMPAGNE FASHION WEEK + my love letter to the 80’s

Unless you’ve been living under a rock {which actually sounds kind of nice} or not on Instagram, well, it’s FASHION WEEK!

It’s been really fun to watch the shows via Instagram. I love seeing all the personalities & styles that each designer brings to the table.

SO- in honor of fashion week, I decided to host my own here on the blog. No crowds, no expensive flights, no late nights… right here on your time.

Basically, each day, I’ll feature a collection on what I’m digging for fall. BUT y’all know me, they will all be VERY 80’s influenced. Basically, trends from the 80’s that I plan on channeling this fall in a major way.

Fun right?!

In my opinion, the 80’s don’t get enough credit.

Blog after blog, there are love stories to decades past, from the elegant 40’s, to the dapper 50’s, to the mod 60’s, to the trendy 70’s.

You get to the 80’s & it tends to be the butt of jokes.

I mean, think of all the 80’s themed parties! I’ve seen all the stereotypes from “ugly prom” to the permed out hair, to the workout clothes, to the bright blue make-up. You name it – I know you can picture it!

I feel like it is the most misunderstood decade… and it happens to be my favourite.

This may be a bold statement, but hey, that’s what the 80’s were all about… but, I think the 80’s was the most influential on style today.

The 80’s were bold – VERY bold.

But it broke a lot of fashion molds & influenced fashion in a major way. I find it is the most expressive decade of all, especially for women.

Some may think 80’s and think leg warmers, shoulder pads, tapered pants, & frizzy hair… however, I see the 80’s and think power suits, leather, neon &/or pastel colours, Wayfarers {a must!}, polarized sunglasses as a whole, silks, velour & velvet, Memphis design, bold silhouettes {thanks to those shoulder pads}, bright make up, the birth of athleisure, graphic tee’s, unisex clothing… the list goes on.

The 80’s was also pivotal for the modelling industry as a whole. In fact, in 1981 was when Chanel signed their first exclusive booking with Debbie Parsons. Iman, Brooke Shields {& those eyebrows! again, 80s}, Janice Dickinson, Cindy Crawford, Elle MacPherson, Christie Brinkley were among others who started their modeling career in the 80’s and really paved the road for the iconic modeling industry of the 90’s

In fact, there’s a major nostalgia these days for 90’s fashion as a whole – I get it! I have the same nostalgia! However, it would of never evolved to what it was if the 80’s didn’t precede it.

The 80’s was an interesting time as it was the birth of the computer and the internet. It was the mash up between man & computer, which would change the world forever. Things went from radio & print to television & computers. Steve Jobs & Bill Gates changed our lives as we know it.

[dahz_framework_image_content title=”WEAR YOUR SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT” id=”7608″ btn=”I WANT!” btn_url=””]Just make sure they are the Wayfarer’s – a must for any 80’s kid! These frames are a classic and will go with literally every single outfit![/dahz_framework_image_content]


[dahz_framework_image_parallax align=”de-text-center” id=”7603″ /]


It’s safe to say I love the 80’s. I think it’s righteously the most rad decade of all & the one that has effected life today the most.

Signed & sealed,  that’s my love letter to the 80’s!

Check back each day this week for 80’s trends that you can rock this fall!

Now, what say you? What is your favourite decade or trends?! Let’s hear it!

xx Shannon

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  • They 80s are so amazing, I used to be obsessed with that decade. I love the movies

    • I love it!! I’d LOVE to see an 80’s post from you and your fab vintage picks!! x S

  • Komal Patel

    80s are amazing and who can say no to a fanny pack?!

    • RIGHT?! In fact, the new thing with those is to wear it like a shoulder purse! x Shannon

  • Love this post! I was born in the 90s so I never really knew much about the 80s.


    • I only lived a handful of years in it VERY young, so I don’t remember it or got to experience it in all it’s glory so it’s super fun to reminisce and go down Pinterest loopholes! The 90s were SO fun too and v happy to be a 90s kid! x S

  • This is such a fun post! While some of the ’80s should not come back IMO, I’ve always been a fan of the bright colors and bold prints.

    • Thanks Gabbi! Oh, totally! With every decade there are some trends that are better left gone. I’m a sucker for a good memphis design! x S

  • I love the 80’s too!!! The era of supermodels was the best, and I agree with many of the looks being powerful and cutting edge! Best time for TV too!

    • I totally agree!! I loved that era of modelling. Even the movies and especially the music!! x S

  • Your blog is so fun and I love this idea! Can’t wait to see more!

    • You are the sweetest, Tabitha!! Thanks so much for the love 🙂 x

  • I’m an 80’s baby all the way! Who can forget the Cindy Crawford mole? All the young girls were running around with pencil liner on their cheeks. I would also add to this list – socks with heels. Classic 80’s fashion trend.

    • YES! Love the socks with heels – thanks so much for that! It’s been so fun watching Kaia model too because she is such a splitting image of Cindy!! Thanks for you comment 🙂 x

  • The Californienne

    LOVE THE 80’s x Shannon Silver VIBE

  • Marie Rau

    I love the bold look of the 80’s. I am so happy when I see it incorporated in today’s trends. Fun post 🙂

    • Thanks so much, Marie!! I agree, it was so fun to see the huge influence of it in NYFW 🙂 x

  • Emily Soto

    I love 80s fashions!!


    • I love it too!!! What’s your fave decade? xx Shannon

  • I’m like literally nodding my head on every single word I’m reading! Lol I love how you featured fanny packs! it’s like my greatest jam up to this day!

    Courtney Bentley ||

    • GIRL it’s so you. I think you should totally do an 80’s inspired fitness shoot…. hmmmm maybe I should come to Vegas and do it with you. A lil Eric Prydz “Call On Me” anyone?! xx love you girl

  • I love this post! The 80’s were a great decade for me and I agree with you that it is frequently underestimated! I was in my 20’s and I lived in Boston and then in Madrid. The current trends I love most from that decade are definitely the power suit,and the high waisted pants. Both are ultra feminine and chic! Looking forward to see your next posts! Xoxo

    • I love your comment, Chuky!! I’d LOVE to know how it was being in your 20s in that decade and the difference between USA & Spain during that time. I LOVE a good power suit – we need to see pictures!!!! You’ve been on my mind in a major way <3 xx Shannon

  • Oh the 80s! You’re right. They don’t get enough credit! Loved your post and def agree they were bold and paved the way for fashion we see today!

    xo, Ilse

    • RIGHT?! I totally agree and think it was one of the most influential decades! x Shannon


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