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{ RECIPE }: RICE BUNS! A fun way to lighten up burgers & stuff ;) - Champagne at Shannon's

{ RECIPE }: RICE BUNS! A fun way to lighten up burgers & stuff ;)

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Generally, whenever we travel, we eat plenty, drink plenty, & are plenty merry.

When we get home, we really work on cleaning things up & eat a bit on the lighter side but without sacrificing flavour.

Think zucchini noodles with a homemade pesto & grilled chicken, or lightened up white chili like this.

When we got back from Tokyo, I was craaaaaving a turkey burger. I’ll do a whole post on how I do mine, but basically it’s ground turkey that I mix with kale, spinach & a TON of spices. It’s one of my faves and I make it on the reg.

But I wasn’t really feeling the bun. I also wasn’t feeling a lettuce wrapped burger #yawn

So… I got to thinking.. and I had a lightbulb moment from Tokyo!

We went to a phenomenal restaurant called ROBATAYA and it was MINDBLOWING. I’ll do a fulllllllll blown post on everywhere we ate in Tokyo soon {currently working on it!} but long story short, you sit down in front of your chef and a TON of fresh produce & meat and they cook it over a fire for you. It’s SO FUN & a must do in Tokyo.

ANYWAYS – one of the things we ordered was a rice ball. It was nice and crispy on the outside and nice & fluffy on the inside.


What if….. I made a RICE BUN for the turkey burgers?!

It was on & to my surprise, they turned out soooo well. Erik LOVED them!

They are also SUPER HEALTHY & full of superfoods. Y’all KNOW I love my superfoods… i.e. superfood latte, superfood coffee, superfood everything seasoning, superfood yogurt, superfood golden milk, superfood SPIKED orange Julius… you get it.

Speaking of super, they are super easy to make. If my cat didn’t spend her entire day sleeping, she could easily make it.


Rice of your choosing!

buy here

I try to stick with sporuted brown rice since it’s my fave & full of nutrients but any rice will do. White, brown, black, etc. Short grain will work a little better but if all you have is long grain, go for it! White will be the most photogenic 🙂

Ground Flax Seed!

buy here

This is a major pantry staple in my house. I can do a whole post on things you can use it on or in but this is a key part in the recipe. It will be your binding agent. I got the idea to use ground flax seed since you can make “flax eggs” for vegan baking. I didn’t want to use an egg in this because I didn’t want it to be too tough or “eggy”. I have a weird complex when it comes to eggs {but I do love these & these cacio e pepe ones!!}

Chia Seeds & Hemp Hearts!

buy here & here

Honestly, these are just for the health benefits! I try to put chia & hemp in whatever I can. Great source of protein, fiber, & fatty acids.

… & that’s it! If you want to add a little salt to season, go for it! The turkey had so much flavour so I was keeping these plain but you can add whatever spices you want: garlic powder, everything seasoning, italian seasoning, old bay – you name it, add whatever you want



You just cook your rice as you normally would – I did about 1 cup. When it’s finished – & this step needs to be done when the rice is still hot – add about 2 tbsp of the ground flax seeds in the rice & mix well. After it is mixed & semi cooled, stir in the chia & hemp seeds & any other spices you may be using. Refridgerate for at least 30 minutes – if making now, you will want it to cool so you don’t burn your hand! If making later, it’s just all set and takes like 5 mins.

When ready to cook, scoop out rice with a spoon & roll in a ball between your hands {tip, wet your hands to keep rice from sticking… which I didn’t do here lol}. Press into a patty & brush with a little olive oil {or you can just coat a frying pan with olive oil}, & pan fry for about a minute or two depending on the thickness {if super thick, might be 4 mins}. Flip & repeat!

Easy, peasy.

If you want a texture variation, just pan fry one side and put the toppings on the non fried side!

& top with whatever you would like!!

Here is how I topped mine:

  • crushed avocado mixed with lemon juice, salt, & cayenne
  • shredded kale & spinach
  • a few splashes of hot sauce
  • turkey burgers
  • trader joe’s UNEXPECTED CHEDDAR – this cheese is LIFECHANGING it’s a blend between cheddar & parmesan and what dreams are made of.

… that’s it!!

Fill up a glass of sparkling water & this was a win of a dinner & leftover lunch!

Anyways I HAD to share – it’s a new obsession of both mine & Erik’s and a fun way to lighten things up as we get closer to bikini season.

The options are ENDLESS – top them with whatever your heart desires.

I hope you like!! These take really no time to make & easy to prep on Sunday if you want them throughout the week.

Let me know if you have any questions 🙂

…speaking of bikini season, we are trying to figure out wtf to go for my birthday next month. It is sneaking up on us!! Any ideas??

We did Palm Springs last year, Cabo in 2016, Jenner in 2015, & Half Moon Bay in 2014. I know I want to stay in the US & the west coast but no idea where? Hawaii? Big Sur? IDK. HELP!!

see ya tomorrow <3


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