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Spending Money. - Champagne at Shannon's

Spending Money.

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{ Shannon Silver of Champagne at Shannon's // Ryan Johnson Photography }

Today, I will keep it short and sweet – but one thing I really want to talk about is money, honey

For fun, here is one of my fave songs – Spending Money to set the mood…

Now – let’s talk.

This blog, as I mentioned, takes a lot of my time. That time is clocked in the second I leave the office.

I treat this blog with the respect, time, and ambition as my full time job – so I always, kind of joking but mostly seriously – call it my second job.

From way before C@S became a thing… I am talking 2013 / 2014 times… hell, let’s go back to 2009. Ever since the idea came to me – and believe me when I say, it is much more than just a blog for a lot is going on behind the scenes – I have treated everything with the same respect as I would if I was starting my own business, because that is the end goal.

Dress for the job you want, right?

Now, I am about to share one my biggest pieces of business advice so I will try to keep things as poignant and short as possible.

To make money, you have to spend money.

Now – what does this even mean? Simple, with every single purchase I make, I ask my self a series of questions – also keep in mind, time is money and sometimes can be a bigger luxury/investment than money:

  1. Will this benefit my blog?
  2. Will this benefit my full-time job?
  3. Will this benefit my relationship?
  4. Will this benefit my health?
  5. Will this benefit my professional development?

⚜  If the answer is yes to at least one of them, I purchase it.
⚜  If the answer is yes to all five, then I purchase it with zero hesitation.
⚜  Here is where things get funny: I might think I want to answer no to #1 , but if I answer yes to anything else, that means it WILL benefit my blog. My blog is all about work, things I do for my own health, balancing a relationship & entertaining for two, and most importantly, as I develop professionally, my blog will follow suit.
⚜  If the answer is no to all five, I will put it on a wishlist for something to celebrate later. If it is something I still want months later after I accomplish something, I will go ahead and get it. If it is something I forget about, well, then it just saved me some dolla billz. FYI: this is on my lust list right now. Yes I would love to buy & rock it now, but right now, this blog takes priority. If you see me rocking it in the future, that means something rad happened here.

Notice that the first question I ask myself is how it will benefit my blog. That sounds selfish, but again, I am treating this as a business, so I MUST be selfish on this. If it wasn’t the first thing I asked myself, then I need to re-evaluate my professional goals.

If I am not willing to invest in the things I talk about, then I have no business talking about them.

I only talk about things I feel strongly about, so it provides a level of trust between the reader and myself / what I am saying. If I am not willing to invest in that, then I have absolutely zero place blogging. Simple as that.

If you want to start anything on your own – whether it be a blog, a business, or an idea that you are not quite sure how it will unfurl yet but you know it is a seed of a beautiful plant that will just BLOOM over time –  dedicate everything to make it happen. Things do not happen overnight, and they shouldn’t, so every cent & second truly counts.

On another note, over the years I’ve gotten a lot less personal on my private Facebook account. Most of it is photos of my cat, and business advice I find online. It’s always interesting to see what gets shared. As much as my cat thinks she can break the internet, I get the most traffic on the entrepreneurial articles I share. One that is no exception is THIS one, by Mark Cuban, who might know a thing or two on this topic. It is literally less than 2 minutes and a worthwhile watch.

the more you invest in your idea, the more you reduce your risk.

I’ve mentioned I went a little cray last weekend. I splurged on a ton of tea, and bought a bunch from Brandy Melville. The Brandy Melville was a splurge – fine, I’ll admit it, and I knew damn better than walking in there. Now the tea… you better believe that answered yes to 3 out of the 5 questions. I can trivialize it by saying it’s a splurge, but it wasn’t. Far from it. Also, I will just be bluntly honest & personal here, it will make it a lot easier for me when I nix alcohol for good next week until our holiday.

Does this even make sense? I hope so. My goal with this post is to NOT intimidate anyone. Instead, it is to emphasize how important it is to spend your money & time correctly if you want to start something.  Not only has it made me much more conscious on how I spend my money, but it helps me stay focused and invested in my goals. Every second & every purchase helps me develop my idea and makes me closer to being a master of my craft.

Remember – time is money, so your time spend on working on it is just as valuable as the money spent. At the end of the day, if you aren’t willing to invest in yourself, how can you expect other companies & people to invest their time and money in you?

Anyone else have some tips on this? Where do you find that most of your money goes for your business? How do you invest in your idea? I def want to know.

xx SS

photo by Ryan Johnson Photography


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