My favourite sale of the year is LIVE: The Reformation Sale!

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{ Wearing The Reformation! }

One of my favourite brands ever is The Reformation!

Any of y’all familiar?

Pretty much, it’s as fashion forward as it is sustainable. Everything they make is in limited quantity in their Downtown Los Angeles studio. They use deadstock or vintage fabric (aka very little waste) and have a minimal impact on the environment.

The style is minimalistic & chic. Think nice clean lines, with classic colours and truly timeless. Like myself, one of their style icons/muses is Jane Birkin, and it is totally reflected in their designs. I love any good homage to the disco era.

…Did I mention that Karlie Kloss is an investor?

Pretty much, everything from Reformation is legit.

The pricetag can be a little high…. but I always like to wait on their sales. I’ve gotten a few things from them full price, only to kick myself months later when I see if for 50% off.

Below are some of my picks!

{ The Reformation Sale // Champagne at Shannon's }

⚜ 1 }: The Caftan Dress

I’ve been eyeing this dress for some time now. The Mineral colour is my favourite (same colour in a different but similar style here) and I have a major thing for their deep V dresses! This dress is so easy to dress up or down and loving the big pockets! I love this with some tan lace up gladiators or a stovepipe boot.

⚜ 2 }: The Billie Shirt

A shirt like this is such a staple, and there really is no place you CAN’T wear this! Seriously, perfect for an office – both formal or casual environments. Great with denim, and would be super flirty with some high waisted denim shorts. The Sadie (blue & white stripe) print is my absolute favourite – such a shocker, I know… 😉

⚜ 3 }: The Arly Dress

One of my favourite styles in a dress is the deep cut sleeves. It makes a basic dress a little less, well, basic. It’s conservative yet unexpected & the options to style this are endless. The hardest decision is choosing between black stripes or white!

⚜ 4 }: The Avalon Bodysuit

This is a classic Reformation style, and one that really put Reformation in the limelight. This style was waitlisted for months. I actually have the blue velvet one (as seen here), but that Limber colour is too good. I like wearing this with my high waisted skinnies! It’s such a striking top and that price tho…. sign me UP.


⚜ 5 }: The Stillwater Pant

Lace-up flared denim is my FAVOURITE kind of denim. Seriously. That with a simple white tee, some chic ballet flats, and you are golden! Major Jane Birkin vibes with that look.

⚜ 6 }: The Amberley Dress

Loving the school-girl vibes to this dress. It has the details DOWN rom the ruffled collar & cuffs, to the button down. I love it because you can cover up as much or as little as you want. I’m thinking over a black satin bra that is meant to be seen, mary janes with white socks or tights. The plaid one is super cute, as well.

⚜ 7 }: The Calla Dress

This dress is serious perfection! I love the flowy fabric, and it has my two favourite styles in one: button down and the cold shoulder. This dress is girly, feminine, and flirty. Perfect for daydrinking brunch! I actually think this would be super chic with some converse! Currently swooning over the Wisteria colour.

⚜ 8  }: The Nickolai Alpaca Sweater

How cozy is this sweater?! I love the oversized neck & long sleeves. Alpaca is so warm to begin with. I think this would be stunning with some leather or suede skinnies and some knee or thigh high boots. All black. Mmmmm.

{ The Reformation Sale // Champagne at Shannon's }

⚜ 9. }: The Krishna Coat

So, I actually own this jacket. This was one I got at full price because I NEEDED it. For starters, I LOVE mixing Black & Navy. Also, you guys know how I feel about taking the boudoir outside. I am wearing it here & here and honestly, it is my favourite thing I own. You can even wear it as a dress if you’re feeling daring. If you buy one thing from the list, THIS is it.

⚜ 10. }: The Edgeware Jacket

All right, so this is a bit of a splurge piece, but how gorgeous is this leather jacket?! Generally, a ton of leather jackets end up having that edgy moto look, so I love the blazer details to this. This would be so stunning with some distressed jeans and black pumps. The versatility of this is well worth the splurge. fleurfleurfleur All right, now what are YOU getting?!

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