♡ My Virtual Valentine || My 7 Girl Crushes To Follow ♡

Happy Valentine’s Day, loves!! I am a major fan of this holiday. I mean anything that celebrates love, desserts, & wine is a win in my book. Not to mention, I am having a major pink & red moment… I blame Glossier 😉 To share the Valentine’s love, I wanted to share some of my… Read This Post

💘 Happy Valentine's Day 💘

Rosé For My Glass & Rose For My Skin || What I’m Loving & Lusting Over

I am having a MAJOR rose moment as of late. I know, I know, as Miranda Priestly would say: “Roses for Valentine’s Day… Groundbreaking.” But I just can’t get enough of it. I got a rose candle a few months ago and I could NOT get over how good it smelled that I just want… Read This Post

shop this post... your skin will thank you

THIRSTY AF! My Seven Super Easy Tips To Drink More Water 💦

Like many others, with the new year, I’ve made the resolution to drink more water in 2018. If we are being honest, going on week 3, this is something I wish I fully commited to in years prior, especially in my 20’s. In less than a month, the benefits are MAJOR. For starters, you can really… Read This Post

water bottles! water bottles! water bottles!

‎♡ My New Approach to What I Wear in 2018 ‎♡

Oy! I don’t know about you but today is the Mondayest Tuesday ever. However, I’ve been excited for this post for quite some time. It’s no secret I shop a lot {a lot a lot a lotttttttt} at Brandy Melville. It’s my favourite store to stock up on basics, knits, & sweats… not to mention,… Read This Post

Some of my favourite basics to pair w/