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{Champagne Travel Guide:} Byron Bay, NSW - Champagne at Shannon's

{Champagne Travel Guide:} Byron Bay, NSW

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TL;DR – Guide Here

{ exploring Byron Bay with my baby // Champagne at Shannon's }
{ byron bay // champagne at shannon's }{ byron bay light house // champagne at shannon's }
Exploring Byron Bay with my love

Hello from Sydney!

I hope everyone had an absolutely amazing holiday. Ours was an absolute dream. We left San Francisco on Tuesday and landed in Australia on Thursday / Christmas Eve. Getting to Byron from San Francisco took a good 24 hours, but it was worth it.

Byron Bay is a beach town in New South Wales, Australia, with a lot of soul & character. In fact, I miss it so much already. The beaches are stunning, the food is bomb, the fashion is phenomenal, and the people are awesome.

{ his and hers adidas and Asahi at Byron Bay }his & hers

When we got to our place in Byron Bay, we had a {pleasant} discovery that our beach house did not have wifi. So, we made the executive decision to enjoy the disconnect while we have it & not go out of our way to look for the connection.

I have to admit, we loved being completely disconnected. With the nature of our industries, including the blog and social media on top of my FTJ, sometimes I find we are just completely glued to our phones/computers/tablets. The disconnect allowed us to totally connect, and truly enjoy Byron Bay.

{ shannon silver in Byron Bay // champagne at Shannon's }

When we got there on Christmas Eve, we spent the day really exploring the town. We did a little bit of shopping, then grabbed drinks at a really rad bar called The Sticky Wicket.  We did not eat there, just drinks, but their menu looked amazing! In fact, I am kicking myself for not ordering the brisket gyozas while we were there.

Afterwards, we shopped a bit more – picked up some local beers and wines {more on that in a few} so we were stocked for Christmas, then grabbed pizza for dinner at a place called Earth ‘n’ Sea Pizza. Honestly, this was one of the best pizzas I have ever had. My boyfriend and I both got a small pizza each {i like spicy, he does not} and they were the perfect size for a personal pizza! He got the “Apocolaypse Now” which came with Ham, beef, pepperoni, green peppers, pineapples, mushrooms and prawns, and I got the”Some Like it Hot” which was with beef, secret spices, herbs, onions & chili sauce – YUM!

{ holla at Sticky Wicket, Byron Bay, NSW // Champagne at Shannon's }holla!

We were still a bit jetlagged, so we went to bed the second we got back.

The next morning, Christmas Day, it was thunderstorming! We braved the rain, ran out and found coffee and breakfast sandwhiches. Unfortunately, it rained throughtout the morning, so we watched Food Network as we waited for it to clear. Then, we went out to the beach and spent all day there! When we came back in the afternoon, we had the pleasant surprise that the restaurants we were staying on our alley were all open, so we grabbed mediterranean food at a place called Orgasmic… and it was pretty damn good. I got the chicken schnitzel { they coated their chicken with all sorts of spices & sesame seeds!} & falafel platter, and my boyfriend got the beef kofta, which were perfectly spiced beef patties. This place also had some of the best pita bread and hummus I have ever had – I guess it lived up to the name!

{ orgasmic at byron bay, nsw // champagne at shannon's }schnitzel at Orgasmic on Bay Lane

It started to rain some more, so we spent the rest of the night on our covered deck – opened a Tasmanian Pinot Noit which was one of the best I have ever had – and drank that & played chess for hours. Before we knew it, it was going on 10:00 PM so we grabbed a carryout dinner from a kebab place down the road called Zaza Kebabs. We both got a gyro platter and chips, which were beyond incredible.

{ daily breakfast at cool katz // byron bay. NSW }eggs and bacon + a tonnnn of tobasco at cool katz

The next day, we got to experience Boxing Day! We woke up to clear blue skies, so we decided to make the hike around the beaches to the Byron Bay Lighthouse after breakfast. For the next three days, we did breakfast at a cafe called Cool Katz, which I miss so much already! I had the BEST scrambled eggs of my life there, and we all know how weird I am about eggs! Also, what was so neat about Cool Katz, is instead of coffee, they had a Dandelion Root as a substitute. I could easily eat the rest of my life at Byron Bay and be completely happy.

Okay, SO, whatever you do in Byron, be SURE to make it to the Lighthouse. The hike was stunning, and as you leave it, the trail will wind you down to the beaches!

{ FACT: It is the most eastern point of Australia! }

{ the most eastern point of AUS // champagne at shannon's }

{ byron bay light house // champagne at shannon's }Byron Bay lighthouse with bae

We finished this hike at the beach, and I almost got swept away by the Pacific Ocean so my boyfriend saved the day and then we decided we were done for the beach for the day…. so to make me feel better we did the one thing I was looking forward to this entire trip…

Shopping at Spell!

Okay, so full disclosure, a big reason for this trip was so I could shop at my number one favourite place, Spell Designs. I took major advantage of the Boxing Day sales there.

{ shannon silver visits spell designs in Byron Bay // Champagne at Shannon's } { shannon silver visits spell designs in Byron Bay // Champagne at Shannon's }Spell Designs

Afterwards, my boyfriend randomly found out about a Music Festival called Byron Vibes at the Byron Bay Brewery. It was SO good! The music scene in Australia is seriously so phenomenal.

A total stand out act was Simon Wright & we spent the remainder of the night sharing drinks with him, his very lovely girlfriend Hannah, and two other friends we made there who were visiting from Sydney! I also highly reccomend checking out Katia Demeester – she was absolutely darling & full of talent. We finished the day with carryout from Fishmongers with a box full of fried seafood goodness, and quite possibly the best chips ever.

{ byron vibes // champagne at shannon's }
{ Shannon Silver at Byron Vibes in Byron Bay, NSW // Champagne at Shannon's } Byron Vibes

On our final full day there, my boyfriend went golfing {any golfers here or significant others of golfers?! I could get him to put together a guide of all the golf courses he did here if this is of interest} so I spent my day shopping, where I picked up the most rad sunglasses from a Vintage store, literally from the 70s, as well as this bomb jelly fish bikini by Mink Pink – both pictured below { top // bottoms }!

{ Shannon Silver wearing MinkPink in Byron Bay, Australia // Champagne at Shannon's }Byron Bae

Unfortunately, by the time he came back, it was pouring in rain, so we watched more food network, shared some leftover Tasmanian Sparkling wine before dinner, which was PHENOMENAL. We went to the most amazing Mexican restaurant called Miss Margarita! We had the shrimp & chorizo enchiladas, salt & pepper squid, and plenty of Mezcal margaritas to go around.

miss margarita at byron bay

{ night lanterns at byron bay // champagne at shannon's }

{ shannon silver and erik schuchard at the Byron Bay Love Booth // champagne at shannon's }Miss Margarita Positive Affirmations // Byron Bay at Night // #ByronLoveBooth

Also, can we please talk about the wine / beer? I thought I was spoiled in San Francisco and being so close to wine country. It is so easy to find VERY good wines at a great value, no matter where you go. Well, it was even better in Byron (and I am assuming Australia as a whole!) – the local beers were phenomenal, and it was easy to find wines from my ultimate favourite region – Tasmania!

Unfortunately, we tried, but we are not making it to Tasmania this trip, but it is 10000% on the list! There is a hotel called Saffire Freycinet I am DYING to stay at that has a Tasmanian Devil sanctuary on-site! Perhaps for the 2016 holiday? 😉 Speaking of, anyone know where to see the sweet little devils in Sydney? I love them!

Now, we are in Sydney, which I am already head over heels in love with. It is quite possibly one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen – we even saw the Opera House last night! My boyfriend is golfing {of course!} so I am about to go explore as soon as I publish this, catch up on comments, emails, and visit y’alls blogs because I missed you!!

{ shannon silver in Byron Bay // champagne at Shannon's }
{ shannon silver in Byron Bay // champagne at Shannon's }

Any must do’s? We are here until New Year’s Day {& no NYE plans yet!}, and then we are off to our next destination for the week – Fiji!

I also put together an extremely simple list of the places mentioned or things we enjoyed while in Byron! I do hope you can make it out there at some point. It was one of my favourite places I have EVER been to. Plus, where are my single gals at?! The beaches are full of surfers!

♡ Champagne at Shannon’s Byron Bay Travel Guide

{ TIP: We stayed on Bay Lane, and highly recommend that area – you will be in the heart of town! }

⚜   Airbnb
⚜   Waves at Byron Bay
⚜   Byron Bay Luxury Homes
⚜   Beach Hotel
⚜   East On Byron


   Sticky Wicket
⚜   Earth ‘n’ Sea Pizza
⚜   Orgasmic
⚜   ZaZa Kebab
⚜   Cool Katz
⚜   Byron Bay Brewery
⚜   Fishmongers
⚜   Miss Margarita
⚜   Beach House {PS – they have cold-pressed cocktails! }


⚜   Spell Designs
⚜   About a Girl
⚜   She Envy
⚜   Karly Sunshine Shop


⚜   Byron Vibes
⚜   Simon Wright
⚜   Katia Demeester
⚜   Wandering Eyes
⚜   Byron House Mafia

Beer / Wine

⚜   Stone & Wood { highly recommend the Pacific Ale }
⚜   Byron Bay Brewing Company

Tasmanian Wines

⚜   Jansz Sparking { my favourite }
⚜   Ninth Island Sparkling { my boyfriend hates champagne, but loved this one }
⚜   Spring Vale { we drank the Pinot on Christmas and it was phenomenal }

I hope everyone had a great holiday, thank you so so so much for reading, and from the bottom of my heart, I hope you make it to Byron Bay. I am already looking forward to coming back here. Feel free to email with any questions if you need help planning!

Talk soon,



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