My Mid-Year Resolution :: Putting the Social in SOCIAL Media

Happy Wednesday!

We are back from Palm Springs and oh me oh my am I struggling. I am def dealing with the post-vaca hangover blues & really having pool withdrawals. Let’s just say getting back to SF from Palm Springs was a 60 degree difference. ** insert wide eyed gulping emoji **

Anyways let’s dive right in, shall we? I have something fun I want to talk about.

I talked resolutions here, but I have a new one that I really started working on & encouraging that I figured I’d share with you. Since we are 6 months in, let’s just call it a mid year resolution.

Anyways, my mid year resolution may sound a bit obv but it’s something I really needed to work on.

Be more social on social media!

Easy right? Well… um… not really.

I’ll admit, on instagram, I’m active…. on my account. I post daily, have an aesthetic that takes me 5 apps to create {think glitchy, saturated, faded, hazy}, & I am very in particular as to what i post.

However… I’ve been a bit of a wallflower & only focused on my account.

Sure, I follow people, like their pictures, and comment every now and then… but I haven’t been as engaging as I’d like or need to be.

I’ll get a little vulnerable here, but one thing about me is that I am extremely introverted, have full on social anxiety {I can talk more about this in full in a post if you want} & I am intimidated by rejection. Also, one of my BIGGEST PET PEEVES IN THE WORLD is when people do not text me back. What does this have to do with anything?


I found I was not really truly engaging with everyone. I’d creep on their stories, but I wouldn’t respond to them. Or I’d like a picture, but I wouldn’t comment. At some times, I’d maybe even get a little too concerned with those pesky ass numbers.

Either way, I wasn’t being social on social media.

I’d also get scared to get out there. What if I messaged someone after watching their story & I got no response? Well, after thinking about it… that’s literally the worst that can happen. Sure, it’s annoying {like the texts lol} but no harm, no foul.

I also noticed I was getting a lot of engagement from my stories. People would message me & I’ll admit, it gave {& still does give} me warm fuzzies.

Well, a few weeks ago, I decided I wanted & needed to return the favour and give back those warm fuzzies & orange hearts. I’ve been more active on Instagram {& my blog comments} than ever & it has been INSANELY rewarding.

In fact, I LOVE engaging with other bloggers & instagrammers  I’ve even commented on accounts that seemed so unattainable… and have gotten responses! I’ve even gotten some future collabs from it  by DMing people who’s work I admire & giving them the warm fuzzies {with nothing expected in return, swear}.

Seriously. Let me reiterate that.

I’ve gotten future partnerships from literally just being warm, engaging, & social.

It gets a little deeper than just being social, you have the be GENUINELY social. I’m done with the generic comments. I make sure everything I comment on is genuine & they are always things that catch my attention.

ANYWAYS, it has really opened my eyes the powers of being social on social media after about 2 years of being just an instagram wallflower.

& to be honest? It’s made instagram so, so, so much more fun & far less stressful!

If you’re on Instagram and you see a blogger you like post something, leave them some love! I promise they will notice. If they are posting a story that catches your eye, shoot them a message. The worst they can do is not respond. {ps – the only times I don’t respond/accept are to rando dudes with creepy DMs #boybye}

SO – all in all, my mid year resolution is to be far more social.

The best part about blogging & engaging in social media is about connecting with people through a computer or phone. That is seriously mind-blowing to me & can lead to future friendships and relationships.

Don’t worry about the numbers, worry about the social interactions & live by the cyber golden rule :: treat others online the way you want to be treated… it will never fail ya.

What goes around comes around, I promise.

Sure you may get a few followers out of it, but more importantly, some new friends & you are slowly but surely cultivating a community – THAT is what matters. And it sure makes Instagram & social media a hell of a lot more fun vs stressful.

All right, that’s all I got! Time to go send my instalove to fellow ‘grammers 🙂

What are your thoughts? Are you feeling the whole mid-year resolution thing?? What about Instagram? Let’s hear it!

♡♡♡ thank you all for the birthday wishes ♡♡♡

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  • Thanks for sharing this and being open about your anxieties. i am the exact same way! I grew my following size originally from being social on social media, and while getting overwhelmed in the process I took a step back. It’s time to pick back up the pace and do what I love! Engaging with my community! Great post!

    Keep smiling!
    Molly |

    • Molly, thank YOU for the same! I try to be as open as I can with things. 🙂 Social media is SO overwhelming! In fact, I lookback when I used Pinterest and Instagram in 2012 for just pure fun and it was just such a different approach. I recently took a blog hiatus and it was one of the best things I did as it really made me realize the importance of a community & pure engagement vs getting stressed on numbers! Loved your post today too. xx Shannon

  • These are all great tips, you seem like such a honest and genuine person

    • Thanks Laura!! Appreciate the complement, way better than being the opposite 😉 Thanks for reading. x Shannon

  • Tanya Salemme

    Seriously girl, I feel you! I am so guilty of this and this is literally the little push I needed!!! thank you! (and i am sorry you have to be back from vaca, boo!!!). <3

    • RIGHT?! I am sorry about that too but appreciate the well wishes 😉 It’s SUCH an easy thing to do but get out there babe! I promise it’s so fun & come say hi!! @shannonsilver xx

  • Julie

    Ah you are speaking right to me! I am with you, i feel so introverted sometimes it can also be exhausting to put thought into being engaging for me! I am going to join you and try to be more engaging as well! Reality is just the valley between the peaks of vacation 😉

    • I like your thought on reality 🙂 YES! It’s soooo hard to explain how exhausting social media can be. I guess for us introverts, after commenting or DM’ing, it feels like conversations after conversations so we crave our solitude to recharge! Come say hi on insta, I’d love to check yours out!! xx @shannonsilver

  • Fash-n-Curious

    Thank you for sharing! I’m not an introvert on social media. Im more so in social settings. How odd…

    • Ha, how funny! I am even moreso in social settings than I am online! I think it’s easy to just scroll & scroll on social media 🙂 xx Shannon

  • Natalie Anna

    Yes, I totally live my life by this belief! Treat others with kindness, it will come back around to you! Mum always said, you’ll catch more bees with honey 😉 xx

    • Ain’t that the damn truth! After I realized how good the extra love felt, it was def something I wanted to return. Your Mum is totally right!! xx Shannon

  • Emily Soto

    I love this post. It’s so easy to become unsocial on social media. I need to improve on this!


    • Oh it’s SO easy, I was THE biggest wallflower! Esp when it’s easier to just scroll & scroll & tap to like vs sitting down with a comment that you wonder if anyone will ever read… but they do! Thanks for reading! xx Shannon

  • This is such a great post! It’s good to hear similar things from another blogger and to be so honest and open! You’re inspiring me to be more engaging as well! xo jana | | @jana_meister

    • Thank you, Jana!! I appreciate the kind words and YES! Let’s get social girl!! It was a step outside of my comfort zone but now I can’t get enough. Happy almost Friday! 🙂 xx Shannon

  • Brittany Steinkamp

    Great post! I think engagement is the next step in this industry, regardless of number of followers, it’s important to create a community! I also need to improve!

  • Linette

    Great Post! We can always plan to improve and be more social with our followers. After all our blogs and IG pages are nothing w/o them. Thank you! I will definitely work on this.


  • Nathalie

    Great post and advice! Love engaging with others on IG. Used to be shy about it too and then decided to go for it and it is fun!

    • Thank you, Nathalie & your blog name is so cute! It’s so much more fun & I actually look forward to it!! Come say hi 😉 xx Shannon

  • Brigita Potocki

    You are writing about something I was asking myself a lot: why do people look at the posts and don’t like or comment it? I guess I got my answer 🙂 ;)Thanks for sharing!

    Brigita #scsister

    • Thank you, Brigita!! That actually is a big reason why I’m anti comment pods because it doesn’t allow you to really see what content is working and what’s not (you just get comments regardless). But also, more times than not, we’re just shy!! 😉 Thanks for reading! x Shannon

  • JenLax

    I totally loved this post. So true. It sometimes feels like a lot of effort to be social on Insta, but I’m trying a lot more too. Easy to kick back and forget – or as you mentioned, be worried about the response/lack therof. Glad you’re getting out there and that it’s rewarding! Keep it up girl!

    xo Jen ||

    • Thank you so much, Jen! It really is work, but it does feel good & I love starting conversations!! Thanks so much for the kind words and happy to have you here babe!! xx Shannon

  • What a great post. Yes, it take a lot of time just with social media and blogging in general. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up and it feels like another full-time job, lol. especially with regular work and life. It’s all about engagement and community and sometimes we need to go back to that instead of worrying about numbers.

  • Fantastic post Shannon! I find it really hard to prioritize things I want to do because there’s just so many things to do and so many paths we can take. But I think that building relationships with people online can have some profound results.

    I hope you have a great week.

    Be well,
    Cameron Hooper

    • Thank you so much, Cameron! I totally agree, it can be something that falls through the cracks but you’re right, building relationships is one of the most valuable things you can do for your brand…. & the friendships along the way are even more rad 😉 Happy Monday! xx Shannon

  • Lisa Vigil

    I love the comparison to not texting back this is so true! I love being social on social media!

    • Thanks Lisa! UGH isn’t it the worst?! biggest pet peeve ever but being social makes it all so much less stressful! xx Shannon

  • Antonia Strakosch

    This post is SO helpful Shannon! Because I’m still relatively new to all this I’ve been totally hooked on numbers, obsessed with fine-tuning my captions over the course of the day and checking IG so much it DEFINITELY felt like work. It’s all been swirling around my head so much sometimes I’ve found it difficult to sleep! But I love the approach of focusing on genuine engagement and building a community – that is literally why I started my blog in the first place. So thanks so much for the reminder. I’m kind of bummed I live in Australia because I swear we have so much in common – I’d love to hit up wineries together!! 🙂 xo

    • Antonia! Thank you so much! One thing I learned in the past 2 years of it is stressing on numbers does more harm than good. I found when I was the most stressed about it, it effected my voice & content. I also recc turning OFF notifications! I find I check it a lot less. I’m allllllll about making Instagram fun again. When you engage, you really do build a community & at the end of the day, blogs are about connecting through stories – not the numbers, not the sponsorships, etc. A strong foundation is so key & will set you and your blog up for success. Which BTW I LOVE your blog!! Keep being you & I am so JEALOUS you live in Australia. We LOVED it when we were there {Byron Bay, Sydney, & Melbourne!} – so many good wineries!! That would be far too fun! Thanks for the sweet comment babe!! xx Shannon

      • Antonia Strakosch

        Thanks so much for the awesome advice. 🙂 And it’s official, next time you visit Oz or I travel to SF, we’re hitting up wineries together!!