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Planning for Success in 2016 - Champagne at Shannon's

Planning for Success in 2016

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I am an early riser these days, and I am also crazy. Like, racoon crazy. As crazy as this guy in the image below ::

{ hi I'm crazy // champagne at shannons }

I can find you thousands of links saying to take time to yourself when you wake up something along the lines of… Make some coffee! Reflect on your day! Work out! Don’t work! Don’t get on your phone! Don’t e-mail! Stay OFF the computer! No blue light!

Well, I do the complete opposite – hell, it took me long enough to start making breakfast in the AM.

When I wake up in the morning, as much as I wish I could take time off for yoga and meditation, the very first thing I do is get on my phone. Part of it is being addicted, yes – & to be quite frank, meditation would probably work wonders for my Type crAy – but I spend all my time reading on it in the mornings. If I am waiting for my boyfriend to wake up, I happily spend those hours glued to my phone reading & if he wakes up, sometimes I might tell him, oh it’s only 7:00 AM, get another hour or two in so I can keep reading. 😉  {hi treas, love you!}

I do check into my social networks, but not to catch up with whatever everyone is doing {sorry, y’all} – I strictly look for business articles. I follow a lot of influencers of all aspects on every social media outlet, so these are easy for me to find.

Last Saturday morning, I found this article by Business Insider. It is a must read, and had me completely re-evaluate my strategies. In fact, the first thing I did was send it to Franceska. But the points the article makes and are dead on.  I outlined the points with my thoughts and what I try to do.

{ Shannon Silver talking planning for success in 2016 // Champagne at Shannon's }

fleur  Fully Commit

I know this sounds obvious, but how committed are you to your goal? Ones that really inspire me are the Victoria’s Secret Angels. Seriously. They are perfect examples of being 1000% committed to their work. From their work ethic, to their exercise regimen, to how they take care of their bodies, they are fully committed. I LOVE reading about a “day in the life” of various angels because I find them so damn inspiring. { a day in the life :: Taylor Hill // Sara Sampaio // Elsa Hosk }

Eliminate all distractions and invest your time in your idea.

The word invest is a strong one, and I use it on purpose. The definition of invest is to “to put (money) to use, by purchase or expenditure, in something offering potential profitable returns, as interest, income, or appreciation in value.” And remember, time is money. Invest it wisely and commit!

fleur  Avoid Multitasking

I truly used to pride myself for multitasking. I was one that constantly had 100 tabs open: 50 in my browser, and 50 in my brain…. And I was constantly tending to them all. Things were getting done, yes, but honestly, kind of haphazardly & I never felt accomplished. If anything, I felt even more stressed as before. Again, going back to the previous point. Fully commit in all aspects.

Once you fully commit to your big picture, organize it, and focus on one task at a time.

This is something I very much am excited to start doing in both my full-time job, and the blog as a whole. There is a reason why To-Do lists is one of the most efficient ways to get things done. That feeling of crossing off your list one thing at a time is the best. I’ve been one to make to-do lists and at the day cross the whole damn thing off in a giant zig zag, because I knew everything was done, yet I had no idea when I finished it and in what order. Although everything was accomplished, I felt the total opposite.

fleur  Ban “Friendly Interruptions” at All Costs

Ah, this one is a tough one, especially at my FTJ (full-time job).  I am very fortunate to be able to have my headphones in the office. While I work, I keep my Spotify & headphones {trust me on this, BOSE is the BEST!} on all.the.time. It keeps me in the zone, and interruptions to a minimum.  I am so lucky to truly love everyone I work with, but that also means if I go to their desk, it is not uncommon to be there for 30 minutes in a conversation, and then when I’m back to my desk, I find I struggle getting back “in the zone”.

If you know me, I’ve probably asked you to “e-mail me” and most of my communication with you is via e-mail.

Becaaaaause a HUGE distraction for me is texting!  There is nothing more distracting and derailing to my work than text messages. Yes, I love that it keeps me connected , but it happens all too often – I am in the middle of a blog post or email or something with my FTJ, my phone lights up, it’s generally a text along the lines of “hey what’s up”, I answer, get back to whatever it is I am doing, and my train of thought is COMPLETELY gone. If you text me, especially during work – aka me 24/7 because I’m crazy – it is not uncommon for me to text back after I’ve left the office or finished whatever I am working on. Even if it is hours later. I will ALWAYS reply – but unless it is e-mail or urgent {big fan of message previews that pop up on the screen}, it likely won’t be prompt. It sounds rude, but I know me, I know my productivity, and I know what kills it, and texting is constantly a personal productivity killer for me.

fleur Hang With Fellow Super-Achievers

This is huge. I recently changed my life completely a few years ago. I was in a really dark place for years, was under-acheiving on purpose, just really sliding by & completely indifferent with my life, future and goals { a far cry from this Shannon here }. I had so much passion, but I was not surrounding myself with people who brought it out in me. In fact, it was discouraged & the wrong things were encouraged, which led to indifference, and in my opinion..

the opposite of love is not hate; it is indifference.

Extremely long story short, I got completely called out on this in the most sobering way and after that night, my life changed forever –  I was told to get it together before I lost my passion forever. So I did, I moved, and I left it all behind. And now, the people I surround myself with? You’ve met some of them here and will continue to do so. Every single person I have in my life is fueled by some sort of passion. Like Franceska said, “you are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with, so choose your company wisely. ”

fleur Prevent Emotions From Building

This is a tough one, but one I really need to work on. My anxiety can really get the best of me, and I love how the article calls it the Tea-Kettle Effect. That is spot on. These days, I keep my work completely separate from my personal life.

Another way to invest in your business is to take care of your body and mind.

Whenever I talk detoxing, I swear by it because it is so good for my head. I take a weekly detox bath { lmk if anyone wants the recipe – maybe I can do a whole post on this?! } which seriously works wonders. I don’t even bring my phone in with me. I put on some music {I LOVE Blue Sky Black Death Radio on Pandora for this} and just soak for 40 minutes. This is the closest I can get to meditating. I love to do it either on Friday, Saturday or Sunday – aka the end of one week and the beginning to another. I do plan on joining my boyfriend for yoga in the new year to help with both my anxiety & my body. I may not be doing it in the morning, and it won’t replace my blue light reading habit, but it’s something, yeah?




I highly encourage everyone to read this article by Business Insider. It was beyond inspiring for me, & really got my gears going.

++ And for bloggers, THIS ONE is so incredible. Such a wealth of information. 100000% worth the read if you want to take your blog to the next level next year, which is exactly what I intend on doing.

Now, I want to hear from YOU! I need all the help I can get – especially on keeping emotions at bay – how do YOU do it? What are your secrets to success? Anyone else as addicted to technology as me?

One thing I really love about the holiday season is getting super organized for the year ahead. I have a LOT of plans for this blog for 2016 – as well as a few other things up my sleeve, so this is the time when I am in overdrive.

My immediate goal? Getting an Editorial Calendar down. Anyone have tips on this?

The thing I truly love most about blogging is connecting with other people and discovering new blogs – and I’ve found so many through the comments alone so I am so grateful for them all. I would love to hear what keeps YOU going, motivated, and your keys to success.


{ racoon photo via // me via RJP }


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