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{ #WCW }: Caitlin Pickett on virtual yoga, social media, and blogging! - Champagne at Shannon's

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Hi hi hi!!! I’m back & man oh man did I miss y’all!

I have soooooo much to say but today is not about me. We are kicking off May {sup birthday month!!} with a major babe!

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again and again – The internet is a rad place. Hands down, the best part about blogging is connecting with ladies like Caitlin Pickett.

She is extremely business savvy and she had me instantly intrigued with her “anytime, anywhere” VIRTUAL yoga classes that she coaches you through remotely. In fact, before I interviewed her on the blog, I did one and it was unlike anything I’ve ever done in any yoga classes in the gym. I loved it!

Pretty much, she walks you through EVERYTHING –  you fill out an application prior to the course with your goals, health issues, limitations, etc & she takes care of the rest. One thing I personally am looking to gain is more flexibility & she showed me some stretches I’ve never done!

I finished my hour long course {which is the perfect amount of time} feeling rejuvenated.

What else was neat is after our session, she sent me over a full description of everything we did so I can incorporate it in my normal routine.

Not to mention… she is totally rad and we spent the entire hour after just chatting and having some major girl/blogger talk which made it even better.

Anyways, after, I HAD to have her on the blog & here we are!

OH! About that virtual yoga sesh – would you like one too? I gotcha covered.

Anyone who subscribes to her newsletter gets a FREE 60 minute session with no strings attached. Also, mention Champagne at Shannon’s in the online application {the one where you share your goals} & get 20% off any Virtual Yoga Session pack.


Now without further ado… meet Caitlin!!!

Hi Caitlin!!! So happy to have you here. Introduce yourself!

Well first of all, thank you Shannon for having me on your blog today!  🙂 I’m Caitlin, the creator and writer behind and your Virtual Yoga Instructor.

I live in the Okanagan aka Wine Country with my handsome man Stephen where I like to test out Vegetarian recipes on him. I like long hikes in the forest, drinking coffee while people watching, really loud music, hot hot weather and of course YOGA!

Love it.  Tell me about your blog & how you fell in love with yoga.

I fell in love with yoga 5 years ago when a hot yoga studio opened up next to the screen printing shop I was working at. I signed up for the beginners promo and started going 5x a week after work. It was something I did entirely for myself, by myself.

Uninterrupted me time that made me feel like a million bucks every time I walked out of that studio. I still get that same feeling anytime I do a group class 🙂  Something to be said about being surrounded by like minded people, lots of good energy!

Yoga was then in and out of my life as I went through different relationships, jobs and locations. Because I move around a lot I’ve learnt the importance of maintaining a strong home practice. Each morning I unroll my mat, connect my body, mind and breath it really sets the tone for my day.

I’ve always felt called to travel to Bali so last year I combined the two and flew 24 hours across the world to take my 200hr YTT through Akasha Yoga Academy . It was the most magical time of my life, the best thing I could have ever done for myself. There was so much internal work and personal development. I encourage anyone to take a Yoga Teacher Training even if you don’t want to become a yoga teacher.

I started my blog as a way to document and journal my time in the YTT and my travels to Thailand & Australia afterwards. Since I’ve been back in Canada I have kept it going, collaborating with other awesome bloggers around the world!

I (& Erik too!!) LOVE the idea of remote yoga classes. How did this come to be? It’s seriously genius!

After my Yoga Teacher Training in Bali I knew I’d have to go back to work but I didn’t want to lose my teaching skills. My full-time job, as an Emergency Medical Responder, stations me in very remote locations in Northern BC and Alberta. I have no access to a studio so I had to get creative!

I started teaching my friend Trish some basic poses via video chat and she inspired me to offer it as a service worldwide! I’ve taught Virtual Yoga Sessions to people all over North America now.

What are your short-term and long-term goals?

My big goal this year is to transition into yoga full time. I’m still figuring out what that looks like for me… There are so many different avenues to take!

I’m playing around with the ideas of breaking into corporate yoga by bringing wellness challenges to the workplace, or focusing on athletics with classes curated to hockey players, golfers, etc. Whatever it may be I will be teaching yoga full time by the end of this year 🙂

Favourite books?

Big Magic
The Alchemist
A House in the Sky
… & I’m currently reading The Untethered Soul

 What are some of your favourite yoga poses & why?

Virabhadrasana l, ll & lll aka the Warrior Sequence {see I here, II here, III here}. These three poses instill so much focus, strength and confidence.

That’s exactly how I want people to feel when they leave a session or class with me – unstoppable, self esteem soaring! {<<< I CAN ATTEST TO THIS!!!}

Let’s talk instagram! What’s your approach to making a ‘gram. Any apps, edits, etc?

Nothing fancy! I don’t use filters, instead I play with the contrast and highlights/shadows under the Edit menu. { <<< love this, keeps it real! }

Who or what inspires you or where do you find inspiration?

When it comes to blogging I pull inspiration from situations in my daily life or conversations I have with close friends. As for yoga sequences I pull inspiration from the changing seasons and music.

Actually the night before we did your Virtual Session I had an idea for a few poses I wanted to incorporate but was having trouble making it all flow so I put on some Banks, got down on my mat and let my body make it up as the jams played!

What are some of the challenges in both blogging & the yoga space and how do you handle them?

The struggle between doing too much and not doing enough.

Sometimes I ride this wave of ambition, motivation and drive to the extreme that my brain is overloaded, stressed and I burn out. Then I’ll have days where I can’t do anything but feel guilty for ignoring my to-do list or inbox. But being a yogini I recognize the importance of slowing down, accepting the present moment I’m currently in and listening to what my body and mind needs.

Finding the happy balance between both hustle and flow is difficult.

Looking back, if you could do anything differently in building your brand, what would it be?

I don’t know if I would do anything differently. Most of my friends and family don’t know this but I’ve had the domain for almost 5 years now and I’ve put up and taken down plenty of different websites over those years… I guess that was part of finding my brand!

I am still fine tuning my personal brand and I can imagine it expanding and growing over time, that’s the beauty of a personal brand it evolves as you do!

 For anyone wanting to start blogging, what is your biggest tip?

If you’re not super tech-savvy then invest in help to set up your site and theme. That way you skip the headaches leaving more time to focus on writing and connecting with others.

Write a lot of posts before you go live because sometimes writers block happens!

Currently, what is your favourite social media outlet & why? Any social media advice?

Instagram is my forever fav. I love how easy it is to connect with people all over the world and I started getting into their Stories recently which I am liking better than Snapchat because of the location and url features.

My biggest advice is to be consistent!

Who are some of your favourite bloggers to follow?

Champagne at Shannons. Thats it! Haha jk {<<< I ain’t mad at that! 😉 } 

I have a vast array of interests but some of my favourite yoga & spiritual blogs are: Yoga with KassandraGoddess RisingThe Journey Junkie 

How do you see social media and blogs evolving and how do you plan to evolve with it?

I see a lot more video being intertwined. Gary V is famous for saying “don’t create, document”, and I think that’s what people are most interested in right now.

Less curated content and more of the real deal daily life! That’s what I try incorporate into my Instagram & Snapchat Stories.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Be a leader, not a follower. {<<< love this} It’s something I can remember my dad saying when I was a little kid and it stuck with me.

My interpretation of that today is don’t be afraid to be yourself! There’s always going to be people out there who have a negative opinion or may not like what you’re doing or sharing with the world but that doesn’t matter.

Do your damn thing with confidence!

Finally, advice for others who are looking to follow their dreams, but not sure how?

It’s not easy to just do it, and make that dream happen, I get it! Sometimes it’s a longer process. If that’s the case, map it out, make a plan and write it down.

Whatever your dream is you’re never too old to chase it so figure out the steps you need to take to make it happen and then execute. Do one thing every day that brings you closer to your dream!

You know I have to, right?! Favourite song 😉 

Ohhh there are so many! My mood really affects the type of music I listen to and I’m open to all genres.

Spotify started curating custom daily mixes according to your likes and pre-existing playlists and it’s introduced me to so many new artists! Right now some of my favs are Little White Bars by Terror Jr and Salt by B.Miles. Some all time favs are White Satin by Zeds Dead and Glycerine by Bush.

This was honestly the hardest question for me to answer haha! 😉


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