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Weekend Vibes :: Vegas & Chill

Weekend Vibes :: Vegas & Chill… Getting out of my Rut

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Happy Monday from San Francisco!

I hope everyone had a rad weekend. As mentioned, I was in Vegas all weekend. And to be honest…. it was as perfect as can be.

We didn’t really do Vegas the way most people do…. for example, there was no clubs, no pool parties, no DJ’s, no gambling… no raging, if you will.

Instead, it was a ton of R&R, good eats, stunning views, and lots of quality time.

If we are being completely real & on a personal note, I have been in a bit of a rut lately. Things in my personal life have been disappointing and running me dry. Some was self imposed, but most  was out of my power. Also, I haven’t really had a weekend to myself to just chill – which, this is where I get really weird and neurotic, but I NEED.

Long story short, I just needed to get out of San Francisco & this intimate, impromptu Vegas trip was just what the Doctor ordered.

Anyways, let’s talk Vegas!

My boyfriend and I stayed in the Mandarin Oriental, which we 1000000% WILL likely stay whenever we go back to Vegas.

It is seriously tailored for pure relaxation!

For starters, it is a non-gaming hotel… aka no casino {Captain Obvious over here, sorry guys – I’m also a terrible backseat driver}. That said, the crowds just do not exist aka music to my ears. You’re not fighting through cigarette smoke to get to your room, or when your head is ringing from a little too much champagne the night before, the ding ding dings of the slot machines won’t add to it.

The decor was modern, elegant, and minimalistic.

Another thing I loved was that the lobby was on the 23rd floor with the absolute most stunning floor to window panoramic views and floral displays. So gorgeous, I had to double check with my power-babe Franceska to see if she did those floral designs for they were right up her alley! They were not her work, but she did agree that they were absolutely stunning!

{ florals at the Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas // Champagne at Shannon's }
{ Sick gold Wallas at the Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas // Champagne at Shannon's }{ Stunning florals // rad gold wall by the elevators }

On Friday, we did dinner at Yellowtail in the Bellagio. It was a Japanese fusion restaurant with front row views of the fountains… not a bad way to spend a Friday night, at all! We got a smorgasbord of nigiri, spicy miso soup, gyozas, tuna truffle pizza, and a sizzling filet.

On Saturday, we spent the morning at the pool. My boyfriend swam laps, I read, and then we went in the hot tub where we drank some champagne and IPA’s. Not going to lie, I would be totally content if every Saturday morning was spent like that . 😉

The weather in Vegas was actually pretty cold and SUPER windy and our time at the pool had to be cut short, soooo we decided to hit the town for lunch.

His colleague recommended Estoria Milos in the Cosmopolitan which was absolutely divine. Erik has been to the one in New York City {& raved about it ever since} so I was stoked to experience it, as well. For lunch, they offer an extremely reasonable {$25 before any supplements, if applicable} 3 course meal. I got the crab cakes, lobster pasta, and the most ridiculous Greek Yogurt I have ever had. The interior was so wild too. Pretty much, near the kitchen, it is lined with ice, and as they get their fresh fish shipment, they put it on display. Literally, those fish are what the chefs grab and cook with at real time.

{ lobster pasta at Milos in the Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas // Champagne at Shannon's }
{ Fish Display at Milos in the Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas // Champagne at Shannon's }{ Lobster Pasta // spread at Milos }

Afterwards, we caught the UNC/Duke game at the Sports Bar in the Aria where we saw a great win 🙂

We walked around the shops at the Crystals {where we saw THE MOST ridiculous #goals Agate staircase} and killed some time. In fact, there was an absolutely beautiful Harry Winston store with THE most stunning displays and I got to see my absolute favourite collection in person for the first time ever since lusting after it for about four years now… which was wild…. a girl can dream, right?

{ shannon silver & erik watching the UNC game // champagne at Shannon's }
{ sick AF agate stairs at Crystals, Las Vegas // Champagne at Shannon's }
{ shannon silver & Erik Schuchard at Crystals, Las Vegas // Champagne at Shannon's }{ Bae & I // Agate Stairs // Machine of Life }

We went back to the hotel, caught up on some work, and then got ready for dinner which was honestly one of my very favourite parts of the trip…

We grabbed a drink at the Mandarin Bar to kill some time – which was ABSOLUTELY stunning – on the 23rd floor. Like the lobby, it has panoramic views of the strip, and one of my favourite things in the world is the Las Vegas strip all lit up. There is something so hypnotizing about it.

{ Shannon Silver at the Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas // Champagne at Shannon's }wearing Reformation

{ sick views from the Mandarin Bar, Las Vegas // Champagne at Shannon's }

Afterwards, we walked back over to the Crystals to catch our dinner reservations at Mastro’s Ocean Club.

Guys…. I cannot even reiterate to you how phenomenal this place is. I went two years ago for a work event & have dreamed about it ever since.

Pretty much, if you love wine, steak, and seafood… this is your place. Hands down, the best steak I have ever had. And my boyfriend agrees – and we are HUGE steak eaters. Seriously. A medium-rare erring on rare bone in filet with a legit fruits de mer platter is my all time favourite meal.

We got chilled shrimp, King Crab,  & Snow Crab claws and split an 18 oz bone in filet… and it was absolutely incredible. They have the most incredible fruits de mer platter. It is extremely customizeable so you can get as much or as little as you want – not to mention the display is a show stopper itself as it arrives to the table smoking with dry ice {I posted ours on snapchat in action!}

We did not order it, but they are also known for their butter cake. Believe me, we wanted to, but just did not have the capacity for it!

We rolled out and went STRAIGHT to bed, very full, & very happy!

{ Shannon Silver & Erik Schuchard at Mastro's Ocean Club, Las Vegas // Champagne at Shannon's }
{ Steaks & Seafood at Mastro's Ocean Club, Las Vegas // Champagne at Shannon's }
{ Drink line-up in Formation at Mastro's Ocean Club, LAs Vegas // Champagne at Shannon's }

Yesterday, I woke up to breakfast in bed aka my boyfriend bringing me green-mint tea, black coffee, and a sugar brioche from the local cafe. We worked for a few hours, packed up, checked out, and ventured out. Jen from Beautiful Junk recommended Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris, so that patio was 100% on our agenda… but then we walked outside and it was raining! So we adjusted our plans and headed across the street tot he Aria. I am obsessed with Javier’s, so we settled on that…. which no joke, was my other absolute favourite part of our trip.

We sat in a cozy booth, sipped fresh pineapple margaritas & Negro Modelos, and got THE MOST insane Taco Platter. Seriously. If you go here, get this, but know it is HUGE but hey, when in Vegas, right?!

So it is served on a giant cedar plank, with carne asada, grilled chicken, and bone in carnitas along with all the accouterments: guacamole, salsa, grilled vegetables, rice, refried beans, pico de gallo, and pickled vegetables… as well as tortillas to make your own tacos. So, so, so good and $44 for the entire thing which was extremely reasonable. It is advertised “For Two” but can EASILY feed four. No exaggeration.

Not to mention, their decor is seriously incredible. If I had it my way, pretty much, I’d want my house to look like that restaurant. Their bar is absolutely stunning, as well, with crazy rope details. Seriously – go here.

{ THE most legit taco platter ever at Javier's in the Aria, Las Vegas // Champagne at Shannon's }
{ #bargoals at Javier's in the Aria, Las Vegas // Champagne at Shannon's }
{ Private Dining Room at Javier's in the Aria, Las Vegas // Champagne at Shannon's }{ Javier’s }

We finished the trip walking around the Crystals and the Cosmopolitan where I found THE COOLEST JUICE SHOP EVER that just opened called The Juice Standard. Seriously. Thank goodness you can get cocktails to go in Vegas, because my boyfriend literally had to drag me away. Pretty much, this place is everything I could ever want – aka spiked cold-pressed juices, nut-milks, and superfood cocktails.

I literally had my jaw dropped the entire time, and got the Happy Russian their play on a White Russian :: Their Bee Happy Juice {Alkaline Water, Coconut Water, Cashews, Brazil Nuts, Local Honey, Cacao, Vanilla Bean, Pink Himalayan Salt} with vodka, Kahlua, peppermint, and espresso. DELISH.

{ The Juice Standard at the Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas // Champagne at Shannon's }
{Line-up at The Juice Standard at the Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas // Champagne at Shannon's }
{ The Happy Russian Cocktail at The Juice Standard at the Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas // Champagne at Shannon's }

With a nice buzz, we then headed to the airport and three heel clicks later, we were back in San Francisco refreshed, recharged, and ready for the week ahead.

The quality one-on-one time, plenty of drinks {sue me, it’s Vegas & my blog is called Champagne at Shannon’s – it comes with the territory}, and top notch food was absolutely the recharge we desperately  needed!

Speaking of travel, we booked our upcoming Cabo trip for my birthday so that is 100% a go! If anyone has any reccs, let me know! It is my first time and I am beyond stoked. Flora Farms is on the top of my list – anything else?!

I left my Vegas picks below, as well as places that I highly recommend or came recommended to me. Enjoy!

{ Shannon Silver in Flynn Skye at the Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas // Champagne at Shannon's }wearing Flynn Skye


x Shannon

♡ Champagne at Shannon’s Chill AF Las Vegas Trip ♡


⚜   Mandarin Oriental { NOTE: non-gaming }
⚜  Cosmopolitan Las Vegas
⚜  Aria

Dining / Imbibing

⚜   Yellowtail at the Bellagio
⚜   Estiatorio Milos at the Cosmopolitan
⚜   Mastros Ocean Club in the Crystals
⚜   Javier’s in the Aria
⚜   Gordon Ramsey Steak
⚜   BurGR at Planet Hollywood
⚜   Tao Las Vegas
⚜   Mon Ami Gabi
⚜   Mandarin Bar
⚜   Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan
⚜   The Juice Standard at the Cosmopolitan


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