How I Take My Coffee? With Superfoods!

Happy Monday!

As you know, I’ve gotten back into a fitness routine after rejoining a gym for the first time in years. I’ve been doing my girl Courtney’s #bombshell angel, & man, it sure is kicking my ass in all the best ways. In fact, Erik even told me this weekend that I already look more toned, so I’m exited to see the results in a few weeks! That said, I do feel great & have been sleeping much better each and every night.

One of my favourite work out tips is literally: but first, coffee

…. aka coffee before a work out. It really helps energy levels & I find it is the secret key for me to totally crush my cardio.

Even on days that I’m not working out, like many people, I like to start my day off with a cup or two.

Not only is the routine aspect of it soothing, but it allows me to start the day on the right foot. I find I am more clear-headed, focused, good mood, & my morning brew is all to thank.

See, I have a special blend that really makes me feel rocking all day long. The health benefits are through the roof, but honestly, the taste is even better. All aspects of the flavours complement the others.

I also make mine with a drip maker. I fill it to the 4 Cups marker (which makes roughly the same amount at a Starbucks Venti) with about 2-4 – depending on my mood – tbsps of the coffee mixture. This (in white) is the exact coffee machine I have – I’m a Kitchenaid whore.

Once brewed, I either get a head start on my work (either FTJ or blog), or household chores until it’s time to either work out or get ready. By the time I start my commute for work, I already feel plenty accomplished & all there… even if I over indulged the evening before (aka me every night).

There are only three ingredients: Coffee, maca powder, & cinnamon.

My mix is simple… yet super versitile. I use a 2:1 :: coffee : spices ratio. Of course, this can be totally adjusted to palates.

I mix together all the spices in advance & let them brew together. I do this for a variety of reasons.

The most obvious of the bunch, it’s a major time saver.

Rather than pulling down all the ingredients, opening & closing the bags, and going back and forth between ingredients, it’s a one stop shop. Can’t beat that!

The second reason, I always add cinnamon to my coffee, but it always coagulates to a mess at the bottom. I started doing this back in college to avoid the gunky mess. It still brews fine & you get the extra cinnamon flavour, but without the mess.

Both cinnamon & maca powder (and collagen, ps) aren’t destroyed with heat, so both spices can handle being brewed while still getting the full effects.

Let’s talk coffee!

I personally love Hazelnut Coffee. I find it adds to the comforting, toasty flavours & it is delicious with cinnamon. Of course, you can use any coffee you like! I get mine from a local coffeehouse here in SF, but not gonna lie, Dunkin Donuts’s Hazelneut is soooooooo so so good.

As far as roasts, I’m a fan of light (or blonde) roast. The lighter the roast, the more caffeine. Any roast will do, in fact, dark roasts tend to have an extra spiced flavour to it, so very complementary.

MACA Powder to make you feel good

Maca Powder is one of my absolute favourite ingredents. For starters, it has a vanilla, butterscotch nose & favour to it, so it pairs perfectly with coffee & other spices. This is the exact one I use.

I talked about it here a bit, but maca is a Peruvian superfood in the radish family. It is a natural mood improver & energy source. It’s also good for stress relief & the libido. Really, it’s just ground up “feel good vibes”.

This with the coffee really complement each other nicely: both with flavour & mood. This also really helps my work outs!

CINNAMON – the best damn spice there ever was!

Okay, so I love cinnamon. I really can’t get enough of it. Easily my favourite spice.

For starters, the flavour is really the best. I find both the taste & smell of cinnamon so sexy. It’s warm, comforting & spicy. I love Spicely’s True Cinnamon.

It is coffee’s perfect match – I can’t take my coffee without it since I’m so used to this. In fact, I’ve taken my coffee with it since 2009 – a habit I got when I regularly visited New York – and have yet to stop. In fact, one thing I love about Erik is that whenever he surprises me with coffee in the morning, he always adds cinnamon for me. Little touches always mean so much!

For health, the benefits are nearly endless. It’s a great anti-inflammatory, and also awesome for your blood pressure. It also is fantastic for your metabolism, your libido (sexxxxy), mood, & a natural breath freshener. Win, win, so much win.

I take all of the above, and fill a mason jar with it.

I do 2 tbsps of ground coffee, 1 tbsp of cinnamon, 1 tbsp of maca powder & repeat until it’s fully layered. It looks great before shaking, so can also make a fun gift!

Right before I seal it, I add a dash of pink himalayan sea salt.

A girlfriend of mine, Serena, worked as a barista for a few years & she taught me that a sprinkle of salt will help cut the bitterness of the coffee. (I also heard crushed egg shells lend to the smoothness & will get rid of acidity but I have yet to try – anyone know?)

Once sealed, shake iti all up until blended.

When ready to serve, use the desired amount of tbsps of the mixture. A good rule of thumb is 1 tbsp per cup. I find one jar lasts me about 3 weeks or so.

Again, this is super versatile. You could even use mulling spices in lieu of the others. If you’re feeling a bit spicy, add a touch of cayenne pepper to it!

Either way, a cup of this every morning is my absolute favourite! I stir in some collagen before serving and I am good to go for the day. Good mood, revved up metabolism, and plenty caffeinated… aka all good things.

Be sure to give it a go & let me know what you think. Anything you like to add to your coffee? Let me know! The “wierder”, the better so spill! I’ve read about brewing coffee with spirulina which is right up my alley.

My three favourite things (non-alcohol 😉 ) to mix my coffee with? collagen, vanilla hemp milk, or coconut water! Trust me, coconut water is soooo good with coffee, especially iced coffee! Also, I always use a silicone straw. I drink way too much red wine & coffee so this really helps with staining.

All right, sipping some superfood coffee before I hit the gym! LMK if you give this a go or have any coffee blends (or brands!) I must try! x Shannon

+++ Exact Maca I use  ↠  H E R E
+++ Exact Cinnamon I use  
↠  H E R E
+++ Best Hazelnut Coffee  ↠  H E R E
+++ Exact Monogrammed Mug {limited edition} ↠  H E R E


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How I Take My Coffee? With Superfoods!
The below is the ratio for my superfood coffee blend. Feel free to use as much or as little. I use 2 parts coffee : 1 part cinnamon : 1 part maca.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Passive Time 10 minutes
16 ounce jar
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 10 minutes
Passive Time 10 minutes
16 ounce jar
  1. In a jar, combine the following in the above order to visibily layer: 2 tbsp coffee, 1 tbsp cinnamon, 1 tbsp maca, until full.
  2. Seal jar tightly & shake until combined.
  3. When ready to cook, use 1 tbsp per cup of coffee you'd like to brew.
  4. Brew accordingly - you can use a french press, drip, or machine!
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  • I love this! It’s a heck of a lot better than the Salted Caramel Mocha creamer I used this morning… :-/ And it will help me get a kickstart before the gym too!

    • Not going to lie, the Salted Caramel Mocha sounds INCREDIBLE too (dare I say it would go super well with maca?!) – not to mention, I need all the help I can get for the gym part at times 😉 xx Shannon

  • Claudia | Miles + Smiles

    im not a coffee drinker but great post!

    • Thank you! Would go awesome with some maté as well! x Shannon

  • I was literally just reading about maca this morning and definitely need to start putting it in my coffee!

    xo, Skylar

    • Yes! You will love it. I find it complements the flavours awesome & the nutrients aren’t destroyed with heat. Really just the perfect AM natural pick-me-up! xx S

  • Um so drooling! My husband Norman and I make cold brew coffee together every night before bed using this cool Japanese contraption and I never thought to add Maca..well its because when I first got into nutrition school I added Maca to everything and it made me psycho because I ate too much of it, it really messes with the hormonal flow if you have more than 2 tbsp a day but a little goes a LONG way and I miss the vanilla flavor for sure! I used to buy hazelnut coffee at Whole Foods many moons ago and absolutely loved it, i couldn’t wait to wake up in the AM to have that coffee..I need to try this out!! thanks for sharing your ultimate coffee recipe <3

    Courtney Bentley ||

  • Jamie

    Okay the mason jars are so cute, love that idea! I have been researching around for a caffeinated pre-workout type of drink but so happy I found this post!

    I have never heard of maca until this post- I’m going to look into it right now!

    • Thank you so much, Jamie! I am so glad you liked it. YES, it will give you such a rad buzz. When I’m feeling really frisky, I like to blend in a scoop of coconut oil – it makes it nice and frothy in a blender! Give it a go and lmk what you think!! Thank you so much for reading! x

  • athleisure

    Ohhh! This was helpful!! Trying this asap!!
    Love the mason Jars…everything just tastes better with them!

    • Thank you so much! Please let me know what you think! Gotta love the durability & cuteness of a mason jar 😉 x

  • Nathalie Merryman

    I use maca powder in smoothies and boy does it boost you up for the day! I find too much to be overpowering but has great benefits. Never tried in coffee though…It’s also known to increase libido!! Smiles!

    • I love that you already use maca! It is phenomenal for energy levels. I totally agree – too much can def be overpowering. I love it in coffee because I find even if you do a little toooo much, the flavours meld well together (plus, it isn’t destroyed by hat) – plus the other benefits are always a plus 😉 i you haven’t tried it yet, def give collagen in your coffee a go, as well! I LOVE IT! This one is my favourite: x

  • Toban Smith

    I love the aroma of coffee. Nice reading. Thanks

    • So glad you liked!! Thanks so much for reading, Toban. xx Shannon