Mmmm Gourmand: THE most delicious perfumes ever (& less than $20 a pop)!


Ohhhh well, hello Monday!

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was great – very relaxing. Just what the doctor ordered. To be honest, I wasn’t feeling the hottest all week & I have a flight to Dallas on Wednesday so I wanted to take care of my body. By the way, a little stoked since it’s my first time back to Dallas since I moved!

Yesterday, we went to the Stanley Kubrick Exhibit at the Contemporary Jewish Museum and OMG it was phenomenal. Y’all already know one of my favourite movies is A Clockwork Orange but another all-time favourite is Eyes Wide Shut. I am also dying to see Lolita!

It was crazy, there were letters the church would send him telling him to not release the movies. Reading some of the letters & seeing some of the scripts was like a step back in time.

A Clockwork Orange had it’s own exhibit and it was just so cool, including the real statues from the Korova milk bar, the real droog costume Malcolm McDowell wore (Eyes Wide Shut also had Tom Cruise’s cape & mase), & cheeky letters sent to Kubrick after release (literally, there was one asking for less violence and more sex in A Clockwork Orange).

I snapped a bunch of it, but MAN, if you are in San Francisco, go go go! It’s live until October 30.

NOW let’s get into the Gourmand EDP…the title speaks for itself.


In fact, I love these (exclusive to Urban Outfitters) Gourmand EDP scents so much that I’ve been meaning to do this post for a while. Also, none of this is sponsored, I am just totally obsessed with this find.

I’ve been wearing these for the past year and really cannot get enough. Erik loves them on me too! I find that the smells are subtle, but not overbearing at all & they fade out quite nicely.

I’ll admit, it’s a bad habit to spray a TON of perfume (remember here?!) but if I snafu on this, it isn’t overwhelming at all. Seriously perfect for me.

TIP: Scent rises so spray just your ankles if you want an all day lasting scent without it being overwhelming.

OH & the best part? They are only an ounce so they are super easy to travel with. Not to mention, the minimalistic design is totally chic.

Literally right up my aesthetic alley.

I have the following three scents:



When I first read the descriptors for Sel Ocean, I KNEW I’d love this beachy scent.

This one is definitely on the flirty side and an “effortless” scent. I find it fits almost every mood & outfit (weird, but I match my perfumes to my outfits). This one is perfect for anything outdoors, boozy brunches, and of course, walks on the beach with your beau. I also love spraying it in my hair to add to that “California Girl” beachy vibe.

I personally love the subtle briny notes mixed with the florals & is sometimes an insta-passport back to my birthday in Cabo.




Now this one is an interesting one. I’ll 100% admit, the name totally caught my eye. After all, macarons & rosé are two of my favourite things. When I saw this in Urban Outfitters, I went straight to testing it on my wrists… & to be honest, I hated it at first.

I left & continued on my errands. As the scent settled (I sprayed a little tooooo much but #typical), it became quite pleasant and I was being asked constantly what I was wearing whenever I was standing in line. Well, needless to say, I went straight back into UO & purchased it.

It’s a very romantic, clean scent – sweet sugar with bubble rosé & a rose bouquet. This is perfect for tea dates, happy hours with the girls, & I like it for the office. I also want the lip balm! YESPLZ.

….& now I am craving Macarons & Rosé! 😉




Ahhhh, this one is a very special scent.

For starters, this warm coconut/vanilla scent always, always, always takes me back to Fiji. Seriously (& I am still so obsessed with the Pure Fiji brand).

Out of the three, Lait de Coco is the most subtle one, but I also think the sexiest & seductive out of the three. This is what you wear for date night, sexy nights in, or anything where you want to amp it up. On it’s own, it is very warm, comforting, & sensual.

What also makes this scent so special is that it is the BEST for blending. I LOVE mixing it with either the top 2 scents. This adds a more decadent touch to the Macaron Rosé & balances the flirty with the sexy in Sel Ocean (this combo is Erik’s favourite on me, btw).

I also think this one is probably the most universal. Vanilla + coconut smells good on seriously anyone & it’s a perfect layering perfume for ANY brand of perfume. For that reason, it’s also my favourite to travel with.



….& the best part of it all, y’all? These perfumes go for $18. Picking up all three will cost you less than any “designer” perfume (& the other three for less than a fancy Eau de Parfum).

Very high quality, pleasant scents that are sure to match any mood. The other three scents include: Citron Glace (Sparkling lemon, velvet jasmine, crystallized sugar); Thé Matcha (Green tea, citrus, white flowers), & Pistachio Brulee (milk vanilla mousse, pistachio, vanilla bean). There’s seriously something for everybody!

Also, speaking of Urban Outfitters, they’ve SERIOUSLY been killin’ it with their home, wellness & beauty section lately. I love their candles, fragrances, bath goodies, & skin care. Def check them out. I’m seriously impressed. Speaking of: THIS salt spray is an all time favourite purchase. It’s a must for my hair! I love the Peaches & Coconut milk scent too & they sell my FAVOURITE EVER Egyptian Magic.

Now how about you? Do you have a go to scent? Any brands I should check out? Let me know!

Happy Monday xx


scents & all descriptors found here.

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  • Jessica

    Those scents sound amazing! And I love the packaging!
    xo Jessica

    • I totally agree! I LOVE the pastels and the minimalist packaging. So chic in my bathroom cabinet! xx Shannon

  • aida zhan

    Wow I’m so impressed by your ability to describe scents like that! I’m terrible at it. Great read — thanks for sharing! <3

    • Ha! Thanks Aida! I blame my years of being a sommelier 😉 So glad you enjoyed it – they are too good! xx Shannon

  • Tailored and true

    Ahh these scents sound amazing! This is such a PSA post I love it!

    • ha ha right?! Just trying to spread the good word because these fragrances have rocked my world! Let me know if you try them! xx Shannon

  • Wow I would love to try the Ocean Salt smell. I love anything beachy!

    • omg you will LOVE it! It seriously is so versatile & just so pleasant. I can’t get enough – instant beach vacay in a bottle 😉 lmk if you give them a go! xx Shannon

  • I am NOT a scent person at all, I wear my mystical rose oil everyday to heighten my energy and create positivity around me but these are SELLING me! I love that they are less than 20$ YES score and the Lait De Coco is right up my alley!! I LOVE Clockwork Orange too YES! I need to start exploring more, so much inspo here <3 <3

    • This Mystical Rose oil seriously sounds amazing!!! The price is seriously too good but I think you will LOVE the Lait de Coco – not only is it so chic with marble (#priorities) but it will seriously blend with almost any scent (including the rose), & is so lovely on it’s own. A Clockwork Orange is a phenomenal movie! If the exhibit comes to you seriously have to go – it was incredible and I already want to go back! There’s something so fun about exploring your own city!! Sending you so much love! xx SLS

  • Nicole

    That is such a great price point! I’m going to give this a try for sure.

    Xo, Nicole

    • You will seriously love! Let me know which ones you give a go! 😉 xx SS

  • I went to a Kubrick exhibit a few years ago at LACMA and it was so comprehensive and well done. I definitely appreciate you going! I’ve got to try these scents, I’m in the market for a new perfume and you can’t beat a $20 price tag!

    • Oh I am so jealous of all the rad exhibits you get at LACMA. Seriously such a phenomenal museum. TOTALLY agree re: Comprehensive. Seeing the transition from hand written to tech-heavy was really inspiring, personally. What are some of your favourite movies?? I totally trust your taste & always looking for something new to watch. and yes! these scents are the BEST (though that price tag makes it easy to stock up on all of them lol), I’m wearing Sel Ocean now!! xx Shannon

  • Jessica J Perkins

    I just saw your post about the exhibition on Instagram! Sounds fantastic. You also just reminded me that I still haven’t seen “Eyes Wide Shut!” Going to watch that now in the next few weeks. As for perfumes, I’m pretty impressed by the sound of those scents. My only thought is, have you tried solid perfume? I’ve recently got into them and maybe they would be good for adding another layer to these scents. I hope you have a lovely weekend! xx

    • Hey Jessica! Thank you so much for stopping by, and glad to see another Kubrick fan here. Are you in SF? If so, def check it out! In fact, I just saw that the SF Symphony is doing 2001: A Space Odyssey this month! “Eyes Wide Shut” is a fantastic movie. Def perfect for a weekend in. Let me know what you think when you see it!! Lolita is next on my list.

      I was blown away by the perfumes too! The scents are perfect & are fun to build upon. If you get one, let me know. I have tried Solid perfume! I love it for travel or throwing in a clutch. I used to layer with Vanillary by Lush, but haven’t in a while (in fact, mine is so the stick version that they discontinued). Are there any you recommend?? I’ll def check them out! LMK some of your layer favourite combinations too!

      I hope you had a wonderful weekend!! xx Shannon

      • Jessica J Perkins

        Of course! I had fun reading this post and checking your blog out properly. I’m not in SF alas but we do have family there so maybe we can pop over. I was hoping the exhibition was a travelling one so that I could see it that way.

        Solid perfume wise, I’ve recently started using Amygadala I think they’re in the process of working on offering in the US so hopefully you can check them out as they are UK based at the mo.

        I had a lovely weekend, I hope you have a great start to to week! xx