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What a week, what a week.

Sorry for being the worst blogger ever this week. Tbh, I’ve kind of hit a creativity block… which is weird because I actually have a lot of posts in the pipeline.

In fact, I found myself writing a half-assed post on Wednesday just so I could get a post in…. and I had to delete it. It wasn’t my best work and was kind of very obvious it was filler fluff. So I deleted that ish & decided to just step away & decompress away from the computer.

When times like that happen, I am big on just disconnecting. Getting outside… or getting outside of my self.

Sooooo that I did. & to be completely blunt, it helped. A lot.

I’m ready to get into next week rocking & rolling! Next week, I have a skincare product that’s rocking my world, finally a Paris recap, & y’all already know the usual Friday stuff.

Speaking of music, I’m working on something special for you guys. Stay tuned!

Speaking of speaking of music, let’s talk the song. I really can’t get enough of it.

POOLCLVB – Waiting For You

I recently became acquainted with Australian house music producer, POOLCLVB, & he is rocking my world in a major way. The best way to describe him is futuristic chill tropical house. Love a good tropical house as the weather gets warmer.

“Waiting For You” is an addictive track released last Friday. It starts with the sounds of waves & immediately you are in chill mode. It’s a brilliant track with that sexy synth, paradise vibes, and smooth as butter vocals.

Speaking of the vocals, I’ll let POOLCLVB explain the lyrics, himself:

“‘Waiting For You’ tells the story of waking up to find your girl has left you. Deep right?! Time passes, both our characters experiment with new relationships, but ultimately it’s not right and regardless of any wrong, he wants her back.” – POOLCLVB

Anyways, bring on the warmer weather with this spicy track! His whole EP is phenomenal and be sure to check out any of his remixes. I dig his vibe in a major way.

If you like RÜFÜS, The Aston Shuffle, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, DENM, Kygo, or Thomas Jack’s older stuff {his debut mix from early 2014 is smashing}, you will love.

Let me know what you think!! Any songs I need to check? Fun weekend plans? Tell, tell!

Waiting for you,

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