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Rosé For My Glass & Rose For My Skin || What I'm Loving & Lusting Over - Champagne at Shannon's

Rosé For My Glass & Rose For My Skin || What I’m Loving & Lusting Over

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I am having a MAJOR rose moment as of late. I know, I know, as Miranda Priestly would say: “Roses for Valentine’s Day… Groundbreaking.” But I just can’t get enough of it.

I got a rose candle a few months ago and I could NOT get over how good it smelled that I just want to rose all day everyday. I’ve recently added some rose goodies in my beauty and home that I just had to share here since it is Valentine’s appropriate.

One thing I really love rose for is your SKIN! F

rom rosewater to rose petals that melt on – basically your skin wants more roses than anyone on the Bachelor {I don’t watch it so did I do that right?}.

The entire plant as a whole is full of benefits

For starters, Rose is one of the best anti-aging secrets in the book. This is no surprise.

Just take a look at a rose petal & how soft , supple, smooth, flawless it is.

You are what you consume.

In fact on a semi-related tangent, the other day, I was cooking dinner for Erik and chopping some Dino Kale and as I held it in my hand, there was NO question how good that plant is for you. From it’s sturdy cellular structure, to deep green colour {chlorphyll!!! post for another day lol}, when it was in my hand I realized just how much of a nutritious powerhouse it is. That really opened my eyes to both what I put on my skin and consume… not to sound totally crazy.

I feel the same way about roses.

It also is anti-inflammatory, and great for cleansing & tightening your pores. It plumps the skin since it is so hydrating and a secret to dewy skin. Rose is also FULL of antioxidants which helps regenerate skin and collagen production. It also helps tone & even out your skin. To make it better, it’s antibacterial so it’s a great ingredient to use to help fight acne. That said, if you use rosehip oil on your skin, it will not break you out.

While we are at it, Rosehip oil is a MUST!!!!!!!

Seven exclamation points so necessary. Every single human being who gives a damn about preventative aging should be using this oil on their face on the reg. Rosehip oil is harvested from rose bush seeds and let me tell you, it is one powerhouse of an oil chock full of essential fatty acids, anti-oxidants, & vitamins. It is moisturizing {hydrated skin = healthy skin. don’t forget to drink LOTS of water!}, plumps & fights wrinkles, brightens & tones skin… not to mention the options are endless. Mix it with sugar to make a DIY exfoliator! Mix it in your foundation! Put it on your eyelashes / eyelids! Mix it with lipstick! Go crazy  PS – Miranda Kerr is a major fan.

It also goes more than just skin deep.

That beautiful rose aroma will enhance your mood.

It’s great anti-anxiety aromatherapy & promotes relaxation. For that reason, when you are looking to unwind, it’s a great scent to put on your pillow, pulse points, or bath.

Lighting a rose candle while I read is one of my favourite things to do after a long work day.

I also find when mixed with musky or leathery scents, it promotes sensuality. I mentioned this last week on instagram stories, but my dream candle is a mix of rose + champagne + musk + leather. It also is irresistable with vanilla.

I’m obsessed. Really, I can’t get enough. I just want alllll the roses all the time, is that too much to ask?

SO- today I’m sharing some of my FAVOURITE rose products {love} and others that are on my list {lust} *hinty hint hint to Erik – also I want these roses too plz & ty*.

Lifestyle Blogger, Shannon Silver of Champagne at Shannon's, shares her favourite rose skincare products!

{ love }: 1000 Roses Pearl Exfoliator by Andalou Naturals – $14.95


Exfoliators are IN these days.  I LOVE that it exfoliates with pearl. Not only does it sound super luxurious {especially for the price!}, but pearl is AMAZING for anti-aging. I actually put pearl powder in my coffee so I can get it internally! This is a natural line with ingredients like pomegranate {FULL of antioxidants} & rose stem cells.

{ lust }: Fresh Rose Mask – $69


I got a sample of this mask from Sephora and now I need the whole thing. This mask is AMAZING. The second you put it on, you can just feel how hydrating it is. There are also rose petals in the mask that literally melt on your skin. As you put it on, it just feels so good – be sure to really massage it in your skin with upward strokes for aging prevention. As good as it feels on, trust me, it’s even better off.

{ love } WHYLD Skincare Anti Aging Elixir – $76


I’ve posted this on my instagram stories and honestly, it deserves a full blown post {also, on my instagram, check my skincare category for more}. WHYLD Skincare is a Bay Area based ethical luxury skincare line in every way from pricing, to cruelty free, to the ingredients. This elixir is a must to my everyday routine. I add it to my cc cream for a dewy look {all while being anti aging – you can do this with rosehip oil too}. Ingredients incluse rose oil, marula oil, watermelon, pomegranate, & chia seed oil! I cannot recc this elixir enough.

{ lust }: Dr. Sebagh Rose De Vie Serum – $200


This is a splurge item with glowing reviews {no pun intended} & has been on my list for a LONG time. Almost every single review I’ve read about it claims it has “transformed” their skin & I believe it. It’s packed full of antioxidants, known to immidiately combat redness, non-greasy, and o=when applied, it leaves a protective film on your skin to restore skin’s elasticity & bounce. #WANT


{ love }: Mario Badescu Facial Rosewater & Aloe Spray – $7


This rosewater + aloe spray has been in my beauty arsenal since 2014. It is VERY refreshing and the options to use it are endless. I like to use it as toner, to set my makeup, or for a hydrating mist when it’s warm outside. I also mix a little tea tree oil to mine to keep breakouts at bay. Sometimes when I make an aztec clay mask {equal parts clay + apple cider vinegar / water}, I do a spray or two in it.

{ lust }: Neogen Real Rose Cleansing Water – $22


Korean skincare products are some of the most innovative & anti-aging on the market. This cleansing water is basically like a rose micellar lotion or toner. I also love that they have the petals in it {I’d massage them in my skin too}. This is a great toner to use to refresh and prevent aging.


{ love }: Glossier Balm Dot Com in Rose – $12


This is a new purchase of mine. I was at happy hour with my gf Mal & she whipped it out casually to touch up her lips. I was dying to try so she generously shared it with me and I immediately went home to purchase. The smell is DIVINE but it gives the most perfect pink colour. This one is a bit more cosmetic vs replenishing but is now my everyday balm. I like to double it with my blue holographic highlighter for an ethereal look. PS – use this link to get 10% off!

{ lust }: BY TERRY Baume de Rose – $60


This is a cult favourite lip balm that has been on my list for quite a while. It’s made with rose wax & floral oils so it soothes, restructures {aka fights thinning}, and anti ages lips. It is known for being one of the best lip balms out there & for the price, there is a ton of product. I’ve heard the texture is none but I am ALL ABOUT aging prevention for your lips.


{ love }: Gourmand Macaron Rosé Perfume – $18


I actually blogged about this perfume in 2016 but it remains one of my favourites. For starters, it’s perfect for Valentine’s {I’m a macaron girl more than a chocolate girl}, but the scent itself is addicting. It’s rosy & sugary and DIVINE over a coconut or vanilla body lotion. The price tag on it is perfect too. You candn order here or find it at your local Urban Outfitters!

{ lust }: Kai Rose – $48


I have been dying to try Kai perfume for years now! This is one brand I have heard nothing but good things about. A favourite among celebrities, it’s a tropical floral, essential oil based perfume. The classic version has notes of gardenia but the one that’s catching my eye is the Kai Rose. It comes in both a spray & roller ball, which I love for travel! TIP :: scent rises so spray perfume on your ankles!

{ love }: LAFCO Candle in Powder Room – $65


I understand this candle is more on the splurge side, but I’ll admit, luxury candles are a vice of mine. This candle is HUGE, lasts forever, beautiful packaging & smells amazing. It’s a mix of peony & rose and it pairs with almost every single one of my other candles for a custom scent. I feel like this would be Blair Waldorf’s favourite candle. It’s just so very her.

{ love & lust}: Aydry & Co Candle in Vintage Rose – $36


so this is one that I had but I ran out so I want more, more, more. I mentioned Aydry & Co here but these candles are just wonderful. The fragrance is beautiful and the double wick adds to the ambiance with the flicker. It’s like a fireplace in your candle. Rose scents can be tough since they can be a little powdery but this is anything but. It’s musky & floral – and you won’t be able to get enough. I also like to pair this with a vanilla or firesmoke candle.

Lifestyle Blogger, Shannon Silver of Champagne at Shannon's, shares her favourite rose skincare products!

Are y’all as obsessed with roses as I am lately? Any other rose products I must try? tell, tell!

Any fun Valentine’s plans? I am still figuring out wtf to even get Erik. SOS. Any ideas- LET ME know. For a throwback, this is what I did for him in 2016 which was a major hit.

If you’re looking for a sexy recipe to whip up for your S.O., give Silver Oak’s Bacon Chocolate Truffles a go!! Recipe here!

On another note, I want to thank YOU for your support. It was pretty rad to reach 10K but I couldn’t do it without you. Thank you. Anything you ever want to see on any of my platforms, let me know. Also, a huge giveaway will be coming soon on instagram to give back to y’all. Thanks for being so dope!

All right – that’s all I got today!


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