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The Champagne Edit :: First of 2018 - Champagne at Shannon's

The Champagne Edit :: First of 2018

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TGIFF!! & the first champagne edit of 2018 🙂

I’m actually pretty excited because for the first time in four years (yup that’s right), I’m cutting my hair. Having it long has been fun, but it’s time for a change. I’m nervous but also so excited! My hair has been down past my waist and I love it but it’s been like this. With so many changes going on in my life, I feel like this keeps momentum going – is that weird?

Other than that, really looking forward to the long weekend. I’ve made a resolution to get outside and waterside at least once a week. It’s a place that I find true peace & I am very lucky to live so close to the Pacific Ocean – 52 ocean side walks don’t sound too bad, right? I also like to get barefoot and grounded with it.

On long weekends, I love to take the time with Erik to explore the city more & get out of our comfort zones… can you tell that’s the theme for 2018? If you have any SF reccs for us, let us know! I def want to hike Corona Heights trail so keep your eyes peeled for that on the ‘gram.

Finally, are you following me on Instagram? If not, wellllll, I will be hosting a major giveaway once I hit 10k & I am so close which is SO exciting. so check me out and say what up!

WELLP that’s all I got today – what are you up to this weekend?

xx Shannon

 < E A T  M E >

Smokey Spanish Romesco Sauce by What Annie’s Eating

Y’all know I am obsessed with Annie Garcia & her recipes on What Annie’s Eating. See my obsession for her here & here. WELL- she has a new recipe that I want to whip up ASAP to serve with some charcuterie over the weekend: Smokey Spanish Romesco sauce. It’s a sauce made with roasted peppers, almonds, spices, tomatoes, lemon juice & more. Her recipes will NEVER lead you astray!

< D R I N K  M E >

Why You Should Be Drinking Rose Water and How to Make It at Home by Lauren Conrad

Like everyone, a major resolution of mine is to drink more water. I will do a whole blown post on this and I’ve already seen quite the difference in almost two weeks! Rose in general is wonderful for your skin. It’s hydrating, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, & anti-bacterial. Not only does it smell and taste amazing but it is SUPER easy to make! I LOVE the idea of keeping infused waters around the house. I’ll def give this a go with a lil CBD. How amazing does Rose CBD Water sound? I need to get on this!

< R E A D  M E >

Why I Changed The Way I Use Instagram…. & How Much Happier It’s Made Me by Katey Yurko of The Violet Fog

The Violet Fog is one of my all time favourite SF based blogs. Katey is an absolute doll & keeps things BEYOND real. In this filtered blogosphere, blogs like hers are a major breath of fresh air. This article is a fantastic read & one I personally can relate to. I, too, recently changed the way I used insagram in a similar way. It’s very important to note that what you see for the most part is a highlight reel. I never want anyone to feel inadequate for what they see on my instagram, because I know how shitty that feels. I’ve found by following people who really inspire me & especially loyal blog readers & followers {really, I hate that term} has kept instagram fun and keeps me in touch with the people I really want to be in touch with. YOU! Sure there are the mega influencers but they don’t inspire me as much as the girl reading this blog & it’s very important to me for YOU to know that. I feel like I now need a whole blog post about this. Such a great read, Katey!

< B U Y  M E >

pixie jacket in neutral by has taken over instagram & for good reason! Easily one of the raddest lines out there. I recently ordered this teddy bear jacket and I have yet to take it off. Seriously! I’ve worn it constantly. It goes with every single outfit ever & the neutral colour is perfect. My favourite way to wear it is with some vintage jeans {slit at the seams}, & a black turtleneck. shocker I know. How would you style it?
Note: this item runs large so size down! I have an xs in it and it’s still huge!

< D A N C E  W /  M E >

Party Supplies – Going Back To New York [the Knocks Remix]

If you follow me on instagram, you know I am obsessed in a major way with this song. In fact, when I posted it on my stories, I got a personal message from The Knocks saying that it was their favourite remix they have ever made. I can totally see why – there is so much emotion to it which I find is hard to accomplish in a remix. Give it a lesson, I promise you won’t be able to take it off repeat one, I know I haven’t. Really a smashing track & you guys know how much I love The Knocks 😉 x


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