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ZZZzzzz! The biggest hack in life you already know + my 10 tips! - Champagne at Shannon's

ZZZzzzz! The biggest hack in life you already know + my 10 tips!

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Happy Monday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Ours was VERY productive… maybe a little bit too productive? In a sense, I need a weekend from my weekend LOL!

Anyways, all that said, I want to share the biggest secret of the planet. In fact, you already know how important it is. But that said, let’s talk about it because I feel like it is one that is constantly glossed over.

What if I told you that in order to be more productive tomorrow, you don’t have to spend a cent, just your time? Well, the biggest tip in the world I have for you is one snooze away.

That’s right, I’m talking about SLEEP.

It;s no secret here, I’ve gotten more & more into fitness and working out. I’ve been on my girl Courtney’s plan for the past three months.

One thing I love about it is the re-emphasis on self-care. It’s easy to associate self-care with pampering… whether it be  a mask, a therapeutic day in, a long bath… you name it. However, the secret is 8 hours a night under the sheets.

I will 100% admit, I used to be one one of those people.

You know the sorts, those that used to pride themselves on being so productive they deprived themselves from it. Well, if anything, depleting yourself from sleep is the equivalent of taking five steps forward and ten backwards.

That may sound uber dramatic, but I’ll be the first to admit, if I don’t get a full eight night hour visit from Rip Van Winkle, I’m not feeling my best. My skin is a bit more pale, my mind is not with it, my mood is not pleasant… you get it… but the ludacrious thing is… I used to PRIDE myself on not getting the sleep my mind & body needs.

So when Casper asked me to write about why tf we should sleep, they didn’t have to ask me twice.

Joining a gym & pressing restart on my fitness was a big deal, however the grease that keeps that motor running is sleep. I mentioned here that I am big about listening to your body.

Well, the biggest thing your body can shout {& should never be ignored} is getting and adequate night’s rest.

I also get that this is something you already know, but I urge you, nourish this need. No matter what it is you are doing in life, trust me, sleep is your biggest tip – whether it be productivity, beauty, fitness, or work.

Okay so why am I being such a psycho about sleep?


Sleep is the ultimate recovery. It heals your muscles, you skin & your mind. It helps the following:

– Keeps memory sharp!
– The easiest anti-inflammatory around
– Improves muscle recovery
– Keeps skin glowing {sleep encourages collagen renewal !!!!}
– Helps Maintain a Healthy Weight
– Improves memory
– Prevents Career Burnout


Here are my 10 tips to ensure a good night’s rest.

ONE }: Set the mood.

Spray your pillow with some calming scents like lavender or vanilla. Both of these scents are associated with sleep. Spritz it on your pillows or on your wrists & let the scents take you to your dreams. Not only do these two scents promote sleep but also stress relief. They also layer beautifully! This spray is one of my favourites.

TWO }: Comfy PJ’s are a must!

You can ask Erik, but I cannot sleep without some slinky PJ’s. Not only do they feel sexy, but the fabric is so lightweight, that I feel like I melt right into the bed. I like silk for the winter & fall and cotton for spring and summer. Trust me, It’s worth to invest in a pair of cotton or silk pajamas… speaking of silk….

THREE }: A silk Pillowcase!

Okay so hear me out on this, a silk pillowcase is a must. I use one at home, not pictured bc it doesn’t match, but they are amazing for both hair-care & anti aging. Also, I find the pillow always stays cool! It seriously does wonders for your hair & skin.

FOUR }: An Eye Mask, always!

I am HUGE on eye masks! We live so close to the water that the sun is always so bright & in your face when it rises. A good black-out mask keeps it dark & I am able to wake up when my body feels like it’s supposed to wake up. Very Holly Golightly, if you will. Speaking of – LOVE this line.

FIVE }: Nix the Alarms if you can…

Okay so dependent on work schedules, this isn’t always doable but I am big on no alarms. I have a certain hour in the day that no matter what, I absolutely 100% have to be up by. I keep an alarm for this, however, more times than not, when that alarm rings, I have already been awake. I’m either working in bed, or sleeping for the umpteenth time. One thing I am working on when I wake up for the first time, even if it’s 4 AM to stay awake. I find I’m far less tired and can get so much work in.

SIX }: Read a book! {an actual book, not on iPhone or kindle}

I’m a bit of a bookworm, but an hour before bed, I prefer reading over both the TV or my phone. The blue light is so harsh for your eyes. Not to mention, it becomes a routine for me. Once I pull out a book {that isn’t a cookbook!} I let my mind free & trigger my body that it’s time for bed. 30 minutes in, I can feel myself get sleepier & ready for bed! Snuggle up with a good tea  – tip  below – & let your mind take you away. For a great fiction novel {so important for creativity}, I highly recommend Rules of Civility.  If you must use your phone, be sure to put it on night-mode! Instructions here – Erik & I both put it as orange as possible after 8:00pm!

SEVEN}: Invest in a quality matress.

When I was a senior in college, I only asked for one thing as a graduation present: a damn good king-sized mattress. The reason why? I was in the restaurant industry and knew that the majority of my time would be on my feet into the late hours {hello 10:00a – 3:00a shifts!}, that I wanted something that could take me to la la land in no time. These days are no exception. My boyfriend, who also works cray cray hours, recently upgraded his mattress to a Casper & it has transformed the way we both sleep!  Not only is it a cinch to set up but it literally cradles you in bed. Is that weird? It’s the perfect balance between soft & firm. In fact, when it’s time to replace my matress {not to date myself, but we are getting there}, Casper is 100% the way to go… in fact, I think I am going to go down to a Queen to make it more studio friendly 🙂

EIGHT }: DO NOT CHECK YOUR PHONE! I repeat, do NOT check your phone!

If I ever wake up in an off hour, the one thing I do not do is check my phone. Reason being, the blue light is extremely straining on your eyes! It also lets me go back to sleep in less than a minute. If I check my phone, before you know it, I am in an intense Instagram rabbit-hole stalking your seventh cousin’s ex-girlfriend that I have zero connection to hours later, as the sun rises, feeling even more exhausted. In fact, just thinking about your phone can keep you up at night so turn that baby off. I’m all about old school alarm clocks vs my iphone alarm… and I put mine in the corner of the room so I have to get up out of bed to turn it off.

NINE }: Tea Time!

Like a good strain of Indica {more details below}, the right tea can put you to sleep. I love a good rooibos, decaffinated green, or herbal tea for bed. If you have trouble sleeping, I cannot recommend Valerian Root enough. One of my favourites is the Mother’s Little Helper from David’s Tea but lemme warn you, that baby is STRONG. I also love magnesium before bed. I like to add a spoonful of this to my chamomile or mint tea. More info here.


One of the biggest reasons why I have a medical marijunana card is because I deal with insomnia constantly. It’s a real bitch if I do say so myself. Though I get my diagnosis through a computer {I recommend EazeMD!}, I am 100% that girl taking notes when the doctor is giving me my remedy. One of the rx’s given to me was a CBD tincture & a good indica before bed. Indica & CBD, as mentioned here, helps alleviate anxiety, which keeps me up all night err night. To be blunt {no pun intended}, the best sleep of my life is always on CBD. It’s literally like sleeping on a cloud. I always wake up feeling more energized from ever. Granddaddy Purp is one of my favourite Indica strains to combat annoying ass insomnia. I love edibles before bed because I find I sleep so much better with far less tossing & turning. Read more on the best strains for sleep here. If you live in California, I cannot recommend Eaze enough!!!


Anyways, those are my tried & true tips! Though if I have to skim them, a good mattress & the right indica are the best in my book. When all else ails, take a personal day! I did it last weekend & it was so necessary.

How about you? What are your sleep tips?? Do tell & I’ll add them to my sleep arsenal. I need all the help I can get.

Happy Monday! I hope you all have a great week. I have a fun interview coming on Wednesday {getting real af about blogging} & then the usual Friday stuff.

Also, I’ll do a Paris recap finally next week! In fact, Erik & I have been perfecting a recipe from Paris all weekend long so I’ll be sure to spill that very, very soon.

PS – lmk what you think of my new logo {!!!} – much more me. Inspired by my favourite emoji:

ok talk soon!! xx Shannon



+++ this post was a conversation in collaboration with Casper. All opinions are my own per usu.

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