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Hey what's up Hello! Let's chat... Q&A vol. I - Champagne at Shannon's

Hey what’s up Hello! Let’s chat… Q&A vol. I

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Happy Wednesday, everyone!

Now that Champagne at Shannon’s is almost a year old, I figured it would be fun to really introduce myself to you guys, answer some questions, and have you really get to know the girl behind the blog!

If you have any other questions, leave them in the comments, shoot me an e-mail, or holla on social media and I can keep these kind of posts coming.

PS – I’ll #WCW interview myself at some point and we can really dig deep on the business aspect of things.

Shannon Silver - Champagne at Shannon's 2

⚜ Why did you name your blog Champagne at Shannon’s? Any tips for naming a blog?

Champagne at Shannon’s is a fun play on Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Also, I’m a Certified Sommelier, so it plays homage to that. I love the alliteration, as well.

I knew when I started my blog, I wanted my name on it but I didn’t want just (which is also mine, and it’s in the works).

I wanted the blog to kind of be the equivalent of an online party: here, you can find drinks, music, fashion, health, and hopefully make a friend or two along the way!

As far as naming your blog… honestly, think of what words really stand out to you.

What is your end goal? What are you passionate about? What’s a fun fact about you? What’s your name? Who do you want your readers to be? What words do you like? Write it all down & start putting the words that stand out to you together. If a “the” could apply to my blog, I probably would of added it at the beginning.

I promise you will have an “a ha!” moment.

I actually almost completely changed the name entirely right before I launched. I thought it was stupid at the last second, but my boyfriend and my sorority sister who works in PR both told me not to & that I was being ridiculous. They were right. If you are having those type of thoughts with your business, talk to someone you trust and they’ll steer you in the right direction. You can e-mail me too! Always happy to help.


⚜  Blogging 101 advice?

Read my advice on this here, here & here.

To sum it up, get started the second you decide to do it, be consistent with your aesthetic and content, provide value to your reader, and be yourself!

I cannot say this enough: Be yourself & let your aesthetic and voice shine through the screen. It’s very easy to get influenced by other bloggers, so if you feel like your voice isn’t “yours”, take some time away from blogs. It is so imperative to be YOU.

This may be bad advice, but I am a big fan of “stream of consciousness”  & editting from there. I find it truly lets your voice shine. Kind of like the “write drunk, edit sober” mentality…and hey, sometimes I take that literally. On which posts? I’ll never tell… 😉

⚜ Favourite places to shop?

I love Brandy Melville, the Reformation (be sure to shop the sale!), Flynn Skye, Stone Cold Fox, Express (especially the Portofinos), Blank NYC, One Teaspoon (more here), and Urban Outfitters!

⚜ Favourite Movie?:

It’s a tie… American Psycho, The Dark Knight, A Clockwork Orange, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Fun lil mix, yeah?

I don’t like comedies (everyone makes fun of me for this) unless it’s a black comedy. I love dark (…or fucked up 😅) movies. Any I should watch??

⚜ Favourite Books?

My absolute favourite book is Purgatorio in the Divine Comedy.

It is about leaving hell (Inferno), and climbing the mountain to heaven (Paradisio) and how easy it is to stay in hell and how hard it is to reach Paradise, though the struggle is worth it. I read it everytime I’m feeling lost, down, uninspired, and it is a book that helped get me through my own darkness. I send it to friends all the time when Fate’s wheel is not spinning in their favour.

Here is my all time favourite quote from it after Dante is complaining to his mentor, Virgil, that the mountain to heaven is too steep, and he’d rather not & stay where he is, even if it means never getting to Paradisio & Virgil tells Dante to snap tf out of it:

“The one who lies asleep will never waken fame, and his desire and all his life drift past him like a dream, and all the traces of his memory fade from time like smoke in the air or ripples on a stream.. Now, therefore, rise.”

⚜ What are your tattoos & the significance of them?

Long answer alert – sorry in advance if it is TL;DR.

I have three tattoos: a fleur de lis on my left forearm, the suit of cards down my spine, and a quote on my upper arm.

I got the fleur-de-lis in 2006 when I was 20. It didn’t hurt, literally felt like a pen writing on me really hard. I was minoring in French at the time (I did this because I thought it would help my wine studies) and fell in love with the fleur-de-lis. Impulsive? Yes, but if you know me, I’m extremely impulsive. I also thought it was verrrrrryyyy cool at the time, lol… but that’s why you see them everywhere here on the blog. I got it done at Dago’s (…yes, the same place in Houston where Tupac got his most famous tattoo, as well as Paul Wall).
++ Fun fact: I had my lip (2006) & eyebrow (2008) pierced – both are closed now – but I got both of those done there too.

When I was 22, I was in Vegas with my best friend on Halloween in 2008, my favourite holiday. I dressed up as the Joker that year. We were having the best time together. I then realized fuck it, I’m in Vegas with my favourite person dressed as my favourite character so I decided to go for it (the name of the parlor escapes me but it was by UNLV). She was with me the entire time, and honestly, going up and down my spine was her idea – I was going to have it horizontally below my bra strap. This didn’t hurt either. I’ve mentioned numerous times lately that I love the Joker, & that tattoo is a nod to him.

You can see it here:

And finally… my favourite one that I got when I was 25 back in 2011: the text on my arm. It says:

Excellence knows
no oceans,
no frontiers.

& it is the quote on the back of every single Fernet Branca bottle (my favourite).

This one was not an impulse tattoo, far from it, I’ve had it planned for about 1.5 years at that point. I talked about it so much that finally a chef challenged me and said I’d never do it at some industry event we were at. Well, if you want me to do something, then tell me I’m not going to or I can’t. So, again, we were at an event in Oak Cliff in Dallas – got our hands on an almost empty bottle of Fernet c/o the bartender there (I wanted the font EXACTLY like it), took the final two shots together for some liquid courage, and headed down to the tattoo parlor next door: Saints & Sinners Tattoo in Dallas – HIGHLY recommend btw. The needle on this one was TINY, and it took hours – easily the longest of the three. And it was excrutiatingly painful… but I’ll admit, I came into it cocky since my other two did not hurt.

I don’t regret any of them. I almost got them all removed in 2013 (after strong urgings to please someone in my past back in Dallas), consultations and all. To this day, I thank my lucky stars I chickened out & put the power back in my hands. I would regret that way more than any tattoo itself. I truly love my tattoos.

I’m getting a fourth, still working on the location but it’s the last quote of Inferno. 🙂

For fun, here’s a pic of my Joker costume with edits circa 2008 #soooootechsavvy but so good, right?!


⚜ Go to Drink at the bar?

Fernet, of course!! If I’m not in the mood for some F. Branca (it happens), then either Champagne, Macallan, a Negroni (equal parts gin, campari, vermouth), a Bramble (gin, lemon, blackberry), or a greyhound with fresh squeezed grapefruit… we’re spoiled here in SF.

Favourite beer is Delerium Tremens.

⚜ Favourite Foods / Restaurant?

Now, THIS is a hard one! I am a big fan of a plain ole medium rare steak. I also love toro nigiri, spicy tuna rolls, Texas BBQ, Samosas, fried chicken tenders & french fries (being totally real), Greek salads, & Mediterranean cuisine.

My ultimate comfort foods are fried rice & wonton soup. Whenever I’m sick, I ALWAYS order this. I especially love hibachi style fried rice.

My favourite restaurant is Tei-An in Dallas. 🙂

⚜ Favourite Social Media Outlet + tips?

I am a MAJOR fan of Instagram, with snapchat being a close second! I like Snapchat because I like the engagement and “day in the life” peek. I like Instagram because it’s a curated gallery of your brand and aesthetic

For Instagram, be yourself, & find your aesthetic. Don’t focus on the numbers. It’s all bullshit. Do NOT get caught up in the follow/unfollow game. Major waste of time for everyone involved. It is shady af, not genuine, and the fastest way to get unfollowed & never followed back or engaged with by me (I track this bc I’m psycho). Focus on the connection & engagement (much different & far more important than the numbers), and follow people who inspire you with no selfish ulterior motives. More on that here.

For Snapchat, be raw, don’t rehearse, the first take is ALWAYS the best take (a lesson I learn over and over and over), let your personality shine, & leave the staging for Instagram! What are you drinking? What are you reading? Can you give me a sneak peek behind your blog? What’s going on in YOUR life? Show me! I do more photos than videos but whatever works for you, go with it.

At the end of the day, my biggest advice for all social media platforms is to be genuine and authentic. Don’t be thirsty.


Holla! I hope you liked this post andenjoyed reading it as much as I loved writing it – it was fun!

I know I touched on it here a bit but as life gets more & more digitalized, it is very important to me for you to know the person behind the screen.

Any questions?! Lay them on me & I will keep posts like this going.

xx Shannon

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