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{ RECIPE }: Skinny SPIKED Orange Strawberry Julius! Yes please! - Champagne at Shannon's

{ RECIPE }: Skinny SPIKED Orange Strawberry Julius! Yes please!

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{ Spiked Orange Strawberry Julius // Champagne at Shannon's }

TL;DR recipe HERE

sooooo the past week has been terrible.

I’ve been SICK as a dog (most likely brought upon Cabo withdrawals) & it just has not been pretty.

Literally, bed time has been 7:00 pm (and with a solid 12+ hours), and my nightly cocktail has been more like benedryl neat vs some single malt neat.

I find whenever I am sick, I randomly always crave ORANGES.

Maybe my body is craving the vitamin C? But there are few things more satisfying to me on a sick day than a never ending bowl of oranges. (I do have very specific sick-day cravings… for example, I strongly believe wonton soup and fried brown rice is THE cure for any sick days but that’s beyond the point).

Most of my sickness was throat related. Gross & TMI I know… but that meant the idea of eating something was far less appealing than drinking… so I decided to get somewhat creative.

If you’ve been following me, you know by my recipes that I am a MAJOR fan of simple.

{ Spiked Orange Strawberry Julius // Champagne at Shannon's }

I think it is super easy to complicate a dish and make it less appetizing.

Like, I’d much prefer a perfectly grilled medium rare steak vs steak seared, then grilled, then baked, then deep fried, then topped with red wine sauce spiked with taragon simmered with rosemary with butter infused with herbs… like, it’s like those ridiculous HowToBasic YouTube videos where it starts so simple & innocently enough but before you know it, it’s extremely unappealing chaos.

SIMPLE is key, y’all.

Even if I wasn’t working & blogging full-time, I have a VERY, very lazy side that very much appreciates simplicity.

That said, I also like simple since I can be a psycho with ingredients.

{ Spiked Orange Strawberry Julius // Champagne at Shannon's }

For example, I mentioned I don’t keep sugar in my house – just coconut sugar.

I also don’t drink dairy milk (never have when I was little) – so it’s hemp milk for me.

I am Patrick Bateman psycho when it comes to aging – so I put collagen in my coffee every day

That said – it’s very easy to make an innocent lil recipe extremely weird, unrelatable for lack of better terms, and overly complicated for no reason.

The more simple I keep things, the easier it is for me to implement ingredients I love.

Like, who wants me to post a smoothie recipe with apples, berries, spinach, kale, spirulina, coconut oil, coconut sugar, coconut milk – hell just throw the entire coconut in there, cacao nibs, incaberries, hemp milk, mesquite powder, lucuma powder, camu powder, maca powder (bc they’re different, duh *roll eyes emoji*), acai, and wheatgrass?!

I probably had you guys interested until I got to the coconut madness. After that, HOPEFULLY, you fell off…

One, that is just totally & completely unrelatable on so many levels. Two, there are FAR too many ingredients where the flavours are just clashing. And Three, that is one fucking expensive smoothie.

And don’t get me wrong – everything I mentioned there, I mentioned on purpose because I either have it, use it regularly, or used it before…. but my point is, you want to use 1-3 of them max in a recipe and call it a day. For example, in my matcha lattes , I use maca / mesquite / coconut sugar which I’ll admit is pushing it, but the flavours meld well together.

Sooooo /rant but y’all get it.

Back to the lecture at hand…

{ Spiked Orange Strawberry Julius // Champagne at Shannon's }

So I was craving an orange drink & was super sick of Emergen-C. I wanted something creamy, frothy, and indulgent (but not tooooooo). And for whatever reason, my mind brought me back to growing up in suburbia – shoutout to The Woodlands, TX – and going to the MALL… and any 90s mall-rat knows where I am going with this… but to Orange Julis!

Talk about a #TBT right? Plus, the 90’s are so chic right now.

I was ob-SESSED with Orange Juliuses (is that the plural – let’s go with it). In fact, my favourite was the OrangeBerry Julius aka orange and strawberry!

If you are unfamiliar with Orange Julius, it is a DELIGHTFUL beverage. Not really a smoothie, but not really a juice. Think in between. Super creamy, a bit frothy, with a vanilla flavour. Kind of creamsicle like.

Turns out, the frothy-creaminess is c/o egg whites (they use a powder of dairy milk, egg whites, and vanilla). Also, it is made with orange juice, simple syrup, ice (they use crushed ice), & their secret egg / milk / vanilla powder all in a blender.

Now, I needed to add the Shannon touch to it.

I have not one, not two, but THREE secrets that I will share with you guys 😉

{ Spiked Orange Strawberry Julius // Champagne at Shannon's }

1 }: Vanilla Hemp Milk Ice Cubes

Before making, I made filled an ice tray with hemp milk & added about 1 tsp of vanilla extract to each. If you want to go the extra mile, you can simply blend hemp hearts in a blender, strain it through a cheese cloth, add vanilla and freeze. My favourite hemp milk brand is Tempt. This adds to the freezy part of it, but keeps things creamy, rather than icy and granular

2 }: Chia seeds!

Rather than egg whites, I added about a tablespoon of chia seeds! Chia seeds are full of high omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, and are an awesome egg subsitute. These mighty lil seeds also have wonderful thickening powers. Black or white chia seeds will work, but white will be less visible. I used white for that very reason.

3 }: Coconut Sugar

Again, I don’t keep sugar in my house and I posted about the benefits of coconut sugar here but I love the stuff because it has more of a caramelly vanilla flavour. Yes, the health benefits are rad, but I thought this would really emphasize the vanilla from my hemp ice cubes.

That’s about it!


{ Spiked Orange Strawberry Julius // Champagne at Shannon's }


{ my exact blender HERE & I LOVE LOVE LOVE it }

It’s also super versatile. I used oranges and strawberries, but you could easily swap them out for whatever fruit you desire. I’m thinking strawberry lemonade julius or straight up raspberry. You can also make a citrus medley with orange-grapefruit-lemon.

However, if you do use lemon, I recommend doubling the sugar to balance the acidity. Also, use as much or as little fruit as you want. A good base is 1:3 ratio of oranges and strawberries. I used 2 small oranges and 6 berries for each. As far as ice, 1 large cubes will work, or a handful of small ones. I used just 1 from this ice cube tray to put it in perspective.

Oh…. and I almost forgot…

 Add some booze!!!!!!

{ Spiked Orange Strawberry Julius // Champagne at Shannon's }

I added vodka to mine and Erik’s {he’s having a major screwdriver moment since Cabo} but tequila would be BOMB AF, as well as gin.

Also, the best part?! This tastes much more indulgent and sinful than it actually is!

This drink has summer vibes written all over it… bottoms up!


{ Spiked Orange Strawberry Julius // Champagne at Shannon's }

⚜ Spiked Orange Strawberry Julius à la C@S ⚜

Ingredients ::

Oranges (as much or as little as you want)
Strawberries (same as above)
Hemp Milk (I love Tempt!)
Vanilla extract
Coconut Sugar
White Chia Seeds
Liquor of your choice!

Directions – literally so easy! ::

The night before, freeze hemp milk with 1/2-1 tsp of vanilla in an ice cube tray.

In a blender, add all of the ingredients together – including the booze & blend. Garnish with berries, a mint leaf, lemon zest, or my favourite way, topped with champagne 😉 cheers!

Shop the post ::

{ Spiked Orange Strawberry Julius // Champagne at Shannon's }

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