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Hey what’s up hello!

Back at it with a new filter that I am completely loving right now. If you follow me on Instagram {@shannonsilver – come say hi!}, you might notice I switch up my filters. I always generally have a technicolour / y2k aesthetic. What I mean by that, is I keep the highlights matte, saturation up, and give things a glitchy, faded, grainy feel.

That said, with different experiences and travel, I like to switch things up. I have my “go to” filters for everyday life in San Francisco but as I travel, I like to give each place their own “feel”. Does this make sense?

I mentioned the 5 apps I use basically daily for instagram here. One thing my instagram is known for is that every single photo, I glitch. It’s something I’ve done since about February of this year. I love that whole “technical difficulties” vibe.

Since I do so many steps on a photo, I decided to do the snapseed / facetune / glitche edits before I played around with a filter to capture the mood I was feeling in New York.

Usually, I do the glitch last to keep the colours consistent and not filtered but not this time. I was tapping each filter but there was one that was the show stopper – C7. As soon as I got to that one, I knew it was it.

The way it amplified the glitch was super trippy & it gave the exact feel I was going for. I love how it made the yellow into a mellow gold! As soon as I came up with my recipe, I saved it and literally copied and pasted it on my NY street style pics.

SO let’s break it down, shall we?

For extra oomph, download glitché, utilize channels, & save your photo first. Each one of my examples will be glitched since that was a big reason why I chose this filter. More on glitché here.

VSCO filter :: C7

cost :: $2.99 for Chromatic Collection

We talked the first part of the C series here so let’s get into the second part. C4 – C9 are all in the Chromatic collection. This group of filters were influenced by early colour photography and analog film. They go really well with both portraits and landscapes. The Chromatic collection is $2.99 but TOTALLY worth it. In fact, C9 is one of my favourite filters to use for beachy pics since the blues are so gorgeous & it lends that retro vibe… but that will be a post another day. 🙂

I brightened the exposure just slightly. I found it kept the background still dark but gave a nice glow to the faces. The slight exposure won’t really brighten up the photo but instead can soften the shadows. To complement that, I saved the shadows just slightly too. Not too much to make it hazy {though I do like to do that at times for a really matte photo}, but enough to see small detail covered by a shadow

I chose this filter because it was pretty saturated in all the right places. The cabs went from yellow to a nice golden orange. It also gave an immediate blue highlight and shadow. One of my favourite tips to give a retro feel to photos is to tint the shadows blue so I emphasized that here. To complement skin tones, I upped the tint very slightly & tinted the highlight red – again, it’s my favourite trick in the book for fleeky skin with a je ne sais quoi glow.

Once I got the colours where I wanted them, I saved the highlights. In my opinion, this was one of the most important steps to this recipe. It brought down the glare, and really made the photo flow. Though I upped the exposure, my goal wasn’t to make a bright photo, so this helped tone things down. This option works really well with outside natural light.

I always like to sharpen and clarify my photos since I do so much with the fade / lowered contrast. It keeps things from getting lost in the grain, if that makes sense.

Finally, to give things a retro vibe, I lowered the contrast just by a kiss, gave it a slight fade, & went medium with the grain. All three of these worked really well together

Enjoy! Let me know if you have any questions. Next filter I am really excited to share, but it will be “typical influencer” 😉  xx Shannon

Edited vs Unedited


[dahz_framework_gallery style=”tiled” ids=”8455, 8454, 8456, 8457, 8458, 8459, 8461, 8460, 8462″ /]


Anything else you want to see? Just let me know!

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  • C7 is one of my all time favorite go tos! Love this recipe feature you’re doing girl! Magic!

    • Thanks Andi!! I am in LOVE with your feed too, you really capture the retro wanderlust vibes 🙂 x Shannon

  • Love these filters! I think it’s great that you’ve been sharing the recipes for them (I can never seem to figure them out myself!)

    • Thanks Renee!! It’s been one of my favourite series so I’m glad you like it. It is something that really helped me grasp both VSCO & my aesthetic 🙂 x

  • Ashley Pringle

    This is super helpful content! I definitely don’t get that far in to the weeds with my photo editing but I love that you’ve given step by step details on how to get there!

    • Thanks Ashley! Ha- it takes a village when it comes to my insta-editing but I love the final effect! x Shannon

  • Shruthi R. Parker

    Girl, you are too cool for school (do people still say that haha). I love your unique, signature aesthetic and thank you for sharing your instagram secrets haha!

    • if you have to wonder if people still say it, then I am ALL about it! Thanks Shruthi! It’s been so fun to share the editing process & I have a ton more where that comes from coming very soon 🙂

  • Cristina Criddle

    I love this filter! Need to get back on VCSO

  • Sarah Seifried

    Thats a fun way to edit! Love the pics

  • Jeanette Humphries Radmall

    Very cool! I just use LR with my IG photos but now I am totally trying out all of your suggestions!

    • I haven’t used LR yet on my phone but I need to! Thanks Jeanette, can’t wait to see 😉 x

  • Lydia DAntonio

    LOVE THIS! Awesome idea for a post, thanks for the tips!

    XO http://www.lydialouise.com/

  • ObsessiveCookingDisorder

    what a neat post idea! great inspiration

  • Sheila Price

    These photos are so fun! Great new filter to try…

  • Andre Vinluan

    Wow! Thanks for sharing this. I use VSCO for my Instagram posts.

  • Christine Ann Dela Cruz

    I used VSCO for my instagram posts too. and I really love it. Such a beautiful photos.


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