TGIF! Pumpkin Spice Bourbon {!!!!!} with Maker’s Mark

{ Pumpkin Spice Bourbon by Shannon Silver // Champagne at Shannon's. }

Pumpkin Spice Bourbon + Maker’s Mark

I know I’ve referenced it, but it’s here! And ready! And so good!

I see your Pumpkin Spice Lattes, and I raise you Pumpkin Spice Bourbon… the perfect addition to coffee, coconut milk, hemp milk, almond milk, hell milk milk – or even tasty on its own…

TL;DR – Recipe here

Pumpkin Spice Bourbon


{ Pumpkin Spice Bourbon by Shannon Silver // Champagne at Shannon's x Maker's Mark }

{ Pumpkin Spice Bourbon by Shannon Silver // Champagne at Shannon's x Maker's Mark }

All the ingredients almost ready to go // only thing missing is the bourbon

To make it even better, it uses real pumpkin. Many pumpkin spice recipes are just the spices used to enhance pumpkin treats. They usually include a variety of the following: cinnamon, all-spice, ginger, pepper, & anise.

I used all of the following since I am a flavour whore, as well as a whole sugar pumpkin, which I dehydrated in my oven.

As I decided I wanted to make this, I consulted the internet for all the advice I could find, and I stumbled across this recipe by Stir & Strain which very well might be my new favourite blog. I used it as my base recipe, and for techniques.

It is important to dehydrate the pumpkin for 2 reasons: maximum flavour & minimum moisture.

I have yet to purchase a dehydrator – believe me, it is on my list & worth the counter space – so I utilized my oven. Pretty much, you set the oven on low, put in the pumpkin slices for about 6 hours, flip the pumpkin and cook for another 6 hours. The hardest part of the whole recipe is cutting the pumpkin!

{ Pumpkin Spice Bourbon by Shannon Silver // Champagne at Shannon's x Maker's Mark }
{ Pumpkin Spice Bourbon by Shannon Silver // Champagne at Shannon's x Maker's Mark }

{ Pumpkin Spice Bourbon by Shannon Silver // Champagne at Shannon's x Maker's Mark }

Carving the Pumpkin // Pumpkin pre-Oven // Pumpkin Post-Oven

After the pumpkin dehydrated, I put it in a giant air-tight jar with my pumpkin spice mixture. To be completely honest, before I made this, I bought my first pumpkin spice latte ever from Starbucks! I did it so I could figure out what flavours were in it, and what flavours I want to enhance, and to see how sweet it is. It was a little too sweet for my liking, but it did taste like fall. I ended up making Pumpkin Spice Latte chocolate chip cookies with it which turned out wonderful (will post that recipe soon!)

Despite how sweet it was, all the flavours worked really well in synergy with each other. They are all so complementary, especially with pumpkin – so I put them all in.

As far as quantities & Ingredients, make it yours!

Anyone who knows me knows I love love love Maker’s Mark, so that was a no brainer.  Use whatever mid range bourbon you would like. Maker’s has a hint of sweetness that I knew would go perfectly with all the pumpkin spices.

If you love cinnamon, put in as much as you want. Hate ginger? Omit it. Love anise? Do more than one star. Want nutmeg? Do it. This would even be delicious without the pumpkin {gasp!} & with rum – seriously though. Make it however your lushious heart desires.

{ Pumpkin Spice Bourbon by Shannon Silver // Champagne at Shannon's x Maker's Mark }

Let everything sit in a dark, cool place for two weeks.  Remove all the spices, strain the bourbon through either a nut-milk bag or a cheese-cloth, and let it sit for another week. This final step is optional, but really mellows out the flavours and let them really blend together. And voila! Your Pumpkin Spice Bourbon is complete!

TIP: run the bourbon soaked pumpkin, through a food processor with some bourbon to make the booziest pumpkin puree ever. I might or might not have made buzzy panna cotta from this – recipe coming next week. The possibilities are seriously endless : rad spice cake, the best pumpkin bread ever, next level pumpkin pie… the list goes on.

{ Pumpkin Spice Bourbon by Shannon Silver // Champagne at Shannon's x Maker's Mark }
{ Pumpkin Spice Bourbon by Shannon Silver // Champagne at Shannon's x Maker's Mark }

Pouring the Bourbon // Finished Product

Stay tuned for the best pumpkin spice latte recipe EVER. I easily stand behind mine since it is dairy free, a lot less sweet, and spiked with pumpkin bourbon. Like, try me y’all. #fightinwords

Pumpkin Spice Bourbon


Ingredients :
Takes 3 weeks

–  Bourbon
–  1 Sugar Pumpkin
–  Cinnamon Sticks
–  Ground Ginger
–  Peppercorns – I used pink peppercorns
–  All-Spice
–  Star Anise
–  Cheesecloth
–  Air tight Jar

Optional :

–  Nutmeg
–  Cloves
–  Mace
–  Nut Milk Bag
–  Air Tight Pitcher

Recipe :

  1. Dehydrate the Pumpkin: Set oven to 200 degrees. Cut the pumpkin in half, scoop out seeds & insides, and slice into 1″ slices. Arrange on baking sheet and put in oven. Cook for 6 hours, flip slices over, bake another 6 hours. You can use a dehydrator if you have one, as well.
  2. Place everything: dehydrated pumpkin, spices, and bourbon in an air-tight jar. Make sure all the ingredients are covered with the bourbon.
  3. Let jar sit in a cool dark place for 2 weeks.
  4. Line a fine mesh strainer with cheesecloth & strain the bourbon into the container you would like to serve in. You can reuse the bourbon bottle, mason jars, or a whole new container. I used this air tight pitcher.
    ›› Optional: Strain again through a nut-milk bag for extra clarity.
    ›› Optional & highly recommended: Save the bourbon soaked dehydrated pumpkin. Run it through the food processor with a shot of bourbon for boozy puree!
  5. Place the bourbon back in the cool, dark place, and let it sit for one more week
    ›› Optional: the third week is optional, but allows the flavours to mellow out a bit. If you like it how it is, then bottoms up.
  6. Drink, drank, drunk.


{ Pumpkin Spice Bourbon by Shannon Silver // Champagne at Shannon's x Maker's Mark }


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