Pumpkin Enzyme Anti-Aging Radness

So, as I told y’all about the Lavender Tonique a few weeks ago, I mentioned a fun embarrassing fact about myself that I am not quite over… { TL;DR – this pumpkin enzyme mask is the bomb.com } Being completely honest here…. #judgementfreezone In college, I read on Cosmo {so obvs, it’s true – also… Read more

{ bourbon bacon chili for two // champagne at shannon's }

Bacon Bourbon Chili {for 2}

Bourbon & Bacon – need I say any more?! TL;DR – Recipe here It has been COLD in San Francisco lately. And by cold, this Texan means anything less than 70 degrees – I am busting out the riding boots, fleece lined leggings, and cozy flannels {to be specific – in Elmer Plaid}. To be… Read more

{ Shannon Silver in Stone Cold Fox // Ryan Johnson Photography }

So Necessary :: Personal Recovery Day

As discussed here, when I am between #WCW’s, I will dedicate Wednesdays to all things business. My goal with this is to provide an outlet of my {unsolicited!} advice, and to help empower others. It is not uncommon for me to have group texts or facebook messages open with people like Franceska, where we share… Read more

Weekend Vibes :: Halloween! Zzz

Pumpkin Spice Infused Makers in the making Is it just me or did October fly by? It didn’t help the HUGE conference/event was this month which made it go by even faster. Kind of a bummer because October is one of my absolute favourite months, but on the bright side, we are now so close… Read more

Jenner, California // Champagne at Shannon's

{Travel for 2}: Jenner, California

pacific dazing w/ rosé in hand Now this post…. part of me does not even want to do it, selfishly, because it has been “our” place between my boyfriend and I. It is off the radar in the best possible way. Not only is it super reasonably priced, but it is only 60 miles away… Read more

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