THE Binder // champagne at shannons

How to Stabilize Alcohol

TL;DR: Use Gelatin. I became obsessed with the idea of alcoholic desserts about six years ago in 2009. I was absolutely devastated from a long distance relationship that ended when the summer did, so I immersed myself in my studies as I entered my senior year in college (all while listening to It Don’t Move… Read more

Jenna Howe // Champagne at Shannon's

#WCW: Jenna Howe of Cheers, J!

  When I first met Jenna in during recruitment, I knew I HAD to have her in my sorority. She was poised, collected, and classy. Luckily for me, we became not only friends, but sisters.  Whenever I look back on my college years, Jenna and her immaculate style, no joke, is one of the first… Read more

Seriously... the easiest way to incorporate greens in anything // champagne at shannon's

The Easiest Way Ever to Add Greens to Everything

This is seriously so simple, that I almost feel silly for making an entire post on it but I do it on the reg when I am cooking at home. Kale is really having a moment right now, whether it is in the grocery store, a featured special in a restaurant, or on Beyoncé’s sweatshirt…. Read more

Shannon Silver // champagne at shannons

Welcome to the Party!

Enchanté! Welcome to Champagne at Shannon’s  – I am so happy you are here. By ways of introduction, my name is Shannon Silver.  I am a certified sommelier, and passionate about food, beverage, entertaining, and event planning. I currently live in San Francisco, California, and work with events in the financial services industry. I started… Read more

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