This recipe is seriously so easy, I feel a little silly calling it a recipe.

However, THESE are my jam. They take literally 2 seconds and you can make it on the spot. No prep, little clean up, & super versatile.

Especially in the morning. If you’re anything like me, whether I was working from home or in an office, the very LAST thing I want to do are tons of dishes. As easy as smoothies are, you still have to clean the damn blender before you go.

This is as easy as adding the ingredients & stirring (& throwing away any trash!)

So that right there is a win.

It’s no secret, I am a HUGE matcha fan. HUGE. Remember my superfood matcha latte?

Did you know that “matcha” translates to “powdered tea”?

I love tea, especially green. It’s one ingredient that I find just so healing & nurturing for my body. Matcha is that x 100000 since you are drinking green tea as a whole vs steeping it.

The health benefits to matcha are endless but I’ll name a few of them for you {source}:

-FULL of antixodants {anti-aging!!} & chlorphyll
– straight up loaded w EGCg {antioxidant that helps your metabolism & blood pressure – matcha is
-full of the amino acid L-Theanine which helps fight anxiety
– boosts memory & concentration
– increases energy & endurance {love it as a pre workout}
– metabolism booster & helps burn more calories {!!!}
– detoxifies & supports the immune system

The best matcha is from Japan. You want a nice, vibrant green colour. In fact, when we went to the Tsukiji Fish Market & had sushi there, it was served immediately with never ending matcha. Talk about my kind of heaven, right? It’s just the best.

HOWEVER {in my best Ina voice}- if you can’t get to Japan, storebought will do. 😉 obviously, I’m joking but many of the matcha on the market here IS indeed from Japan.

My favourite store brand is actually from Trader Joe’s! I’ll do a post in the next few weeks of my favourite TJ’s products, but this is def on my list – Matcha Green Tea Single Serve Packets! They are ~$7 for 7 packets – not bad at all.

It makes making matcha as simple as pouring it like sugar in hot or cold water. They are perfectly pre-packed and was one of my favourite things to bring to the office. Not to mention, no whisking required! I like to throw it in a bottle of water, shake it up, & sip!

Here pictured, I have one of the matcha packets as well as the green tea that I used in this recipe from Japan… very Ina of me, I know.

Making this is SUPER SIMPLE!

Basically, get your PLAIN, unsweetened yogurt. Any yogurt will do! I used a this Living Coconut Yogurt by GT’s Kombucha but it’s VERY good in Greek Yogurt, as well. {NOTE: the protein casein in dairy milk can interfere with the absorption of matcha’s antioxidants. for maximum antioxdant absorption, look for dairy alternative yogurts like coconut, nut milk, etc – a few brands are: daiya, kite hill, so delicious. if you’re doing it for taste & a healthy snack, feel free to stick w dairy!}

For every 8oz of yogurt, add a tsp of matcha, sweeten it with a lil stevia or raw honey, & add a kiss of vanilla. & blend it in. EASY! I keep it all in the container!

Regarding the sweetener, use as much or as little depending on your yogurt. Stevia is sweeter than sugar so one packet really goes a long way! & of course, you can bypass the vanilla if you use a vanilla yogurt or if you don’t like vanilla.

Now the vanilla is totally optional but I personally LOVE it with matcha {i also love white chocolate & matcha but thats a story for another day}. I find it lends a nice creaminess and pairs really well with the earthy flavour. It also adds another hint of a sweetness!

If you have a large format yogurt, you can mix it all one morning {or Sunday night} and have it for the entire week!

& of course, you can scoop it out in a bowl and mix it together if you just want a little bit.

Again, it’s super versatile so do as much or as little!

As far as how to use it…

Options are endless!

I just topped mine with some berries, ground flax, chia seeds, hemp hearts, & cinnamon. This may sound like a weird pairing but I just LOVE blueberries and flax mixed together.

It would be delicious with some tropical fruits & shaved coconuts too. It would be AWESOME & hella healthy with some goji berries too. YUM.

You can also mix it in freezer proof bowl, top with plastic wrap & freeze it for your own version of fro yo.

Throw it in a blender with some fruits and greens for a healthy, calorie burning smoothie… though we go back to cleaning that darn blender. 😉 fwiw: I use this blender since it is so easy to clean.

Also, bake with it! Whatever recipes call for yogurt or greek yogurt, use this for a matcha twist.

Anyways, this has been my 2 second breakfast as of late & I gotta say, it’s a winner.

Not only does it take 2 seconds, but it is EXTREMELY instagrammy. If you don’t have any content to post, just make this, it takes 2 seconds and is just begging to be on the gram 😉

Do you love matcha as much as I do? Also, let me know your fave TJ’s finds! You def have to check out their matcha packets, they just make it soooo easy.

FYI – you can expect recipes here every Wednesday {or Thursday if I have a #WCW interview going down} 😉 let me know anything else you want to see!!

xx Shannon

+++ my cutlery {love anything holographic!}

love a holographic kitch sitch

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  • Jess Kovar

    This is such a great idea!

  • Brianna

    This actually looks really good. I love green tea but never tried matcha before, however! This will be a try I am planning on very soon. Love how simple and easy it is!

    • Yes!! Give it a go, Brianna, you will love it. Thanks so much for reading 🙂 xx

  • I LOVE Matcha! Great receipt ideas 🙂 xo Jana | http://www.janastyleblog.com

  • Carly

    I love your recipes! I’ve been meaning to try Match!

    • Thanks Carly!!! You are so sweet – you will LOVE it’s soooo good!

  • Super interesting! I’ve never tried Matcha and certainly never thought about putting it in yogurt. I’ll have to try it.

    – Gabbi

    • Thanks Gabbi! It’s soooo easy and so good. Let me know if you give it a go! x Shannon