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A super rad gift for the Wine & Whisky lover in your life! 

A lil late but… a super fun gift for the Wine & Whisky lover in your life! { for less than $30! }

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Hey what’s up hello

valentines day 2016

So I am a little way late to this…. which is no surprise seeing that I have yet to do my Fiji post {it’s coming, I swear! – speaking of, sending so many good vibes after Winston 🙁 } but I absolutely wanted to share, because it is damn good, if I do say so myself.

As you know, for his birthday, I got him a sick whisky membership in Napa. Long story short, he gets two bottles of scotch or whisky a quarter. We are huge whisky drinkers – if you can’t tell already 😉 so not only will this gift keep on giving all year round, but I get to benefit from it too!

His birthday coincides so close to Christmas, but December was a whirlwind as we prepared for holiday… not to mention, our flight was at midnight on Tuesday, and we landed to Byron Bay on Christmas Eve, so we made the decision to save presents for Valentine’s Day.

Anyways, on Valentine’s Day, we got brunch at Blackwood in the Marina, and in a Black paper bag I recycled from Brandy Melville {obsessed} decorated with metallic sharpies laid two scratch & sniff books on wine and whisky by a Master Sommelier…

scratch and sniff wine and whiskey

Yes, wine & whisky scratch and sniff books { !!!!!!!! }

Dead serious, and YES they are as cool as they sound.

First things first, I love Richard Betts. He is one of my favourite master sommeliers. I’ve never had the pleasure to meet him, I only follow him on Social Media & was introduced because his wines were some of my favourite {The Chronique Grenache to be specific. Also a fan of Black Betty and OG – wine names FTW}, but this book is another reason why I love him. He really found an innovative way to make a topic that many find intimidating inviting.

I love books that WILL make you better at a certain thing. I’ve mentioned that the book Ratio by Michael Ruhlman WILL {not can, not might.. will} make you a better cook. These books are the same with wine and whisky. After reading it {13 pages max, btw}, you WILL have a better understanding on what you like, what you are tasting / smelling, and basic 101s.

Also, this might come as a surprise, but….

a lot of wine tasting is in your nose! Therfore, become familiar with what you are smelling and you will be able to tell worlds about the wine.

It is a brilliant way to study wine and get acquainted with the scents. I remember when I first started my studies in 2007, I was rarely seen without my Aroma Wheel. Seriously. I took it with me everywhere – I think my phone at the time was a T-Mobile Sidekick #MEMORIES so we weren’t able to just have it on our phone for reference like we can today, but you better believe that thing was in every purse, folder, binder, etc of mine. That wheel really made it easy for me to really dig down and pinpoint what I was smelling and tasting, especially as I was just entering the wine world. What I really like that Betts did with this is that he made it even simpler and nailed down the four scents you WILL get from a wine: Wood, Fruit, Earth, or Other.

scratcha dn sniff wine and whiskey 4

In the whisky book, the page I LOVED were the two pages talking about different styles of whiskies all over the world and what you can get from them… for example, did you know that Scotland (scotch) is known or the ocean & peaty notes vs the caramel here in America? I also learning more about my favourite whisky region (and favourite place in the world), Japan.

My favourite part in the wine book was comparing Red Fruits to Black Fruits for red wines. As I was studying wine, knowing what differentiates these are what really, really helped my tasting. Really understanding these noses were a huge factor as I studied wine {think blind tasting tests} & really understanding it.

The books kind of paralleled his birthday present not to mention that we also are big wine drinkers. Between the two of us, we have a ridiculous amount of wine memberships {I’ve alluded to it here, but I WILL do a post on these – we love ours} so I thought it would be a fun way for my boyfriend to be able to pinpoint down what styles and scents he likes in a wine. As we add to our collection, he will have a greater idea on exactly what styles and flavours he is looking for. It’s kind of fun to discover together.

scratch and sniff wine and whisky 5

Anyways, figured I’d share – not to mention altogether it is about $30 for a super rad gift so it is a major win for the wine and/or whisky lover in your life.

What did you get your bae for Valentine’s?! Any other big wine drinkers here – if so, what do you look for in your wines? Would love to know! Same with whisky or scotch – ALWAYS looking to add to our cabinet. For wine: currently, we are loving Wild Hog – seriously ridiculously rad reds. We fell in love with their Cabernet in Jenner {details here } but I also love his Sangiovese, Montepulciano, & Pinot Noir. As far as Whisky or Scotch, we LOVE Macallan 10 –  we find it is complex and love that is casked in bourbon & sherry oak. In fact, I prefer this over the 12.

Bottoms up & talk soon

x Shannon

PS – how cool is this?! I ordered it the second I saw it. I will let you guys know our thoughts!

Scratch & Sniff Wine book H E R E
Scratch & Sniff Whisky book H E R E
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Shop my Whisky & Wine picks to go with your new books!


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