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Pumpkin Enzyme Anti-Aging Radness - Champagne at Shannon's

Pumpkin Enzyme Anti-Aging Radness

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pumpkin enzyme mask via champagne at shannon's

So, as I told y’all about the Lavender Tonique a few weeks ago, I mentioned a fun embarrassing fact about myself that I am not quite over… { TL;DR – this pumpkin enzyme mask is the }

Being completely honest here…. #judgementfreezone

In college, I read on Cosmo {so obvs, it’s true – also here & here & good ole yahoo answers which btw was NOT me so see! This was a thing!!.. anyways, y’all get it} that the sexiest scent EVAAAA was Pumpkin Pie + Lavender. So of course, Shannon circa late 2000s – as seen here – decked out in my Christian Audigier, would STOCK UP on Bath & Body Works Creamy Pumpkin scent in the fall (def my favourite one that they no longer carry), and I would mix that body wash with my L’Occitane lavender body wash.

Then, when I got out of the shower, I would obviously have the matching lotion from both L’Occitane and B&BW, so I would mix the pumpkin and lavender and apply generously. I would THEN take it one step further and put on the matching body spray (both from B&BW – I used the Lavender Vanilla one). It goes without saying that it was overkill – but I was obsessed with it and back then I thought I smelled sooooooo sexy.

Well, these days, in the mid 2010s, I like to think I matured a bit, but a leopard can’t change her spots. I use organic bar soap (BEST BRAND EVER – Dope Soap is my fave) only in the shower – no fancy body washes here anymore. Then, I put on my signature scent. Now, if we are being real, I still have my giant bottle of Christian Audigier perfume from 2009 – it smells so good!! But I have another Christian in my life – Mr. Christian Siriano – and his Silhouette perfume has become my go-to signature scent.

{ shannon silver circa 2009 talking Pumpkin Enzymes // champagne at shannon's }

me circa 2009 – I loved my black lace lol – back when filters weren’t a thing – NOT photoshopped with the world’s worst photoshop job on the right, just a cheap ‘clingy in all the WRONG places’ black top


Long story short – old habits die hard.

I may have grown up a bit, but I still prefer my perfumes by someone named Christian, and I still mix my lavender and pumpkin – however, this time, it has major benefits.

I’ve mentioned I am extremely regimented with my skincare. About a month ago, I added my newest addition to the mix, and it is here to stay.

For months, I’ve read and researched Peter Thomas Roth’s Pumpkin Enzyme Mask, so reminiscing on my pumpkin + lavender obsession, I decided to take the plunge, and it is probably one of the best products I have ever used.

It is much more than a mask, but it also acts as a peel & an exfoliator.

It will seriously transform your skin’s texture, it enhances collagen production, sloughs off dead skin cells, and is a great anti-aging product to have in your repertoire.

The scent is divine – seriously, major understatement. It has real pumpkin in it – both the puree and the enzymes. Immediately, when you put the mask on your face, you feel the enzymes getting to work. It will tingle!! You put it on your face with a brush or with wet fingertips, and let it sit for 3-7 minutes – depending on your skins sensitivity. Then, rinse thoroughly. When I rinse it off, I like to use a massage motion to really get the most out of the exfoliators.

After I wash it up, I follow up with my tonique & moisturizer, and my skin is seriously glowing. You would think I have just walked out of a spa after using it – not to mention it smells delicious… especially when you put the lavender tonique on top…. #oohlala;)

Now let’s talk about their Key Ingredients:

⚜ Pumpkin Enzymes & Puree

⚜ Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA)

⚜ Aluminum Oxide Crystals

⚜ Vitamins C & E

  1. Pumpkin Enzymes & Puree: Pumpkin is FULL of nutrients and antioxidants, which not only act like AHA’s (see below), but will help your skin to glow & stay moisturized. Pumpkin also has a ton of vitamin A, which helps with anti-aging. The enzymes from pumpkin will exfoliate the dead skin cells, making it an awesome natural exfoliator. Pumpkin also helps soothe inflammation, and is great for acne-prone skin. { source }
  2. Alpha Hydroxy Acids or AHAs: Pretty much, everything I could possibly want. They are collagen enhancing, tone balancing, anti-aging, skin smoothing & firming. Win, win, win, win, & win. What’s better is that pretty much everyone can tolerate them. This mask is easy to customize because you can wear it for as little as three minutes, or seven. I go cray and do ten minutes. As Dermstore explains (btw one of my favourite shops for skincare), AHA helps weaken the cellular glue that holds the deadcells together, therefore making it easy to exfoliate off and reveal the younger skin cells. As you up the concentration, or use semi-regularly, that is where they really help with anti-aging: firming the skin, keeping the tone bright & even, and enhances collagen. { source }
  3. Aluminum Oxide Crystals: These crystals are the same ones your dermatologist would use in Microdermabrasion treatements. They are the second hardest, next to diamonds (also used with microdermabrasion) and they work together with the pumpkin enzymes and those AHA’s as a triple threat to help polish the skin, increase blood flow, and reveal the younger skin cells. This helps even the tone and smooth fine lines. { source }
  4. Vitamin C & E: I’ve touched on C here. C & E are awesome on their own, but together, they are a power couple, and work very well together, especially for anti-aging. Like I said, C is great for enhancing collagen production – which keeps the skin plump aka fills in small lines. Vitamin E works to protect the skin cells from free radicals, and protects the collagen from being damaged. { source }

This product is 100% worth the investment. A little goes a long way so this will absolutely last you about a year – and I use mine twice a week! So if you only use it once a week, it will last even longer. I just purchased this brush for application, to add to the spa appeal.

On that note, I HIGHLY recommend ordering from Dermstore! They have an awesome selection, have a great focus on anti-aging products, and even better – always have free 1-3 day shipping!! That is huge for me. I’ve made orders and gotten it within 36 hours which is tight. They also throw in a ton of free samples, and a lot of their products have a ton of reviews.

TIP: Utilize their My Favourites section!

If you do, you will save 10% every time you shop from your “Favourites” list! It’s a really rad feature that helps me save on products I use often, or go through daily like my Suki Scrub or Anti-Aging CC cream… and now this Pumpkin Enzyme Mask! Note, that there are some restrictions, but I’ve saved on my faves each time. #holla

Anyways, I had to share this! It is literally, the first thing I do when I step off a plane and either get to my apartment or check in a hotel is apply this – I am crazy but absolutely bringing this in my checked bag for our big holiday in December and January since it will be SEVEN plane rides – yikes!

Any other fun pumpkin products I must know?! I am thinking about adding pumpkin seed oil to my cc cream! I’ll let y’all know if it’s a win or meh.

Speaking of pumpkin…. my pumpkin spice infused bourbon is ready (!!!!!) – stay tuned to hear all about it aka I am about to have the best pumpkin spiced lattes EVER!


PS – Since we were talking about college, here is one of my all time favourite songs circa 2008 with a modern day twist. I like to call these the Grown & Sexy reworks :: enjoy! Estelle – American Boy (Wilfred Giroux Edit)


R.I.P. to Christian Audigier :: 1958 – 2015
Work until you no longer have to introduce yourself

RIP Christian Audigier.


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