What’s new, Pussycat? Talking my Top 5 Cat Products!

When I was 24 years old, I made one of the best decisions of my life.

I had recently moved to Dallas and really wanted to adopt / rescue a pet.

I grew up with animals my entire life & love them. I’ve always been a cat person moreso than dog {don’t get me wrong, love dogs too!} & I really wanted a black kitten.

I was perusing Craigslist looking to rescue a kitten until I came across THE most adorable litter with the cutest black kitten. The second I saw her, I KNEW I had to have her. In 24 hours, I became the proud owner to the sweetest black kitten with bright blue eyes who was about the size of my hand!

Well she grew up quickly & PLENTY since.

Her blue eyes got more and more green & she has the biggest teeth with tips that stick out of her mouth! It’s seriously adorable & I am obsessed with her. She also came with a plethora of nicknames: Luc, Bass or Dat Bass, & Fleek-a-Leek.

I’ll admit, I’m legit psycho over Lucy. I’ve had her since she was four weeks old and sometimes I’m not sure who rescued who. Ok cool, we’re all crazy over our pets, but to up the crazy ante {a true talent of mine}, I 100% consider her my best friends. Seriously, she’s my ride or die, and it’s not uncommon for me to decline plans to spend QT with her…. 😅

Pets are a lot of work. Sure cats can be independent, but Lucy…. is a stage 5 clinger. She requires a lot of attention {princess status} & care… & I wouldn’t have it any other way.

For starters, Erik is allergic to her {& all cats and dogs :::insert emoji throwing back head & crying riiiiight here::: } so grooming & extra care around the house is imperative.

That said, I live in a small SF studio.

All in all, I have about 450 square feet that I share with Lucy & all her sass. She is a huge cat with not only a thick black coat, but an even thicker undercoat. As you can imagine, she sheds…. a LOT.

Also, there are the less glamorous parts of having a cat such as litter maintenance. In a small studio, you def want to keep things…. fresh.

Well, I’ve rounded up my five favourite products that makes both mine & Lucy’s life easier… a must for any pet!

My Top 5 Favourite Cat Products!

ONE }: The Furminator deShedder tool

{ buy here }

This brush is seriously amazing. I use it on Luc every other day for about ~15 minutes. To put it bluntly, it’s a comb that literally grooms your pet & sheds them for you. All you do is brush the cat all over with it  – trust me, they LOVE it. It collects all the excess fur, dander, & undercoat. This tool is seriously a godsend & Luc loves it probably more than I do. It’s a great tool to maintain in between groomings.

TWO }: The Scratch Lounge aka World’s Best Scratcher!

{ buy here }

One of Lucy’s not-so-best qualities is her scratching of the furniture. With cats, it’s something you come to expect & declawing is never an option. No matter what scratching post or pads I bought her, she liked the furniture better. Out of desperation, I bought her this from a strong recc at my local pet store. Let me tell you, I don’t know what it is about this scratch lounge, but it’s the ONLY thing Lucy has an interest in for her claws {& my couch thanks it immensely}. She also just lounges & stretches in it for days. You can also replace the pad as it get’s worn down rather than replacing the whole thing.  I’ve recommended this to other friends with cats & all their cats are obsessed.  PS – it comes with catnip too!

THREE }: 3-Piece Airtight Pet Food Storage Container Combo

{ buy here }

I am seriously obsessed with this purchase. I love that it comes with all three pieces, including a scoop. I use the large one with wheels for food & it helps ensure she will never run out of food. I keep it wheeled under my sink which is near her food bowl. I also use the small one for excess litter. I portion out Lucy’s food so she has a special scoop from the vet for weight maintenance so I use the large scoop for refreshing her litter. Not only do these keep things organized but they are also air tight! The options to use them are endless! I bought the silver one & it goes with my kitchen perfectly.

FOUR }: Kuddle Kup Eco-Friendly Cat Bed & Play Tunnel

{ buy here }

So you see it everywhere: you buy a cat a nice bed & they’re more interested in the box it came in. NOT with this purchase. I got this to help with both Lucy’s dander and her shedding & she is OBSESSED with it. She loves sleeping in this & spends a lot of her time in it, content in her cloud. The fibers help insulate her heat which cats just love. It also folds out into a tunnel!

Five }: Litter Genie®

{ buy here }

Litter maintenance isn’t the sexiest thing to blog about, but if you have a cat, you know how necessary it is! I make sure Lucy’s litterbox is clean at all times. It’s imperative for the cat’s health & you can monitor any strange litterbox behavior which is generally the telltale sign that your cat is sick. Litter Genie® makes it a serious breeze & stops that cat litter smell in its tracks. Seriously. It’s a trash-can with filters made just for cat litter disposal with an odor locking compartment system. The design is sleek {I have the silver one} but more importantly? It traps all odor. The filters are big enough for two weeks { !!!!}  at a time. It’s a one stop shop to keep things clean, hassle-free, & odor free. Seriously! In my studio – you can’t escape or hide the litter box – & there is no trace of odor & it makes cleaning the box twice a day super easy. When full, you just slice the bag with the built in razor, tie a knot, & throw it out. Every cat owner needs this, it’s really a life saver. You can find it & the filters on Amazon {2-day shipping ftw}! Read more about Litter Genie here

Seriously, these five products have been a life-saver & helps keep my apartment in great condition. Not to mention, the cat loves them too {yes, even the Litter Genie- a smelly litter box really stresses out cats as they are very clean creatures}!

How about y’all? Any fellow cat owners?? Let me know some good finds or act care tips – always looking for a new ones! I am also on the hunt for a mobile SF-based groomer so if you have any leads, let me know!


Shannon & Lucy!

{ Weekend Vibes // Champagne at Shannon's } Lucy Silver 5th Halloween! // Champagne at Shannon's

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{ Luc when I first got her in 2010!! Apologies for the blurry pic from a very old iPhone & completely unedited }

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  • These photos are so cute! I just adopted a kitten! I want to try that brush it sounds glorious

    • Thanks Laura!! I love looking at pics of her. Congrats on the new kitten!!!! omg I can’t wait to stalk all the pictures – kittens are the best! That brush is seriously a LIFE saver & cats just love it!! xx Shannon

  • Vanessa Moore

    May need to get that cloud bed for my kittie!

    Vanessa | http://www.vanessarenae.com

    • Yes! It’s wonderful & captures sooooo much dander! x Shannon

  • Fash-n-Curious

    Cute pics and black kitty! Im def a dog person though. https://fash-n-curious.com/

    • Thanks love!! Dogs are so fun too!! Do you have one? xx SLS

  • This is great post! I used to have a cat when I was younger and definitely miss him.

    • Tsvetelina, I totally get it. Cats are so so so special! I’m so glad you liked this post 🙂 x Shannon

  • Julie

    I’m totally not a cat person but Lucy is cute enough to make me want to snuggle her! So glad that you two got connected!

    • Thanks Julie! Lucy is a big fan of snuggles so you’re welcome to anytime 😉 She is seriously the best ever!! xx Shannon

  • You two are too cute! I am a crazy dog lady for real! I’ve had my eye on that FURminator forever, and now you make me want to get it! My dogs shed like craaazy! Lets get together soon! xo Sam


    • YES get it! it REALLY helps with the shedding, especially since it gets so much of the undercoat & the cray pet life is DEF the way to be!! Date next month pls? xx Shannon

  • Samantha Brooke

    Yes to the furminator! I have two pups and that little gadget is a lifesaver!


    • YES!! It’s seriously the best. My place is a DISASTER if I ever forget to do it! x Shannon

  • Amanda Maxwell

    I grew up with cats and my mom still has one. My husband is not a fan so we have moved onto to dogs. Great tips here.

    • Thanks Amanda! I’ve slowly converted Erik to cats but I just love them, they are so fun – thanks for commenting 🙂 xx S

  • Morgan Jorgenson

    Thank you so much for this post! I am literally ordering that storage container now!

    • You are so welcome!! The storage container is seriously EVERYTHING. LMK how you like it!! x Shannon

  • I use the furminator for my little dog and it is amazing! She hates it though 😀



    Novelstyle Blog

    • omg that’s so funny your pup hates the furminator! Luc is suuuuch a ham and LOVES it. Must be a cat & dog thing! So cute! x Shannon

  • Nikki Arnold

    I have the same brush for my cat! I love that storage solution though, I really need something like that!!
    Xo, Nikki | http://www.thefashionableaccountant.com

    • It’s the best!! YES to the storage, it’s amazing how something so simple makes such a huge difference! LMK if you get it 🙂 x Shannon

  • Lisa Vigil

    Your cat is the cutest! These are some great tips!

    • omg thanks Lisa !! I’ll pass on the complements to her 😉 xx Shannon

  • Hi Lucy girl! I Love you!

    I AM DYING to get a cat – dyinggggg. I grew up with them but have such bad allergies now, it makes me so sad :(.

    This is inspiring me tho, need to push through and rescue a kitty!!!



    • Oh no!! I’m so sorry you have allergies to them. Erik is the same exact way and it makes me sad. We may just have to end up with a Sphynx at some point LOL maybe try fostering one & see how it goes?? If you have any tips on combatting cat allergies PLEASE let me know! Lucy sends her love {& so much of it!!} xx Shannon

  • Haleigh

    Lucy?!? Omg I am dying! So so cute! I have never had a cat before, but I love your story!

    xo, Hales | http://www.sincerelyhales.com

    • Thanks Haleigh!! She seriously makes my day & I loved sharing her on the blog 🙂 I def recc getting a cat, they are so fun!! Thanks for the sweet comment! xx Shannon


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