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Ruck futs! 10 tips to nip a pesky rut in the bud. - Champagne at Shannon's

Ruck futs! 10 tips to nip a pesky rut in the bud.

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Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Ours was great – we finished getting Erik settled in his new place, went to the Eko Zu release party & checked out some fab new places in the Mission here in SF. We rarely get out to the Mission (for no reason other than laziness), but it’s such a fun area with great places to wine & dine.

We went to Papalote which boasted the best burrito in SF… Well, I’m going to have to agree, because it was bomb af! Super casual joint with quick service. Their SALSA is phenomenal! I’m def bringing home a jar next time.

We went to ABV prior the show. There, I ordered a Mumbai Mule which was their play on a Moscow Mule with saffron vodka, ginger beer, lime, and mint. VERY GOOD. After the show, we hit up The Armory Club by Kink. Yes…. that Kink. The bar is owned by the company but other than the artwork (which is extremely NSFW), it was just a trendy lounge. The prices were great, the service was awesome & a good crowd. They had an impressive cocktail list, but I finished the evening with a sparkling rosé.

All in all, a good weekend!

Anyways, let’s chat. I mentioned this a bit on Friday…

If we are being a bit transparent, I’ve spent the last few weeks in the new year really soul searching & strategizing. It’s a weird thing, really. As you start to plan for the future, sometimes you go back and re-evaluate changes to be made… sometimes it’s exciting! However, other times? …the uncertainty can sometimes bum me out.

It’s not just work though. This can easily apply with a workout routine. To be honest, I think they go hand in hand, Whenever I’m feeling a bit indifferent with the uncertainty, I find myself then lacking the motivation to work out. Somedays, working out seems like the ultimate torture. It happens. We are all human.

The other day, I mentioned on Snap precisely how I was feeling & that I was hitting a rut with my work out routine. I also mentioned that at the end of the day, there’s no magic trick to instantly do it. You just got to go & suck it up and in turn, it makes it easier the next day {rather than feeding the rut}.

I {surprisingly, but it was strangely comforting?} had so many people respond to that message with similar feelings so I figured I’d share ways that help me fight the rut & let’s the “suck it up & do it” side beat the “fuck it, let’s not” side.

Originally, I had this planned as a fitness post, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this can apply in any situation.

ONE }: Reward youself… before AND after!

Ah, this is one of the tried & true rutbusters! I know a lot of people like to reward a workout with a good dinner or dessert… but also, sometimes rewarding yourself before doing what you need to do can really help.

If I’m dreading a work task, right before I get to it, I’ll make a bagel {everything bagel with cream cheese, topped with pink salt, chili flakes, cayenne, and pepper… YUM!} or grab a treat from a coffeehouse & then focus on the task at hand.

For workouts, this can be as easy as treating yourself to some workout attire. Then, it feels like a treat as you do your workout. If I need a small pick me up, I like to pick up athletic socks! You can never have too many & I lose them all the time. In fact, when I first got my gym membership, the first thing I did (before working out, lol) was treat myself to the tiffany blue nikes pictured. Buy them here {I’m obsessed}!

And of course… don’t forget to treat yourself afterwards! 😉 It can even be as simple as watching a movie you’ve been dying to see or a long bath.

TWO }: Block out time in your calendar

This is a serious game changer for me.

With blogging, one thing that can really put me into a rut in a major way is social media – especially instagram. Keeping up an Instagram is a lot of work and pretty time consuming. When I’m feeling meh, it’s the last thing I want to do so it’s easy to go days without posting.

Every day, I have 10 minute blocks each hour carved out to work on Instagram – whether it’s editing a photo (LOVE the save draft feature), engaging with other accounts, and researching. For whatever reason, having it on my cal feels more like an appointment than a chore. I also like to do this with my full-time job, especially if I am working on many tasks at one time.

This can easily help with workouts too. To feel even more accountable, make it a date! Invite a friend and make sure they are on the invite, or include your significant other or close friend when you go solo on the invite {just let them know first} so they can keep you on track!

THREE }: Start a routine, so it becomes clockwork.

This kind of applies to the above. Having a carved out schedule eventually carves out a routine.

This might sound silly, but one thing I do is start every workout with the song “What’s Up?!” by Lucky Charmes. It’s a perfect one to kick off a work-out, but the second I hear it, it gets me in the zone to work out. Once my mind is right, the workout will just fly by.

With work, I start every single day, no matter what, with a collagen coffee. Two birds with one stone! One, I am on track for following through with my resolution & two, the second I sit down, in my head, it’s time to work, work, work.

FOUR }: Playlists!!!

You know, there’s nothing some music can’t fix.

Every Monday, I listen through my Spotify’s Discover Weekly. I am ALWAYS finding new jams & making playlists. One of the greatest feelings in the world is doing a workout or a long drive with a new playlist you can’t WAIT to aurally binge on.

This really covers anything & everything. And when you’re in a pinch? Pandora!

Liking or disliking songs will eventually tailor a station into a playlist you’ll dig every single time. I also like to use the multiple artist feature so I can get a variety of what I’m feeling.

FIVE }: Take a break.

Ahhhh…. this one is actually the scariest one.

Sometimes, & especially with social media, I just need to step away. It’s weird, because the first day is seriously the hardest. You feel like you’re procrascinating, you start getting a little anxiety, feel as if you’re giving up, and all around stressed. However, once those feelings pass… it starts to get very relieving. All of a sudden, you feel like there has been a burden lifted, & you start to feel a bit more chill about things. Then, when it’s time to get back, you’re both very inspired & excited to jump back into things.

This can easily apply to blogging. If I get into ruts, I try to take days off. The break in posting can get stressful, but I always come back extremely inspired. Plus, would rather say nothing at all than getting a lackluster {ruts are actually pretty obvious, ps} post just to get one in.

With a full time job, sometimes you need a personal recovery day. More about those here.

Then finally, for fitness, I think it’s VERY important to listen to your body. If you are not feeling it because you are fatigued or sore, give yourself a break! Your body is begging for it. There definitely is a difference between than not wanting to do it because you are lazy or not wanting to do it because you are tired.

SIX }: Revisit things that inspire you.

There is no shortage of inspiration for me. Whenever I am at a blog roadblock, I love to read magazines. Yup, print magazines are a source of inspiration for me always. I like to see what topics they are talking about, but especially the photography {flat lay goals}! A few of my favourites include Food & Wine, Travel + Leisure, & Martha Stewart.

For fitness, Instagram is another favourite of mine. To get me in the workout mood, I love to scroll through the @dogpound‘s feed. Everyone there is such goals, but the best part? I always find a new workout that I can’t wait to try at the gym!

SEVEN }: Hold yourself accountable with social media!

Soooo this is one I’ve been doing! I post all my work outs (or at least a 10 second clip) on snapchat. Then, if I don’t do it, I actually feel a little guilty because it’s not consistent with my feed. I know that sounds crazy but it helps. Also, I find as I see more people in my network snapping away their fitness, it keeps me inspired to go!

With blogging, if you are working on a post, announce it early {kind of like what I did here} – that way, you feel 1000% obligated to get it in by a deadline!

EIGHT }: Invest in the basics.

This is key. This not only keeps you invested, but sets you up for success.

For blogging, I tell EVERYONE to purchase a domain and hosting if they are serious about starting a blog, none of the free hosting platforms.  Tough love, but if you aren’t willing to invest in your blog, why should anyone else invest their time and money in it? You really get a sense of ownership & feel financially indebted to it. This is VERY helpful during pesky ruts. We even went as far as purchasing a camera before the blog & are sure to bring it with us everywhere.

For fitness, great shoes are a must – not only will you want to rock your new kicks, but they are key & can help prevent injuries. New workout clothes can be on the pricey side, so a skipped workout can feel like a waste of money. I also like to invest in vitamins and supplements that really bring my workouts up a notch.

NINE }: Get in the kitchen & cook!

I’ve mentioned before that I find a lot of peace in cooking.

Whenever I’m in these moods, I love to create a new recipe or cook something healthy. It keeps me on the right track, not to mention makes great blog content!

Also, it relieves a lot of stress by saving time. Spending a meh day cooking sets up the next few days to be super productive (with no stress on what to eat).

TEN }: Make yourself a cup of tea… no, really make yourself a cup of tea!

Ah, I saved this one for last.

I mentioned briefly here about my obsession with the routine of tea.

One of the most therapeutic things in the world is making a cup of tea {especially matcha}. There is something therapeutic about choosing the blend (this can take the longest for me) with how you’re feeling, preparing the water, getting it to the exact temperature, letting it steep (uninterrupted), for the proper time, and slowly enjoying. I know I sound like a psycopath, but it’s one thing that always works for me.

I like to reaaaallllyyy enjoy my tea. I take a lot of slow sips and finishing a cup of tea can take up to 30+ minutes. While the tea steeps is the perfect time to do the task you don’t want to do, whether it’s walk to the gym, start your work, or think of a title for a blog post. Then, as you start sipping, the rest all falls into place.

Oh, and trust me, it’s the perfect reward 😉

Anyways, those are my tips & things that have helped me stay on track when I’m feeling like I’m getting off it.

How about you? What are some of your rut-busting tips? Tell, tell! I need all the help I can get, I’m still kind of in it lol

On that note, as you can tell, I’ve spent a LOT of time evaluating the direction I want to go with this blog. Pretty much, I’m VERY excited for the cookbook club! I love the excitement for it, and I think it will be totally fun to go through recipes! It’s so easy to buy a cookbook and make the same ole recipes or continue to keep buyign new cookbooks where others get forgotten.If you have any ideas, let me know! I’ll make a formal post in the next two weeks explaining everything.

I’ve been having a lot of conversations with Erik and friends and that’s helped me figure out where I want to grow and changes I want to make with a blog. Branding sessions are funny. They are so necessary yet so uncomfortable. They make me feel so… vulnerable? I guess hence this post & what’s helped me! At the end of the day, it’s exciting and when all of those feelings subside, that’s really when the excitement kicks in 😉

ANYWAYS, so we are off to London & Paris tomorrow! Sooooooooo excited! If you have any reccs {esp Paris}, let me know. We’ve been to London a few times together, so our game plan there is finding some hidden gems off the radar. However, it’s my first time to go to Paris, so I’m VERY excited. Ferdi is on the list & we are also ISO a swanky, smoky jazz lounge – any suggestions PLEASE let us know. 😉

Au revoir!

xx Shannon



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