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{ #JAM }: Shingo Nakamura - Always - Champagne at Shannon's

{ #JAM }: Shingo Nakamura – Always

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Any fun plans?? My girl Skylar is celebrating her first blogiversary so I will be reigning in the celebrations with her this weekend! Speaking of blogiversaries, flashback-Friday to my blogiversary and things I wish I knew about blogging here!

Other than that, just working on the blog. A lot. I have a lot in the pipeline so I’m looking forward to cozying up with my laptop all day on Saturday. If there is anything on the blog you’d like to see, let me know. I have a ton of ideas, not to mention I need to get to working on my media kit so it should be a productive weekend.

Erik & I have been cooking a ton, and it’s been so fun! As y’all know I LOVE to cook & for a long time, it was generally just me cooking so it’s been really cool to see him get an interest in cooking too. He made dinner the past few weekends and it’s been really fun. Actually kind of intimate, really if that makes sense!

On the menu this weekend, we have mediterranean turkey meatballs with Niko Niko’s inspired potatoes {where my Houston ppl at?!}, an easy tikka masala with Curry Love, and a pretzel chicken recipe I am working on for the blog! Speaking of, I’ll announce this month’s cookbook club next week!

All right, well let’s get into the song.

Tbh it was kind of hard to find one. I’m a psycho but I like to find songs that really match the time. It’s been getting warmer and sunnier here after weeks of grey rain so I wanted the song to reflect that. It’s in my personality to put a ton of unnecessary pressure on myself. I did it here too ūüôā

:: Shingo Nakamura – Always ::

The second I heard this song, I knew it had to post it. For starters, I am a HUGE fan of Shingo Nakamura. He is a Japanese DJ/Producer based in Tokyo. I’d actually go as far to say that he is one of the best Producers on the planet.

He is very much known for his beautiful style blending trance/house with classical pianos. He generally has a “theme break” in his songs {beautifully demonstrated in “Always” but you can here it here in “Fauna” at the 0:54 mark}.

He is represented on a variety of international labels: Anjunadeep, Silk Music, Otograph Music. In fact, I was first introduced to him in 2013 with this absolutely stunning track called Move On with Kazusa, check it out here.

He recently released this song in full February {you may have heard it on last year’s “Only SIlk 04” compilation, a show he hosts & mixes} and it is so dreamy.¬†Very much deep, progressive trance meant for chilling out to. For the most part, it’s instrumental with delicate vocals blended with the piano.

He is a master at evolving the song as it goes, as mentioned with his theme breaks. Silk Music, where he is represented, can put it much better than I can: “This is the moment that Shingo Nakamura fans have so deeply cherished over the years: the climactic new theme, coupled with a light breakbeat, is nothing short of breathtaking.” ¬†{source}

If you like Lane 8, you will love Shingo. Be sure to check the video, it is absolutely beautiful & sure makes me ache to get back to Japan in a major way.

xx Shannon

Shingo Nakamura ::
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Download / Stream “Always”¬† ‚܆¬†H E R E’
Check his Silk Compilations ↠ H E R E
Group Therapy Guest Mix with Above & Beyond  ↠ H E R E


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