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Happy Friday! I’ll admit, this week has gotten me all thrown outta whack. Wednesday felt like Monday & that really set the tone to things.

Thought it was a three day week, it was an annoying one. My site broke AGAIN so I was unable to get my Wednesday post in. This should be completely nipped in the bud. If you continue to get an error message, please e-mail me, but it shouldn’t happen again.

On top of THAT, I woke up on Tuesday with some crazy swelling in my lymph nodes! We have no idea what caused it – you can’t even see my jawline right now! – it finally seems to be going down but any tips to fight the swelling, let me know. Y’all know I am on a huge popsicle kick so I’m going to experiment with some anti-inflammatory ones. If it’s a win, I’ll post it here! Any swelling tips? Let me know!

Other than that, we are off to Healdsburg tomorrow! We are members at a winery so we have a fun event to attend as well as picking up our shipment. SO- the more swelling I can get down today, the better. We are even thinking of spending the night there to get out of the city for 24 hours, so that will be fun.

WELL, that’s all I got today! What are you doing this weekend?!

See you Monday! For real. Wednesday too. 🙂

xx Shannon

PS – don’t forget to enter my giveaway here!

EAT ME }: Garlic & Herb Roasted Shrimp by Ina Garten :: My gf Hannah & I hail Ina as our queen. Basically, whatever she says goes & if it’s okay for Jeffrey, it’s okay for our guys. Whenever anything Ina shows up on Facebook, we are SURE to tag each other. Basically, we just want to be under her wing and have her teach us her ways. I saw this recipe come up on Facebook & it is on the docket for the week! It’s super healthy, easy and takes 40 mins from start ti finish.

DRINK ME }: Dos Alas by Town & Country :: I need this rum cocktail right now. Created by Casey Wallin of Decoy in New York, he wanted to create a cocktail that really showed the character of rum from geography to culture to heritage. Not to mention, I love how he garnished it with a coconut wedge AND added coconut water. This is a must for summer!

READ ME }: Julia Child Was Secretly Obsessed With These Two Costco Finds by Delish :: If we are on the topic of my love for Ina, then let’s talk it about my other woman crush/queen: Julia Child. She is another one who really inspires me both in the kitchen & in my relationship This was a really fun read & makes me want to do a Costco run asap!

BUY ME }: Good Worth x Playboy Covers Long Sleeve T-Shirt by PacSun :: It’s no secret that we are going back to 90’s & Y2K in fashion right now… and it’s no bigger secret that I am obsessed with it {80’s too}. I mentioned here that I wouldn’t be surprised if you start seeing Playboy back in fashion – this 00’s girl was obsessed with it. As soon as I saw this , I had to buy it. I am thinking this, with some high rise ripped black skinnies with either black heels or white kicks. How would you style it? I love this tee too.

DANCE WITH ME }: The Hours – See The Light [Calvin Harris Remix] :: I’ve mentioned it here but not to get annoying hipster on you guys, but I’ve been a major Calvin Harris fan since 2006 & the I Created Disco Days. In fact, he was my celebrity crush in 2007! It has been so crazy cool watching one of my favourite musicians completely evolve throughout the past decade. This remix is one he made in 2008 and it’s very much his signature style – in fact, if I listened to this blind, I would of thought the song as a whole, including vocals were his! This is a major feel good and perfect for your weekend playlist. The instrumental is phenomenal, as well! PS – his album Funk Wav Bounces Vol I came out this week & I do think it is one of his best – Listen here! Though I must admit, Ready For The Weekend will always be my all time fave LP of his.



+ all pics used are from the articles linked
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  • Hales

    I’m sorry your site broke… that is the worst! Glad it is up and running and you were able to share this post! Happy weekend!

    xo, Hales |

    • RIGHT?! Ugh so stressful but it should be under control now 🙂 Thanks so much for reading, Hales! x

  • Tiffany Schmoyer

    Hope the swelling goes away asap for ya love!! Have a great time this weekend! We have some photos and a little bit of exploring planned for tomorrow.


    • Thanks Tiffany! Exploring is the best!! Swelling is down FINALLY {HUGE relief!!} – thank you so much for reading! x

  • I wanna try that shrimp so bad! Sounds delicious!


    • omg I know and it takes no time to make from start and finish! I think I’m going to make it tonight or tomorrow 🙂 x

  • Brianne B. Johanson

    Love love love your round-up! Really cool picks. Have fun at the winery!

    • Thank you so much, Brianne!! I appreciate you reading – the winery was amazing!!!

  • Heyyy girl! Feeling you on that crazy weird / long / short week. Feel better and have fun at the winery!



    • RIGHT?! So weird but now back on track!! Though not gonna lie – already ready for the weekend! Hope yours is going well! x S

  • Tanya Salemme

    OH MY GOSH, i felt the same, this week was so bizzarre. I was even more tired by Friday and it wasn’t even a ‘real’ week! LOL ps i am obsessed with Ina! QUEEN

    • omg I TOTALLY feel you, Friday I was flat out exhausted!! It’s nice to be back on track. & I LOVE IT – get out the good vanilla 😉 x Shannon

  • I am so sorry about your website, I get so anxious when mine is down so I feel for you!
    I hope you are feeling better now!

    • omg it was the worst but also something both Chloe Digital helped a sister out with! I swear I’d be so lost without them! x Shannon

  • Oof, feel better! Just havvvvving to try some more popsicles sounds like a real bummer hehe. I’m definitel going to be jamming out Calvin Harris for the rest of week now. Thanks for the Monday pick up <3

    xx Pia

    • Right?! soooo much work for the blog taste testing 😉 and yes!!! def let me know what you think – I ADORE his old style! Thanks so much for reading, Pia!! xx Shannon