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Sexy Avocado Salad :: A Spring STAPLE... it literally goes with everything & takes 2 seconds! - Champagne at Shannon's

Sexy Avocado Salad :: A Spring STAPLE… it literally goes with everything & takes 2 seconds!

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This avocado salad has been rocking my world in a major way & for many reasons.

For starters, it’s QUICK AND EASY. From start to finish, this takes like… 5? minutes. Depends on how fast you can chop!

Second, it’s with ingredients that you most likely already have. This is important to me and a KEY factor to how I cook {or “cook” since this is all raw}. Like here, I don’t keep oyster sauce on hand normally, so I made a swap of things we did have.

Third. It’s HELLA HEALTHY. Like there’s no way to make this salad unhealthy. It’s full of allllll good stuff & healthy fats!

Four {i told you there’s a lot of reasons}. It’s SUPER versatile. Really, use as much or as little as you want of any ingredient and you can easily swap things out and make additions.

Five – STILL GOING. It goes with literally everything. EVERYTHING. It can be a main, it can be a salsa or dip, it can top your proteins, it can be mixed with lentils or any other grains, or the best avo toast in the world… really, the options are endless.

Six – STILL HERE. It’s easy to make for one or for a crowd. This has been a regular in my desk lunches. It’s also super easy to take to work.

SEVEN. Last one for now, but it’s DELICIOUS. Seriously, it’s so addicting!


So now you have my love letter for it so are you ready to get into the recipe?

Let’s go!

Okay so this is like a mix of guacamole / salsa / tomato salad. All the flavours work really, really well together as well as the texture!

There are only 7 ingredients: avocado, cherry tomatoes, shallot, garlic, lemon, salt & pepper.

…I also added hemp hearts for some added protein, but that’s just me. You do you.

It’s super simple: take all the ingredients mentioned, dice the veggies, and mix in a bowl until combined.

But I have a few tips on making something so simple something so good.

First off, with cherry tomatoes, I like to quarter them. I find aesthetically, they look better but it’s a much pleasant mouthfeel. The size just pairs really well with the diced avocado!

On the topic of tomatoes, have them be the first thing you cut. After, put it in a fine mesh strainer {this is the one I have}, and let it drain over the next few minutes while you prepare the other ingredients. This gets rid of any extra moisture so it doesn’t water anything down!

Second, this is a new discovery but TEENY TINY AVOCADOS FROM TRADER JOES is a must if you are making this for 1 or 2!

They are as adorable as they sound, but they are just small avocados which are basically perfectly portioned for a single serving. Regular ones work just fine, but I like to do one per person the TJ tinies are perfect for me.

I used one jalapeno but as I cut it, I saved the seeds. I like things spicy, and wanted to add a little heat but that is totally optional.

Moving on to the shallot – for starters, I LOVE SHALLOTS {erik hates them lol}. Love. I love onions too but I like shallots better. I like them a lot too for when I’m making lunch or dinner for just me. The size is perfect & they are slightly more mild raw too so it wasn’t too overpowering.

As far as garlic, use as much or as little. I generally do one clove a person… two if I’m feeling fiesty, & three if I want it to be “super garlicky”. When mixed with the lemon, the taste milds down a bit but also, it’s super healthy! I looooove love love raw garlic and will pop a clove in whole at times but that’s neither here or there.


Now I put lemon juice on everything, you can ask Erik {LOVE it on pizza – trust me}, but the citrus is imporant here because it will keep the avocados from browning while calming down the flavours of the alliums. It kind of just ties everything together. I used lemon because it’s my fav but you can sub it out for lime, orange, or GRAPEFRUIT {<<< I feel like that would be SO good}. Or go crazy and mix up the citruses: a lil lemon-lime action or something.

Per usu, use as much or as little & make it how you want it! I put my portions as a reference but I really just eyeball it as I go

Champagne at Shannon’s Avocado Salad


1 avocado, diced

handful of cherry tomatoes, quartered

1 jalapeno, diced {save the seeds if you want spicy}

1 garlic clove, minced

1 shallot, minced

lemon, cut in half

hemp seeds, one spoonful {i use about 1 tbsp}

salt & pepper, to season {also great with chili flakes}


in a bowl, mix everything together until incorporated! It’s that easy. Enjoy as you wish! I like to top the Norweigen Crispbreads from Trader Joe’s with them {which deserve a post on their own…}

Anyways, this is such a must and always on rotation. As it gets warmer outside, it’s a fun no-cook recipe keeping things cool and lean or take on a picnic & enjoy with some rosé 😉

The options to use it are ENDLESS. I like it on toast or crackers for lunch or a snack. Obsessed with the Norweigen Crispbread Crackers from Trader Joes. Seriously so goooood.

It would be amazing over some salmon or chicken, topped over a quesadilla {I’m thinking a white cheddar + kale one}, mixed with some pasta or zoodles, on a bed of kale or spinach as a full on salad ORRRrrr with diced kale/spinach mixed in, on a sandwich, or even as a dip with chips! In fact, it would be NEXT LEVEL with some diced mango or pineapple mixed in too. Seriously, so versatile. Any other ideas? LMK!

Also if you make this or any of my recipes, tag me in it or DM it to me – I wanna see! @shannonsilver on instagram. I’ll come up w a hashtag one of these days 😉

Happy Tuesday!

Talk tomorrow,

Shannon x

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