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So Necessary :: Personal Recovery Day - Champagne at Shannon's

So Necessary :: Personal Recovery Day

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As discussed here, when I am between #WCW’s, I will dedicate Wednesdays to all things business. My goal with this is to provide an outlet of my {unsolicited!} advice, and to help empower others. It is not uncommon for me to have group texts or facebook messages open with people like Franceska, where we share what we are up to, what we learned, and what is going on with all things work & life.

Shannon Silver // champagne at shannon's

Anyone who reads this blog, follows me on my instagram, or know personally know that I’ve been swamped with work.

I am not saying this to glorify being busy – in fact, I want to do the opposite.

Right now, it is really trendy to be OMG SO BUSY – whether they be meetings, calls, going to work, #hustle, etc. – but I think we should start glorifying our rest days. Those are the ones worth bragging about.

I am one who is hard to turn “off” when I am “on” – no innuendos here – I have the most self-imposed fucked up work/life balance because my mind is on my work 100%. If you follow me, you already know my tag-line to everything social-media related is from Daft Punk :

“more than hour, ever after, my work is never over”.

I really am trying to not be such a psycho all the time but my mind is always turned on. If it isn’t on for my full time job, then it is on for this blog, or on for my own personal & professional development.

There is no off switch. It is forever taped to ON.

I have an insatiable thirst that I can never quench… which is probably why I drink so much. Kidding… kind of.

I am constantly reading, researching, studying, sending stream of consciousness e-mails to either myself or people I am close to, writing down ideas, trying or investigating recipes, having deep conversations with my boyfriend (that sounds lame typed out but I love them and his intelligence is out of this world sexy)… and here I go again “glorifying” my busyness.

{ Shannon Silver // Ryan Johnson Photography }

A quote that really hit home to me was from one of my favourite people in the world: J. Kenji López-Alt on writing his book {which if you do not already have it, you NEED, if you have any interest in cooking} from this article :

Only half-joking, he says that the book was mostly written between midnight and 4 a.m. He’s already at work on a second volume, plus he and [his wife] Adriana are renovating their home in their spare time.“Does anyone else feel like every moment they spend sleeping is another unproductive step closer to death?” he wrote in Serious Eats last year.

Champagne at Shannon’s, as I mentioned,  is mostly done in the middle of the night, so this is something I relate to, and sometimes – more than I would care to admit – I get caught up with the whole sacrificing sleep for work thing. Not sleeping, unfortunately, isn’t a new thing for me, but usually I can balance that unhealthy habit better than I did last week. I just justify it it with being productive. However, if we are being totally real – every moment we spend sacrificing sleep is a step closer to death.

Last week, after I landed back in SF, running on 10 hours of sleep in 5 days, and my cheeks & eyes fully sunken in, I was told to take the following day off for a “personal recovery day”. Not only was I told to do so, I had a text the next morning saying something along the lines of “DO NOT COME IN. I KNOW YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT IT. REST.” because, of course, I was considering coming in and powering through. SO… I followed the command, spent the entire day off, really thinking about the words “personal recovery day”… and after about 6 hours into it, it was obvious how necessary it was.

For 24 hours, I mentally checked out of work – for the first time in ???? no idea.

My body was beyond exhausted, so I spent the entire day in bed or in my bath, snuggling my cat who is just the sweetest little thing in the world. FYI, there are studies that cats are good for your health! << can totally attest to all these. In fact, I think she can absolutely tell when my anxiety/stress is getting the best of me, when I was in really low & dark places, or back in the day when stupid boy problems were a thing {something I def will not miss from my 20s}, she would know, and she would always be there & be extra snuggly.

The sweetest cat in the world // champagne at Shannon's

For the first time in not sure how long, I had time to just fully decompress.

Here is how I spent my NOT SO busy day – and FWIW I am so down to glorify these personal recovery days.  Can we make that a thing?!

⚜  1.  Made an entire POT of collagen coffee. Just because I am not in the office, does not mean I cannot have my coffee! I make enough for about 2-3 cups because I’m cray cray, and sip on it throughout the day. I have the white KitchenAid coffee maker {huge fan of KitchenAid products in general}, and it keeps it warm for SO long. At home, I love using this coffee by Jeremiah’s Pick – it is so good, and I LOVE that it has yerba mate in it. Not only does YM aid in the caffeine levels, but it is so good for both the mood and libido. I also like the herbaceous notes it lends to the coffee. I brew mine with raw premium maca powder  {I have this exact one but in a kilo –  this brand is the best but unfortunately no free shipping} + organic true cinnamon for extra flavour. Then, I add the collagen after brewing.

⚜  2.  Turn on my Himalayan Salt Lamp. This lamp seriously sets major zen vibes. The one linked is the exact one I have, which is super sick since it has a dimmer! That was a huge consideration on which one to get. Not only is the glow super soft, sexy, and flattering, there is something so therapeutic about having the light on. The cat always seems happy when it is on, so hey add that to the pros. Literally, it is a huge, solid piece of salt with a light bulb. It releases negative ions which help purify the air. Things such as allergens, smoke, and bacteria usually have a positive charge, so they need negative ions to neutralize. This can help with allergies and such. It also promotes sleep, aids with headaches, and something about it helps relieve my stress. { source }

⚜  3.  Got my diffuser going with some sexy essential oils. I used to be an Equinox member, until I decided that gyms are super creepy. However, I do miss their famous eucalyptus towels & eucalyptus steam room. For years, after a long work out, I’d always finish it with both a cooling, calming eucalyptus towel, and then I would go in the steam room for 10-20 minutes. Ever since, I have always associated eucalyptus as the perfect way to decompress, so it is no surprise that it is one of my go-tos for stress relief. In my diffuser, I mix a few drops of eucalyptus, peppermint, and lemon myrtle, and then just breathe it in while I exhale the stress away.

⚜  4.  Put on some chill music while I chill out on the computer – I took advantage of the day off from the office and ramped up some light work on the blog and social media accounts during ‘normal hours,’ after being away from them for over a week. Here are a few of my favourite Pandora Stations when I just want to zone out and knock some work out:

Tycho – love that he is based in SF. I love the electronic, blissful feel of it with little to no vocals, but full of sexy synth & trippy hoppy. IDM at it’s finest. Expect to see some phenomenal jams that will really elevate you to the outer space next level, such as Emancipator – Soon It Will Be Cold Enough to Build Fires, or La Femme D’Argent by Air, or Concept 1 by Kodomo {which is so sick} or some harder vibes like Bad Wings – Glitch Mob { there is something so hot about this song }. If you haven’t already, check out Hours & Awake by Tycho. Excuse me while I fly to the moon.
›› Tycho’s official site HERE // soundcloud // youtube

Autumn’s Evening Breeze – I made this station from this song by Sound Providers because it is so rad. I love the hip-hop vibes of mixed with some ambient / jazz sounds.  Songs that will also come on this station might include some sick chilled out tunes like From a Seaside Town by Aim, and Mad Blunted Jazz by DJ Cam, or some sexy tracks from Nightmares On Wax { <– love }. Biggest understatement of the year, but my boyfriend and I do not see eye to eye on music, and I always sneak Pandora stations on his account – which usually he deletes immediately LOL – but this one was a keeper, and I’ve even caught him jamming out to it!
››  The Sound Providers’ official site HERE // you can listen & download on their official website.

Marian Hill – we saw them live last week in SF and hands down one of the best shows I have ever been to. Seriously, so phenomenal. Her voice is dreamy, and I love the sax + synth in it mixed with the r&b vibes. Her lyrics are sexy and vampy. One Time is absolutely smashing, and expect to see tracks such as Gooey by Glass Animals or Cocaine Model by Zhu {both are some of my all time favourites}, or Fantasy by Alina Baraz & Galimatias {the POMO remix is my favourite}
››  Marian Hill’s official site HERE // soundcloud // youtube

⚜  5.  Detox Bath! My really good friend in Dallas, Maggie {who I am desperately trying to convince to start a blog because this girl is 100 when it comes to health + fitness + good taste}, introduced Mustard Baths to me & the rest is history – I am HOOKED!  Trust me, it sounds a lot more weird than what it actually is. The one linked (like all my links) is the exact one I use.  It is a powder of mustard seed, rosemary, wintergreen, eucalyptus, and thyme. If anything, it smells mostly of Eucalyptus and Rosemary. The powder itself is bright yellow, but it does not have the distinct mustard smell that we all know. This bath is extremely therapeutic. Not only does it always cleanse my sinuses, but it helps alleviate my anxiety + stress, calms my musicles, aids with sleep which I sure as hell need, and will make your skin glow. Here is an exact word for word from Maggie that I copied and pasted from an email she sent me titled: “Mustard Detox Bath” – if this doesn’t sell you, I don’t know what will. I got mine at a local grocery store, but the one linked is a much better deal. I literally bought it the day I got this e-mail from her ::

Hey! So have you ever tried mustard bath?! If not, this is a MUST, especially for people like you and I who love our detox baths. And this is better than the bentonite detox bath. I have been a little under the weather the past couple days and thought this particular detox bath would be PERFECT and it has GREAT benefits, definitely do some research on it. Anyways you can buy it at WF. BUT I was thinking that this is something that you could make as well! Seriously, I swear by this stuff. I am battling a MAJ sinus infection right now (ew), but I soaked for 20 minutes last night and my chest congestion is 90% better this morning. Ingredients are soooo simple. Sodium carbonate, mustard seed powder, gum benzoin, and essential oils ( wintergreen, eucalyptus, rosemary, thyme). Hope you are doing well!

⚜  6.  Binged HARD on Desperate Housewives. I loved this show in college, and I restarted my binge on it a few months ago. I am already on season 7! I cannot get enough it, and I have to admit, it gets so much BETTER now that I am a little older. Bree Van De Kamp and Gabby Solis are my ultimate 2 favourites. They also have the best one-liners. Oh, I might have also enjoyed this with a daytime glass of wine 😉

Gabby Solis // Desperate Housewives via desperatehousewivesgifs

I must say, I came into work the very next day and other than my body still being a little physically tired for a full week, I was fully mentally there, ready to hit the ground running, and not to mention I looked more like myself rather than the grim reaper.

It was essential to my physical and mental health.

By taking the time off for me, it did not just benefit myself personally, but it benefited my blog, my full-time job, & even my relationship – it was the refresh I needed. The more and more I was going at it was just like pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete nonstop until finally everything just crashes over itself and just shuts off.

I also fully plan on taking a day like this at least once a month, and dedicating at least one day on the weekend to just chill.

At the end of the day, we are all so busy – whether it be career, work, personal life, studies, relationships… the list goes on. Just make sure you take some time out for yourself. It is so necessary. Let’s glorify Personal Recovery Days – that is what we need more of, and need to focus on the importance of. Busy is cool, but that’s what everyone is, right?!

Now, I want to hear from you… what is your favourite way to decompress from work? Have you ever taken a Personal Recovery Day? Any essential oils I should put in my diffuser? Can y’all help me convince Maggie to start a blog?!


{ Shannon Silver in Stone Cold Fox // Ryan Johnson Photography }


{ Photography by Ryan Johnson // Desperate Housewives pics here }

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