{ #JAM }: Roby – Waterfalls [Dear David Remix]

Check out this killer remix by Dear David of Roby's Waterfalls. Major chill vibes over here! Stream for free on champagneatshannons.com as well as a link to purchase!


Friday, Friday, Friday – hello, lover.

Pretty trying week over here. As you know, I’m fresh off the heels from my move (which has been exhausting). Then, my cat had to go to the vet and was unexpectedly hospitalized for the night. She is okay (THANK G), but that said, I was a mess. Big weekend plans for me = lots of Lucy snuggles & organizing the apartment. For the most part, I’m all good, but I’ve been putting off the daunting closet….

Anyways, let’s lighten the mood over here with this song I quite frankly cannot get enough of. In fact, I had this on repeat as I worked on the Succulent Pumpkin post. It’s so chill, unique, and easy to get lost to.

When I first heard this on The Magician’s recent Magic Tape 65, it literally stopped me in my tracks.

I gotta admit, The Magician (shocker, I know but y’all know how I feel, remember?) sure makes it easy for me to find damn good music. Speaking of, I’ll be at his show in SF next week – anyone else going??

If you are a fan of deep house, you will LOVE this track

dear david waterfalls remix
Check out this killer remix by Dear David of Roby's Waterfalls. Major chill vibes over here! Stream for free on champagneatshannons.com as well as a link to purchase!

Dear David is a DJ & Producer from Stockholm. His first official release was in 2014 with “I’ve Been Waiting” (a song that will probably sound familiar to you) which basically sky-rocketed his career.

Now let’s talk about his Waterfalls rework (note: I can’t find the original one).

The remix is easily just one of the best remixes out there.

Again, very unique and even more-so, seductive & enticing. You have all aspects you can ever want with electronica in this one song. It’s ambient, robotic, smooth, unexpected, rad vocals… pure sexiness.

If you like Lane 8, you will love Dear David. I’m very much looking forward to what he comes with. Oh, and just gotta say it, but with the right strain & this song on repeat…. get ready to visit another world. IJS.

As far as strains go, I’m a big fan of Girl Scout Cookies (Hybrid). It is one of my go to strains & one I can always count on for that euphoric, “no stress on my cloud” feeling.  Lamb’s Bread (Sativa) is another good one to spark creativity and to get lost in  the music with, not to mention,  it was a favourite of Bob Marley. If anyone wants a deeper post on the strains, let me know. MORE THAN HAPPY to provide and test 😉

x Shannon


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  • Oh no! I’m so happy to hear that your kitty is okay! There is nothing quite as terrifying as fur babies getting sick. I seriously love how you describe music. I’m loving this song! Weekend vibes.

    • Thank you so much!! If you liked this, def check out The Magician’s most recent a href=”https://soundcloud.com/themagician/magic-tape-65″>Magic Tape. You will LOVE! PS – he is coming to SF & LA this weekend, def would be a fun date night for you two 😉

      And THANK YOU, seriously, so much. It was so terrifying & of course all the bad things came to mind… only for everything to turn out okay. The absolute worst was coming home to the apartment without her – it was so lonely! So glad to have her back with me!! xx Shannon