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Hi guys! Happy Monday!

I know I’m a day late & a dollar short with this post but I made the impromptu decision to take a mini social media break. I’m talking no instagrams, no social media, no blog posts. It was strange. Every now and then, I just need a break and I find the unplanned ones are the most therapeutic!

This weekend, we had a LOT of unconfirmed, loose end plans. As an introvert, those are hella stressful. I have no idea what to expect with my time or the day. Fellow introverts get it but when you make plans, you also need to account for a “decompress” time. It’s basically how we recharge.

Well- none of the plans fell through so I decided to take the weekend off and relax. I started every morning at our favourite local bar with some spicy bloodies, & on Saturday we made a chicken pot pie pizza which was INSANE. I’ll post the recipe here soon as there are some things I want to perfect.

I love instagram, but there was something therapeutic about taking the time off & just being there.

Also, if you’re interested!!!! I posted a song called “Get It On” by Monodeluxe in my stories a few weeks ago that I was digging. WELL- I made this playlist for a sweet follower on Instagram who was looking for a similar vibe since she loved the song so much. Talk about day made! Anyways, check it out here – issa lounge vibe to the max. I hope you like!! I’ve been working to it all day today. B.Y.O. in particular reminds me of Paris so much.

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I’ve been rewatching old movies from the 80s & 90s which is super inspiring like Clueless & Heathers. In fact, what’s been inspiring me specifically in a major way is the different film styles. I can’t help but as I watch to rack up mental vsco notes. In fact, I’m working on my Clueless VSCO filter so I’ll share that one in the near future after I perfect it. I find I notice so many things from the colours to the contrast – basically, I’m VSCO’ing it all in my head LOL. Any other classics I should watch? The more 80s – 00s, the better.

Anyways, that’s all I got – how was your weekend?

Speaking of VSCO….

Let’s get into the filters! We are still working through the free filters that come with Instagram. This one is the G series

filter :: G3

cost :: free!

The G-series is the portrait series. G3 comes free with VSCO, but you can get G1 & G2 in the Portrait Pack for 99 cents. However, if you’re looking to purchase, I highly recc splurging on the Limited Edition Pack for $8.99 as it includes G1, G2 & 36 others, including my OG favourite series – the P-Instant series

This filter on it’s own is already incredibly flattering as I’m sure you figured with a filter meant for portraits.

G3 lends vibrancy and creamier tones. For this reason, it’s especially flattering for selfies. It also has a nice subtle contrast so it will do well with dramatic lighting.

Though this does well with skin tones, I personally love it for golden hour or blue hour. It adds a little extra magic to it. Both the selfie of me & picture of my legs was taken in direct sunlight, where the reflection of me and the SF skies were taken at sunset.

I wanted to add to the flattering creamy tones so I did one of my favourite tricks in the book – I added a red tint to the highlights and upped it +2.8. This will enhances skin tones of all sorts. It also does well with sky photos, it gives a nice candy paint to it without making it too purple or pink. I upped the tint slightly which also makes it more pink than green. This helps even the tone a bit.

Since this filter is a cooler filter, I tinted the shadows blue +2.8 vs adjusting the temperature. It complements the blue well. Blues look bluer & the above tones look creamier. If you want to really play with the warm creamy tones, up the temperature & to make it even more blue, lower the temperature.

Since there is a subtle contrast in this filter, I saved the shadows very slightly. In high contrast / underexposed photos, this helps recover lost detail. Though I did a tiny amount, +0.1 gives a significant detail without it getting too grey. I like to do this in lieu of adjusting the contrast.

Same with the highlights – this helps take care of over exposed images & lends a nice matte effect. This helps balance out brightness & I love the matte retro feel of it. Per usual, I added a slight kiss of grain & fade. This adds to the dreamy quality of it. I do this with almost every photo I post!

Enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions. xx Shannon

Edited vs Unedited


[dahz_framework_gallery style=”tiled” ids=”8181, 8182, 8183, 8184, 8185, 8186, 8187, 8188, 8180″ /]


Anything else you want to see? Just let me know!

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  • Ooh I love the filters! But I agree with planning and taking time off for yourself. I am also an introvert and planning things stresses me out so much just as much as sticking to the plans (when they involve other people) lol I can be the definition of socially awkward. However, I’m glad you found some time to yourself and enjoyed the day! I’ll be looking forward to the chicken pot pie pizza!

    • Brianna, you are speaking my language!! It’s funny because as type A as I can be, I LOVE regimented plans so when things start to become uncertain, it’s super stressful, esp when you need the time to decompress. Socially awkward twins unite!! Thanks for reading babe 🙂 xx

  • Mellissa Fernandes

    Loving these filters, will surely try it 🙂

  • Nikki Arnold

    Thats pretty cool, I have actually never used Vsco!

  • Follow My Gut

    I love your filters and the way you let them bring a total unique form of creativity to your blog Shannon. It’s super different and totally refreshing from the style that most bloggers (myself included use). But I totally relate to you on the introvert feeling. When I make plans I try to keep them that way and when something pops up I’m usually a little like, “ughhh how do i add this into my day now???” But gosh some how we manage to do it and hopefully we’ll be less perturbed by it in the future.

    • Thank you so much!! I am so glad you like it – sometimes I wonder if it’s too “weird” so it means a lot to hear that it’s not weird, just unique 🙂 AND YES SO MUCH YES that stress on how to fit in impromptu plans is THE WORST. Just thinking about that gave me sliiiiight anxiety! xx

  • Love these filters! I’ve yet to try VSCO!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

    • Thanks Belle!! VSCO will rock your insta game!! xx Shannonm

  • Radi

    Beautiful photos and such cool filters.
    I totally get you on taking a break from the internet. It can be so refreshing!


  • I’m loving this playlist, Shannon! I could definitely use those vibes in my life right now, so I’ll be downloading this pronto.

    • Thanks boo!! So glad you love it, esp since I think you have the raddest taste in music ever!! xx

  • Awesome post dear! Love your vsco tips!

  • Andrea

    I love the originality of your style! They way you show how you edit your photos, writing with those fonts and stuff, I loved it!! And yes, I agree with you, sometimes we need a little break from social media because it can consume someone

    big hugs !


    • Andrea – you made my day with your comment. I am so glad you like it all – I have such a soft spot for that VCR font!! xx

  • I hope you were able to relax and refresh over your hiatus! Those are needed, and I have a feeling that I will be needing a little one soon.

    About this post though- wow. You really are a VSCO champ. I am on vacation at the end of the week, so I will actually take some time to play around with your recommendations and see how they work for me. I just had an experience where I wished I could edit and color pictures well, so I will start with your amazing tips and try to find my “look”.

    Thanks so much for your thorough post as usual!


  • This series is super cool sister. Love VSCO and it’s always so interesting to see how people are using the app. Keep working it!


    • Thanks so much, Andi! I love love love your style so it means a lot to hear it from you too 🙂 xx

  • Amanda


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