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{ WEEKEND VIBES }: Superbowl Sunday + Snapchat + Thank YOU! - Champagne at Shannon's

{ WEEKEND VIBES }: Superbowl Sunday + Snapchat + Thank YOU!

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{ Superbowl 50 in San Francisco // Champagne at Shannon's }

Well, that was quite the weekend!

If you follow me on Snapchat, you were able to get a sneak peek on my weekend plans. Usually it’s something like a lot of cat pics and cooking tutorials (more on this in a bit), but this Sunday, I was able to take you guys on a few ten second journey of the Superbowl!

This was my first Superbowl, and it was a wonderful experience!

{ Shannon Silver atSuperbowl 50 in San Francisco // Champagne at Shannon's }

Highlights included:

Lady Gaga slaying the National Anthem; the Half-Time Show {HUGE fan of any and every message that might have been portrayed – not to mention, they all KILLED it & it was neat to be a part of the crowd}, the pre-game {lots of games of cornhole, Bloody Mary’s, and beers}; a damn good excuse for some chicken tenders & garlic fries both with LOTS of hot sauce; Stephen Curry banging the Panthers drum; and of course, the game itself!

Rumour has it, Jay-Z sent Beyonce 10,000 {!!!!!!} roses before her Halftime Performance. #GOALS

{ Lady Gaga at Superbowl 50 in San Francisco // Champagne at Shannon's }

I’ll admit, I was cheering for the Panthers {mostly bc their logo looks like my cat, & my boyfriend went to school in Carolina – I really don’t watch football ever tbh} but I had a great time regardless of the result. In fact, a bunch of us were talking on the train back to the city just how nice the fans were on both sides. Everyone was cordial, just happy to be at the game, and no one was flipping cars or starting riots afterwards, which is always a good thing.

{ Shannon Silver at Superbowl 50 in San Francisco // Champagne at Shannon's }

I also wanted to provide y’all with some blog-related updates!

I am working hard on setting up and maintaining an editorial calendar, which is a LOT of work btw {anyone have any advice on this?!}

One thing I did as I was first getting started on it was made the decision to post less. I normally post 3-5 times a week, but with my current schedule, I am going to post 1-3 times a week. My posts will still remain the same – lots of recipes; weird crazy health things {you know, like collagen coffees, or superfood matcha lattes}; interviews with powerbabes & powercouples; anti aging tips like Dilo oil; travel tidbits {I will get my Fiji post in this month}; and libation/spiking stuff. For the most part, you can expect new posts here on either Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays.

Another blog related update is that I have gotten way more active on Snapchat… And I am LOVING it!

Personally, when I get on Snapchat, I like to see a bit of the following:

⚜ sneak peeks in a “day in the life of”
⚜ what people are making
⚜ what they are drinking {not to be confused with party shots – not too interested to see people grinding and guzzling down vodka sodas}
⚜ what skincare products they love
⚜ business advice
⚜ glimpses into work
⚜ travels – love that you can see things all over the world at real time

…… I won’t mention what I don’t care to see, since it is all so subjective… but it’s not too hard to guess. 🙂

That being said, I have started to document everything I am making at night. In all honesty, it’s me living this post. You can see how I prep in the kitchen, what my mise-en-place is {THE most important part!}, what ingredients I am using, how to cook things, and the final product. I LOVE making these videos, but I have gotten a lot of positive feedback and screenshots. Also, I can be held accountable for not going out to eat during the week.

I’ve also been talking about things I have yet to post about here – for the most part, using ALCOHOL as a Khaled key ingredient with things. This is huge to me, and something you will see a lot of in the blog as time goes. Kind of beta-testing it on Snapchat first before I get into it here, per se.

One thing I love about snapchat is the true connection between the viewer & poster. For example, at real-time, if you have a question about anything I am doing, I can get back to you instantly with an answer, or if there is something you want to try that I am doing, it is easy to take a screenshot. In fact, it can make the whole grocery list thing easier, with just a series of images with the ingredients all laid out and set up. It is also rad to see who is viewing what.

That being said, let me know if there is anything you would like to see & I will make it happen.

Here are two screenshots of some videos did last week {this recipe was a HUGE hit with both my boyfriend & the screenshots}:

{ follow @shnnnlynn on snapchat // tequila chicken }


Finally, I just want to really send my sincerest gratitude to every single one of my readers. Seriously, thank you. I have gotten some really sweet emails, snaps, and comments on various platforms, and I cannot even begin to tell you guys how much they mean to me. I love blogging, but there are times when I can feel a bit discouraged with trying to balance the blog, my full time job, as well as my personal life. Thank you again for the love. I will be hosting a giveaway soon as a thank you so keep your eyes peeled.

On that note, time to get back to work 😉 let me know anything you would like to see.

To follow me on snapchat, take a screenshot of the image below and add my snapcode:

{ follow Shannon Silver on Snapchat // @shnnnlynn }


Anyone have any fun Valentine’s plans? After such a big weekend full of events, I am looking forward to some R&R in the city with the love of my life.

Talk soon,

Superbowl Snaps from the weekend { un = shnnnlynn } ::

{ Superbowl 50 Snaps in San Francisco // Champagne at Shannon's } { Superbowl 50 Snaps in San Francisco // Champagne at Shannon's } { Superbowl 50 Snaps in San Francisco // Champagne at Shannon's }{ Superbowl 50 Snaps in San Francisco // Champagne at Shannon's }

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