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Power Couple: Franceska Ostermann of Franzies

Power Couple: Franceska McCaughan Ostermann from Franzie’s

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Franceska Ostermann of Franzie's

Hi everyone! It is with my greatest pleasure to debut my Power Couples Section. I cannot begin to explain how excited I am for this interview.

Franceska is the epitome of #GOALS.

She has her own life (that she works damn hard on and has since the day I met her), a husband who works just as hard as her, a marriage full of love + inspiration, insanely successful, multiple business ventures, travels regularly around the world, and two adorable siamese cats!

I met Franceska in college since we both were in the Hilton program for Hospitality Management, and she eventually pledged my sorority. Looking back in the late 2000’s, I vividly remember we had to fight hard to get her to join our sorority. She was a wanted girl for so many reasons. Some of my favourite memories with her was putting onBritney Spears – Blackout in the Deeg and singing/dancing the night away. For the record, I think it was Britney’s best album! Not only was it killer, & I am totally guilty for singing Radar in the sorority house way too many times, but the memories that accompany it make it even better.

I have so much respect and love for working, independent women. Franceska is no exception. Even before I met her, her reputation preceded herself: she was ambitious, determined, charismatic, and tough as nails. When I was working in various restaurant in Houston, she was a welcome visitor and has supported me on most of my “crazy” decisions… The biggest one being when I decided to leave literally everything behind in Dallas, and start a new life in San Francisco. I am so thankful for WhatsApp to keep us connected, because she would give me many pep talks each morning as I made California my new home.


Currently, Franceska lives in Dubai, and is married to her wonderful husband. They had a smashing beautiful wedding in Germany, and the engagement was just as stunning. It was something you would seriously see in the movies. She recently launched her flower business called Franzie’s. If you are in the market for flowers, go check her out! Her work has been featured by many well known companies (think Porsche, Four Seasons, Tory Burch, Instagram), and her eye is spot-on, and she is happy to work with you!

I am also pleased to announce that she will be a regular on this blog, with her advice on foliage, flower arranging, and LOTS of #wcw interviews to share her advice on starting a business and going international, which she has succeeded in both. Trust me, you want it, because she is someone who I go to almost daily with questions for advice on life and work.


Now, without further ado… Meet Franceska!

Franceska Ostermann of Franzie's

Fleur1 Introduce yourself, and introduce your significant other in your own words.

Hi, I’m Franceska. I’m determined, passionate, have an abnormal amount of love for flowers and saving all the cats in the world, jet setter, chic, insanely loyal, glass is always half full kind of girl and the most self-driven person you will probably ever meet. My significant other is my prince charming. He is charming, a global citizen, the most considerate individual who works incredibly hard to leave a legacy behind for his family all with a heart full of unconditional love.

Fleur1 Describe what it means to be a Power Couple to you.

A “Power Couple” to me means that two individuals have set out together to take on the world in order to make a difference and break all the stereotypes. Power Couples don’t fit in a “box” so many people don’t understand them which makes them rely on each other even more. {<<< seriously this} The best quote to define a Power Couple is “having goals so BIG you get uncomfortable telling small minded people”. They are extraordinary human beings and are extremely selective with who they spend their time with. Remember, you are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with, so choose your company wisely. Lastly, they are unconventional. They see things in the bigger picture and have the attitude that everything is possible.

Franceska Ostermann of Franzie's

Fleur1 What do you admire most about your significant other and their career path and/or their outside pursuits?

I admire his focus. Nothing phases him – deal gets signed, happy; deal gets delayed, happy; deal doesn’t get signed, there will be another one. He doesn’t let any emotions shift his focus when it comes to business which is a very rare and admirable quality to have. This is one of the reasons he has become so successful, especially in a difficult and foreign environment which we live in. His career path has evolved over and over, adapting to opportunities and becoming as international as possible offering several services in his sector, opposed to just one. This concept could have deterred many but for my significant other, it just comes naturally. I also admire how he can run miles in 100F heat and then swim miles while I’m over here just trying to talk myself into getting on my yoga mat…the struggle is real!! {<<< know that feeling well!}

Fleur1 What quality in your significant other attracts you most to them?

The quality in my significant other that attracts me most is how considerate he is. He always thinks two steps ahead to what I may want or need. When we were dating, it was truly a fairytale – surprise visits (we lived 8,500 miles apart), goodbye presents, fresh flowers always, spontaneous trips and the list goes on.

Fleur1 What inspires you, and who is your biggest role model?

When I see people think outside the box whether problem solving or being creative, it inspires me. I don’t really have 1 particular role model but I have a list of individuals who I look up to and admire their ambition, drive and success they’ve achieved on their own despite where or when they started. My top three would be:
⚜ Lucy d’Abo :: Founder / Managing Partner of Edelman DABO, an award-winning integrated communications agency built on the three key disciplines of public relations event management and digital marketing. The team provides strategic PR and digital consultancy combined with exceptional event management solutions.
⚜ Shereen Mitwalli :: No. 1 Presenter choice in the UAE & Middle East region as well as the founder & CEO of an expansive female community in the Middle East region known as ‘The Female Network’ an online business platform bringing together women of the Middle East creating a close-knit community through communication integration and social media.
⚜ Kris Jenner :: founder and owner of Jenner Communications and the mastermind behind the Kardashians. Also achieving the highest amount of money ever given for reality TV, $100 million.

Franceska Ostermann of Franzie's // champagne at shannons


Fleur1 Do you think a work/life balance exists? Regardless your answer, how do you manage it?

Absolutely! You have to be disciplined and have some kind of daily structure to achieve maximum productivity both professionally and personally. Both are equally as important and it is only up to YOU on how you manage it.

Fleur1 Let’s dig a little deeper, and put it into percentage form. What percentage of your time is devoted to your work (feel free to break it down from studies, job, school, obligations) to life (chores, day to day events), and love?

Work: 40%, Life: 20%, Love: 40% – PS. This percentage is after a long time of it being very unbalanced! It was hard to get it to where it is today but it is necessary!! 

Fleur1 How often do you bring work home with you? This also includes the anxiety of working (re: being physically at home but mentally at work)? How do you cope?

Not very often. As we both work from home, we keep work concerns during working hours. Once we leave the office, we try and leave those work concerns behind. We never talk about work in the bedroom which helps really cut down any anxiety especially right before bed. {<<< very good advice – bed should be a ‘work free zone’… as I type out this interview from bed}

Franceska Ostermann of Franzie's // Power Couple

Fleur1 What is your advice to other power couples on how to balance work/love?

Pick at least one meal where you sit down together and just talk. For us it’s always breakfast. We can talk about the day and the expectations we have to achieve that day as well as any casual conversation. Next would be dinner where we can regroup and chat about the day and what the next steps are moving forward. Also we take this opportunity to talk about plans for the weekend or just chat about current events.

Franceska Ostermann of Franzie's

Fleur1 Okay, fun stuff now. What is the most memorable dining experience you have ever had together?

The most memorable dining experience was on our recent trip to South Africa. The meals where brought out and presented to all 5 senses. It was an incredible experience paired with fantastic wine! Check it out ::  Rust en Vrede Wine Estate & Restaurant.

Fleur1 What was your favourite vacation together and why?

I would have to say our trip to the Maldives. We stayed at the Banyan Tree Maldives Madivaru for the first 3 nights of our trip. This island was very special as there were only 6 tents on the island and you literally felt like you (and your personal butler!) were the only people on the island. For the next few nights we boarded this massive sailboat and sailed around some of the atolls in the Maldives. My favorite memory of that trip was fishing in a little dingy boat by moonlight with gloves and only fishing line. We caught (the only fish from the whole boat’s efforts) a red snapper which fed ourselves, our guests and the entire crew of the boat, a total of probably 25 people, so you have an idea on how big that red snapper was!! We went to the “picnic island” and grilled the fish and ate by candle light. It was amazing.

Franceska Ostermann of Franzie's
{ Franceska in the Maldives! }

Fleur1 Describe the perfect date night.

Coming home, finding a new outfit on the bed that he picked out for me, climbing into a chauffeured car (or jet if I am lucky!) and driving to an exquisite restaurant followed by a sleepless night in a stunning boutique hotel with impressive views, in a new city. No, I’m not specific at the slightest. 😉

Fleur1  Share a special recipe that has significance to you two.

When we have something to celebrate, or just because, I always make my pan seared salmon with my special garlic and herb yogurt sauce; shredded and roasted golden carrots with truffle honey drizzled on top; and baked garlic mushrooms. All paired with a stunning white Riesling to complete the dish. Our favorite is Dr. Loosen – We just visited the private vineyard for Martin’s birthday, so it makes the wine so special and tailored to us, as a couple at home! Dessert is Pavlova with mango paired with kirsch. Schladerer Kirschwasser from the blackforest is the absolute best. {<<< Kirsch is also great in cheese fondue!}

Pan seared salmon: The trick is butter! Skin down always, then sear the sides before flipping the salmon over. Sometimes I let thin slices of garlic and fresh rosemary fry a bit in the butter before adding the fish. You want the salmon to be crispy on the outside with a nice golden color and cooked to perfection in the inside. Don’t forget that fish keeps cooking when you rest it before serving – Better to undercook than over!

Carrots: Take a peeler and peel the entire carrots Meanwhile, have butter, brown sugar + a little salt, caramelizing on the stove. Once you can smell the nutty taste of the butter, add the carrots. The goal is to roast the carrots until they are soft and caramelized along the edges. Then, add honey that has been infused with honey. To make it extra special, we infuse the honey with truffle and gold flakes – I know that sounds extravagant, but the truffle and gold flakes were an anniversary gift bought in Chianti, Italy! Not only do they make the carrots glisten, but it makes the dish special to the two of us.

Mushrooms: Clean the mushrooms and pop the stems off. In a bowl, combine melted butter + olive oil with fresh minced garlic, little salt and thyme. Mix and marinate for 30 minutes. Then, add to your baking dish and bake for 15 minutes. They are to die for! Try and keep the mushrooms with the tops down so you can enjoy the juices that come out during the baking process where the stems used to be.

Sauce: You can use crème fraîche or I personally use soy yogurt. Add 1 garlic clove, minced with fresh or dried herbs – chives, dill, parsley – lots of them! Go crazy! The longer it sits, the better it is! This is heaven!! You can also put it on potatoes or anything else you want a guiltless creamy taste from. {NOTE: you can also use my greenz in this – trying this STAT with some greek yogurt to add to mashed potatoes!}

Pavlova: I use this recipe, but I make it with just mango and less sugar – this is seriously amazing & incredible with the kirsch.


Thank you everyone for reading, and a giant thanks to Franceska! I hope you enjoyed getting to meet the fascinating Franceska. Later, I will be interviewing her husband, and you will see plenty of her advice for starting a business, being international, flowers around the home, and just life. I personally love how she incorporates birthday memories, anniversary gifts, and special moments into her recipes.

Real talk, she is someone who inspires me on the daily, especially now seeing how balanced her percentage (see #7) is so on point. That is something I need to desperately work on… In fact, signing off now & closing my laptop to go hug my boyfriend to try and balance that percentage!

Want more Franceska??: Follow her on Instagram / Facebook!

Anyone I need to spotlight? E-mail me or leave it below in the comments!

What are your tips to a work life balance? Any favourite Britney songs? SPILL!



{ images I, II & III c/o Natelee Cocks }


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